Biotin Vs Keratin for Hair: Which Is Better?

Biotin Vs Keratin for Hair Which Is Better

Biotin and keratin are building blocks of hair. While one is a water-soluble vitamin, maintaining vitality, volume and lustre of hair; the other is structural protein giving it strength. Both of them are equally important to maintain hair quality.

However, when the body is deficient in any of them, supplements are prescribed. Some people fulfill the body’s requirement for vitamins and proteins through diet, but when it is not sufficient, you need to take them from other sources. 

In this article, we will learn which of them is more essential for hair. Also, we will compare biotin vs keratin under different heads to understand which is better.  



Biotin (1) is a water-soluble vitamin. It is also called Vitamin B7 or Vitamin H and is known to perform multiple functions. When it comes to hair, the role of biotin is to promote their growth and health. People deficient in biotin often experience hair issues such as hair fall, hair thinning, and weak, dull, and dry hair.  

The function of biotin is to support the production of keratin. Since keratin is essential for hair health, it indirectly contributes to ensuring that hair stays strong.  

Since biotin is available in many foods, its deficiency is relatively rare. People who get low levels of biotin (2) in their tests are recommended to take its supplements. Such people may experience less hair fall after taking them. Conversely, supplements will not do any good for those who have enough biotin in their body. 

Here, it is important to mention that being a water-soluble vitamin, its excess amount gets excreted through urine. 



Keratin (3) is a fibrous structural protein, also called protective protein, essential for hair, skin and nails. It is water insoluble and is found naturally in the body.

Regarding hair, the function of keratin is to provide strength, elasticity, and resilience. Even though it is naturally present in hair, certain hair treatments that use chemicals, heat styling tools, excessive sun exposure, and aging can deplete this protein level. It leads the hair to become dull, dry, damaged, and frizzy. 

It is when using products that contain keratin or taking keratin treatment can help. In such treatments, keratin-rich solution is applied on hair to replenish the lost protein and bring more shine, softness and silkiness to hair. 

Below is the table differentiating keratin vs biotin under different heads-

StructureWater-soluble B-vitaminStructural protein
Role in bodyEssential for metabolism, particularly fatty acidsComponent of hair, skin, and nails
FunctionSupports healthy skin90, hair, and nailsStrengthens hair, improves elasticity, and growth
Food sourcesLiver, egg yolks, nuts, seeds, whole grainsMeat, fish, poultry, eggs, dairy products
DeficiencyMay lead to hair loss, skin rash, and neurological issuesMay result in brittle hair, nails, and dull skin
SupplementsOften included in multivitamins and hair growth supplementsAvailable in hair care products and supplements
BenefitsPromotes hair growth and overall hair healthEnhances hair strength and texture
Side effectsGenerally safe when consumed within recommended dosesRare, may include allergic reactions or digestive issues
UsageWidely used in hair care and beauty productsCommonly found in hair treatments and supplements

Biotin vs. Keratin: Which is Better?

Biotin is a vitamin whereas keratin is a protein. They both function differently and are equally important for the body. Around 90% of protein in hair is keratin (4), giving them their strength and density. Likewise, it is also present in nails, making them strong. 

On the other hand, biotin is essential for the metabolism of fatty acids. 

Therefore, eating a well-balanced diet is essential as it alone can furnish the body’s need for these nutrients. Most of the foods contain enough biotin as well as protein that suffice the body’s needs. However, supplements are recommended for their deficiency. 


Weighing the benefits and necessity of biotin and keratin, we can’t say that one component is better than the other. Both of them are equally important and contribute to a healthy body with healthy hair, skin and nails. 

If you are experiencing hair loss recently, try to include protein rich foods in your diet. It will help you in furnishing protein depletion and bringing back hair strength and shine. Similarly, a lot of foods are rich in biotin such as eggs, meat, seeds, nuts, etc. and eating them alone will compensate for their depletion. 

In some cases, biotin and keratin supplements are recommended. Make sure you take the prescribed dose as excess biotin will be excreted from urine, and excess protein is also not good for health. 

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