Does Vaseline Increase Breast Size?

does vaseline increase breast size

Vaseline is a mixture of waxes and mineral oils that are used in various health and beauty routines. Using this on breasts has no clinical evidence supporting breast growth and firmness. Some believe that massaging vaseline on breasts and toothpaste on nipples can enhance breast size and firmness but this is not the fact. Read on to know more.

Can Vaseline and Toothpaste Enhance Breast Size?

Applying toothpaste on nipples might give a feeling of firmness once it lightens but this will fade away when it is washed off. So in general, this doesn’t have any impact on enhancing the breast size. This can hurt the delicate nipple tissues.

Risk of Using Vaseline for Increasing Breast Size

Ingredients like Vaseline and toothpaste won’t have any risk unless one is allergic to these. In case of occurrence of runny nose, itching nose, sneezing, or a rash after application of the product, it is recommended to stop using the product immediately. This might be the case in people with sensitive skin.

Genetics and body weight determines the breast size because of which it is difficult to enhance the breast size manually. This naturally happens in certain phases of the menstrual cycle and pregnancy. Massaging vaseline might keep the skin supple and enhance blood circulation but the breast size won’t increase. Exercise can work to some extent in this case. Apart from this breast augmentation surgery works but it is expensive.

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