Top 8 Benefits of Red Marine Algae – Why It’s Good for You

benefits of red marine algae

Red marine algae are classified mainly because of its pigment and colour. Human body needs essential vitamins and minerals so that the body is maintained healthy and also it functions better. However, it is very important to keep a balance of minerals in the body and also keep a check on the quality of minerals and vitamins taken in. Red marine algae, is one among the most vital element which our body needs in minute quantities.

Red marine algae are natural dietary supplements which are considered more beneficial as compared to other supplementary minerals and vitamins. Red marine algae are popularly grown in japan for various medicinal, commercial and nutritional purposes. Red algae are also served in many recipes and it is also served as snack in its dried form in Japan. There are four divisions, and the red marine algae are part of the Rhodophyta class. The sea vegetable has been part of the diet of Eastern civilizations for hundreds of years and is rich in protein, fibre and vitamins.

Red marine algae contain the right proportion of dietary fibres that is required by human body, which makes it to be used widely. It is found deep inside the ocean, which serves a variety of functions in the human body including better metabolism, circulation processes and detoxification. Moreover, research data also indicates that red marine algae serves as anti-oxidant to kill/ neutralize reactive oxygen species that is preventive against heart diseases and also minimize the risk of stroke in elderly patients.

The most popular kinds of algae are red, brown, green and blue-green. Most of the highly nutritious sea vegetables we consume are made from one of these kinds of algae. Nori and Dulse are made from red algae, Kombu or Kelp and Arame are made from brown algae, Chlorella and Sea Lettuce are made from green algae and Spirulina is made from blue green algae. There are also a couple of other sea vegetables that are edible such as Wakame which is a green sea vegetable and Hijiki which is a brown sea vegetable. The most beneficial among them is red marine alage and here we state you some of the benefits of red marine algae.

Top 8 Benefits of Red Marine Algae

1. Healthy Bones

To maintain healthy bones, it is essential to intake a proper quantity of calcium in the body on daily basis. Red marine algae contain 13% of the total calcium which is required by a human body. It helps to maintain strong bones and teeth altogether. According to research, just intake of red marine algae is enough to meet the requirement of calcium in the body.(1)

2. Blood Circulation

Marine algae contain 13% of calcium and 55% of magnesium which is required by a human body. Both, calcium and magnesium is essential in maintaining the body parts healthy and boosting the blood circulation throughout the body. However, over consumption of red marine algae is not advised due to its enrichment in calcium and magnesium, but if taken in proper quantities it does not interfere with the normal calcium homeostasis of the body.(2)

3. Treats Anaemia

A red marine alga which is obtained from deep inside the ocean is enriched with the iron content in it. You would be surprised to know, that red marine alga contains 180% of iron of the total requirement needed by a human body. It is high in animal’s proteins, which proves beneficial for people who are vegetarian and does not consume animal fat. Any person suffering from anaemia should consume red algae in its dried form, to combat the problem effectively.(3)

4. Proper Heart Functioning

There are approximately 20 amino-acids that human body cannot produce and therefore these amino-acids should be obtained from diet. If you are a pure-vegan, you may have a hard-time in getting all the essential amino-acids from vegan diet alone, but thanks to red marine algae that contains all essential proteins and amino-acids in correct proportion. One ounce of dried red marine algae can supply up to 16 grams of high quality amino-acids, which approximately suffice 35 to 40% of recommended daily protein requirements. Along with essential amino-acids, red marine algae also contain sufficient amounts of fats and carbohydrates and omega- 3 fatty acids that are required for healthy heart functioning and circulatory health.(4)

5. Treats Iodine Deficiency in Body

With various other vitamins and minerals, red marine algae is also rich in iodine which is one among the most important element which ensures synthesis of thyroid gland by maintaining normal metabolic activities. Red marine algae should be included in diet for people low on iodine especially if they have a thyroid surgery, radiation therapy of chest, low dietary intake and various other issues.(5)

6. Healthy Immune System

Red marine algae are rich in anti oxidants which are responsible in killing the free radicals in the body. It is also an anti viral compound, which avoids the free radicals to form cells. This is especially recommended for people with weak immune system who frequently fall sick and feel low on health every time.(6)

7. Helps to Fight Against HIV

One benefit of red marine algae is its antioxidant effect, which counters damage free radicals do to cells. Red marine algae are also an anti-viral compound. The carrageenans — a type of sugar molecule — found in red marine algae are believed to boost interferon production in the immune system and might be an effective preventative against diseases like HIV, shingles and cold sores. According to the Disabled World website, your body can become resistant to certain prescription anti-viral medications, but red marine algae don’t appear to have this flaw.(7)

8. Treats Cold Sore

If your cold sore is not been treated from a long time, it is surely marine algae that can help you to treat cold sore. Cold sore does not cause any pain, but there is more of itching and irritation caused. You can get to want relief from red marine algae, and if you are running out of it, there is a temporary relief using chamomile and licocrice roots.(8)

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