10 Serious Side Effects Of Almond Milk

almond milk side effects

Almond milk works as a substitute for cow milk and soy milk. It is highly rich in protein, Vitamin E fiber and various minerals like selenium, manganese, zinc potassium, calcium etc… It also helps to reduce cholesterol and is extremely low in calories. It is useful for maintaining a healthy weight.  It is made by blending together almonds and water in a blender and straining out the solids. The milk comes with its own share of side effects which we will be discussing here.

10 Side effects of Almond Milk

1.  Allergies

It is best to stay away from almond milk if you are suffering from nut allergies. You can have severe side effects like choking, swelling of tongue and lips, or even loss of consciousness. The symptoms begin to show within one to two hours of consumption(1)

2. Effect on Thyroid Gland

Almond milk is goiter-genetic in nature. This means that it affects the thyroid gland. The iodine assimilation done by the gland is affected by almond milk which leads to enlargement of the gland.(2)

3. Abdominal Pain

Abdominal pain is seen among those who are lactose intolerant and who consume this milk. The inner lining of the stomach gets irritated which leads to discomfort, bloating and nausea. Commercial almond milk also has the same effect. It contains certain additives like soy lecithin, guar gum which causes gastrointestinal problems.(3)

4. Rise in Sugar Levels

Almond milk comes in an extremely sweet flavor as a large amount of sugar is added while making it. It will drastically increase your blood sugar levels and that is detrimental to the health of anyone. This will also contribute to excessive fat concentration in the body and eventually increase your weight. If you are already suffering from high blood sugar then do not consume this.(4)

5. Migraine

Almond milk tends to elevate migraine in people. It contains amino acid tyrosine which causes the problem. This symptom occurs under excessive consumption of the milk. If you suffer from migraine then consult your doctor before consuming the milk.

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6. Complications in Children

It is not uncommon among many mothers to feed almond milk to their child, so that the child gets additional nutrition. This is a myth, as the stomach of the infant is not yet developed enough to digest the amino acids, minerals and vitamins present in the almond milk. It is preferable to slowly introduce the child to almond milk. The transition needs to be smooth so the health of the child is not affected. In some cases it may lead to complications in the child’s health when the child grows.(5)

7. Breathing Problem

This is a common side effect noticed among people drinking almond milk. Wheezing and shortness of breathafter consuming almond milk is noticeable if one is allergic to almond milk or are already suffering from them. The proteins present in almond milk generally trigger the reaction.(6)

8. Anaphylactic Shock

This is a fatal side effect of almond milk. The signs are that a strange metallic taste in the mouth along with itching and a tingling sensation occurs. These symptoms are noticeable soon after consuming almond milk. In such a situation the doctor must be consulted immediately as the person could be going into anaphylactic shock. The symptoms also include sudden lowering of blood pressure, choking or the person passing out.(7)

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9. Lactose Allergies

Another symptom is seen among those who consume almond milk in substitution to cow milk. People tend to turn to almond milk as a substitution to cow milk; but almond milk when consumed in excess has the same effect on a lactose intolerant person as cow milk. It is safer to avoid the milk all together if you are lactose intolerant.

10. Cold& Cough

Cough and cold, including allergic symptoms like runny nose, wheezing and breathing troubles are quiet prominent. It is more commonly seen among those who are allergic to nuts.

Above mentioned are some of the symptoms that are noticeable in this very popular drink. It is used both for daily consumption and in making various dishes. If the side effects are noticeable in any one the doctor must be consulted immediately. Excessive consumption of it should be avoided.(8)

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