Chamomile Tea for Hair: Surprising Benefits & How to Use

chamomile tea for hair

Tea is believed to be a healthy drink as it is beneficial for our overall health condition. Drinking herbal tea provides a most natural and effective way to help get rid of many ailments. An interesting outcome in the health benefit of drinking tea is that it can help with the improvement of hair health. Chamomile tea is the perfect alternative to any commercial product that helps to tone your hair and makes hair healthy and strong.(1)

Benefits of Chamomile Tea for Hair

1. Helps with Itchy Scalp: Itchy scalp is really irritating and it happens when you use different chemical products that are harmful so, to get rid of itchy scalp you need to use chamomile tea as a hair rinse after you shampoo your hair.(2)

2. Reduce Dandruff: Appearance of dandruff in your hairs causes a lot of discomforts. Chamomile tea contains antibacterial and anti fungal properties that help to eliminate dandruff from your hair.(3)

3. Color Protectant: If the color or highlights are vanishing drink chamomile tea which is said to treat your hair and maintains hair color. Drinking chamomile tea and applying it onto your scalp helps nourish hair follicles that maintain the color in your hair.(4)

How to Use Chamomile Tea?

  • It is advised to use fresh chamomile herbal tea. Boil water and add some chamomile herb to it. Make a decoction and let it cool before using it for your hair and you can also drink it warm or cold.
  • Chamomile tea can be also used by adding it into henna that provides complete shines to your hair and your hair will brighten up with slight highlighting effects.
  • Using chamomile tea regularly helps in protecting the hair and the scalp from any bacterial or fungal infections. They also nourish the hair.
  • Chamomile tea will give great results when used in combination with other natural ingredients such as coffee and coconut oil that will offer an excellent outcome for your hair. You can use them together as a hair mask or a hair rinsing product for maximum benefits.

Tea is proved to be more beneficial than any other form of the natural product when it comes to maintaining skin and hair health. Using organic, raw and herbal forms of tea are advised when compared to tea bags that are commercially available.

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