7 Best Shampoos For Keratin Treated Hair

7 Best Shampoos For Keratin Treated Hair

Keratin treatments completely alter the appearance and condition of your hair. However, one of the things that individuals commonly ignore is taking care of hair. To get the most out of your keratin treatment, it’s critical to maintain your keratin-treated hair.

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Keratin Treated Hair

Finding the correct shampoo to use after having your hair keratinized is one of the obstacles. Your hair will become dry and unruly after the keratin treatment is removed with a variety of shampoos. Choose carefully and avoid the vast majority of commercial shampoos that contain harsh detergents and ingredients that dissolve keratin to avoid robbing your hair of the special treatment.

Here is a guide that will help you maintain your treatment and get the best results. We’ll suggest the best shampoo for keratin-treated hair.

7 Best Shampoos For Keratin Treated Hair

1. Vegan Friendly: Videri Lemon Sage & Tea Tree Shampoo


  • It is gentle and sulfate-free, which is excellent for hair that has received keratin treatment.
  • It also leaves hair with a lovely, all-day fragrance that is nice and refreshing.
  • Aloe vera and glycerin, which are great for keeping keratin-treated hair hydrated, are also present.
  • A perfect fusion of hydrating chemicals and essential oils will make your hair and scalp feel nourished, clearer, and healthier.

What We Don’t Like: It has a certain smell that may be harsh for some.

2. Best value: Art Naturals Organic Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo


  • It is brimming with vitamins, organic oils, and botanical extracts that nourish your hair and give it softness and a brilliant shine.
  • You can get the fresh-from-the-salon look using its products while relaxing in your home.
  • Its products have a light fragrance, and this shampoo is a great option for you.
  • It is suitable for all hair types, including color-treated or dyed hair, and is free of sulfates, parabens, and cruelty.

What We Don’t Like: It produces less foam.

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3. Brand Value: L’Oreal Paris EverCreme Deep Nourish Shampoo


  • The best inexpensive shampoo for keratin-treated hair is L’Oreal’s Paris EverCreme Deep Nourish.
  • It is made especially for treating hair, hydrating, and nourishing it.
  • Its key contains are shea butter, apricot oil, and olive oil which smoothes, nourishes, and also revitalizes the scalp and root.
  • This formulation won’t strip hair or fade its colour because it is sulfate-free, salt-free, and surfactant-free.

What We Don’t Like: There is nothing to dislike, worth every penny.

4. Milan’s Magic: Alfaparf Milano Keratin Therapy Lisse Design Maintenance Shampoo


  • The Lisse Design Keratin Therapy Smoothing Treatment’s effects are maintained by the product’s formula.
  • It is a shampoo with a lovely scent that gently cleanses hair without removing keratin or natural oils.
  • It contains Keratin and Bagasse Oil, which maintain your strands’ smoothness, softness, shine, and combability.
  • It will keep the smooth, robust, glossy, and tangle-free qualities of your keratin-treated hair.

What We Don’t Like: It is a more expensive option than others.

5. For Sensitive skin: Free & Clear Hair Shampoo Fragrance


  • You can use this special sensitive skin shampoo on keratin-treated hair because it is fragrance-free, gluten-free, and sulfate-free.
  • It is for those who desire something all-natural and extraordinarily gentle following keratin treatments.
  • It is made very clear that this shampoo is free of dyes, has no scent, no masking scent, is pH balanced, and has been dermatologically tested.
  • Removes accumulated build up from conditioners, hairsprays, and other hair care products.

What We Don’t Like: It does not lather well as other shampoos.

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6. Hypoallergenic: Maple Holistics Argan Shampoo


  • Its capacity to increase the elasticity of the hair is what makes it so effective on keratin-treated hair because it contains antioxidants.
  • It also aids in shielding your keratin-treated hair from additional chemicals or ultraviolet ray damage.
  • Its protein-rich formula aids in giving dry or frizzy hair deep nourishment.
  • Especially if your hair is longer, as this will nourish your hair from root to tip.
  • It contains avocado oil and jojoba serum and is hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, and free of artificial dyes, making it the ideal product for dry hair.

What We Don’t Like: It can cause scalp irritation to some.

7. The Brazilian Therapy: OGX Ever Straightening + Brazilian Keratin Therapy Smoothing Shampoo


  • It is enriched with coconut and Brazilian keratin proteins, which support hair strength and shine restoration.
  • There are so many beneficial ingredients in this formula for your hair, enriched with cocoa butter, avocado oil, keratin proteins, and coconut oil.
  • It is made without parabens and is also made without using any animal products, making it an incredible value for anyone shopping on a budget.
  • This product works well with most hair types and is suitable for daily use.

What We Don’t Like: Its results take time to reflect.

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Avoid deep cleansing shampoos (anti-residual) after keratin treatment since they can remove the treatment. To prevent damage from keratin treatments, remember to deep condition your hair and use a hair masque once a week. Use hydrating hair treatments to hydrate your hair, and steer clear of frequent bleaching because it can lead to breakage and other damages.

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