Brown Rice Vs White Rice – Which One Is Better?

brown rice vs white rice

Have you ever thought that the type of rice you eat , can make a lot of difference on your health and well-being? We know that there has been a never ending debate on what rice to eat, brown or white and we have tried both. However, at the end we all land up with the white one. But do you know the health hazards you have, if you keep consuming white rice? So to ease it up for all the health conscious women and the ones who are trying to be , we have here a comparison study on brown and white rice that will help all of you chose which rice to opt for and why!

For most of us, rice must be the staple diet and our dependency on it must be quite high. But what if we gave you alarming facts and figures about the damage white rice must have caused you by now and why should you to stop having it immediately. We are sure this comparison will be an eye opener.

Brown Rice Vs White Rice – Choose The Healthier Alternative

brown rice vs white rice choose the healthier alternative

One can analyze from the above table that brown rice is a healthier alternative of rice compared to the white one. Being nutrient rich, brown rice is the top choice in terms of many inherent health benefits. To help you decide further, we have a detailed study on why choose brown rice over white rice. Go ahead and find out!

Why Say Hi To Brown And Bye To White?

  • For the starters, you will be astonished to know that white rice is the over refined version of brown rice. Unlike white rice, brown rice still has the side hull and bran that are enriched with many important elements and gives natural wholeness to the grain.
  • Rich in proteins, calcium, magnesium, thiamine, potassium and fiber, brown rice is a great choice for those trying to lose weight and for ones suffering from diabetes.
  • Given its low glycemic rating, it helps reduce insulin spikes and control sugar levels of the body. Glycemic rating or glycemic index is a number associated with various types of food that indicates the food’s effect on an individuals blood glucose/sugar level.
  • As white rice is ripped off all its nutrients, manufactures add unnatural fortifications in the form of synthetic iron and vitamins which have adverse effects on the ones who are consuming it. Though being fortified, white rice still doesn’t have the minimum nutritional requirement as specified by the FDA.

Given below are the 10 most outstanding benefits of consuming brown rice. Enlighten yourself!

1. Promotes Weight Loss

High on dietary fiber, brown rice helps food digest quick and paces up the bowel function. It regulates the bowel, thus enhancing good health and well-being. Brown rice makes the tummy feel full quite soon , restricting one to have small portions of meal

2.Whole Grain Nourishment

As brown rice doesn’t go under the refining process, it has all the natural minerals and elements intact. Whole grains provide the adequate nourishment and reduces the risk of high cholesterol and heart disease.

3. Rich In Selenium

Brown rice is high in selenium which reduces the risk of cancer, arthritis and other heart diseases.

4. Manganese Rich

80% of an individuals manganese requirement can be fulfilled with just one cup of brown rice. Manganese helps in synthesizing and emulsify fats. It is also considered beneficial for both nervous and reproductive organs.

5. High In Fiber

Consuming brown rice is the best way to avoid colon cancer. Being rich in fiber, it restricts cancer causing substances from attaching to the walls of the colon. The fiber content eliminates toxins and detoxifies our body naturally.

6. Reduces Sugar Levels

Known for its slow release of sugar and glucose, it is a best dietary supplement for ones suffering with diabetes. It regulates the sugar level, thus improving the health. Studies show that brown rice reduces the risk of having diabetes by 60%, whereas white rice increases the risk by a whopping 100%.

7. Good Anti-Oxidant

Whenever we think of anti-oxidants we usually look at fruits and vegetables. But to our surprise, brown rice is rich in anti-oxidants and is definitely one of the best foods to opt for!

8. Rich In Naturally-Occurring Oils

Brown rice contains naturally occurring oils that help normalize cholesterol levels.

9. Helps Prevent Gall Bladder Stones

Many rice-eaters suffer from gall stones and the experience can be extremely painful. However, a study confirmed that consuming brown rice reduces the secretion of bile acid which in excess causes gall stones. The insoluble fiber content in brown rice enhances the rate of digestion and avoids any major malfunction in the digestive tract.

10. Cardiovascular Benefits for Postmenopausal Women

With the risk of cardiovascular disease being high among women post menopause, the rate of plaque build up increases tremendously. To avoid narrowing of arteries to the heart, women should opt for brown rice and stick to a good exercise regime during this phase of life.

We hope by now you have the answer to this whole debate. Chose brown rice and live a healthier life from now!

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