Top 17 Healthy Foods That Helps in Improving Digestion

foods for Digestion

Abdominal pain, bloating, and altered rhythm of bowel movements, the problems that plague many people around the world. However, it is known that healthy foods can help you get rid of various ailments, including those related to the digestive system. The worsening symptoms affecting are excessive fat intake, hypersensitivity to lactose, sorbitol and fructose, overeating, irregular and fast eating and excessive intake of alcohol, coffee and carbonated beverages. However, pain and discomfort in the stomach and abdomen can be eliminated, or at least mitigate the regular consumption of the following foods for digestion.

Top 17 Healthy Foods for Digestion

1. Water for Digestion

Although in this context, water which is rarely mentioned is a great helper in digestion and with its help the food is more easily digested and moves through the intestines. What are the foods that regulate digestion read on the following list …

2. Banana for Digestion

Because of the soft contents and many vitamins and minerals it contains, this fruit is used as an effective natural cure for bowel disease. In fact, one average banana has about 110 calories, rich in fiber, contains pectin, which promotes bowel movement, but does not contain cholesterol and fat and the nutrients from the fruit provide a feeling of satiety and promote digestion, which contributes in keeping slim, and have a positive impact on our appearance. Thanks to the fiber which abounds, bananas also helps to get rid of the prison, without the use of laxatives.

3. Yogurt for Digestion

Most dairy products are not recommended to relieve pain in the stomach, but yogurt is an exception, and you are free to drink it. If contains active cultures (probiotics) that increase the amount of “good bacteria” in the stomach, the healing process will be faster and more efficient.

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4. Rice for Digestion

When the activity of the stomach starts getting out of control, we recommend rice, which has a beneficial effect on the stomach, in addition to boiled potatoes and toast bread. In addition to this, without irritating the stomach and disturbing the digestion, the food stops diarrhea absorbing liquid, and thus reinforces the chair. In addition to rice, operation of the digestive system has other whole grains.

5. Kale for Digestion


This vegetable is an excellent choice if you are on a diet, or if you want to eat healthy to maintain a slim figure. 100 grams of kale is less than 50 calories and 0 grams of fat, it nearly contains 20 percent neoprene which is the daily amounts of fiber needed for a person, and this improves digestion, reduces constipation and lowers the amount of sugar in the blood.

6. Bay Leaves for Digestion

Thanks to the numerous beneficial ingredients this contains, laurel stimulates digestion, removes stomach cramps and promotes better blood supply. Tea made from laurel is used in the treatment of anorexia or loss of appetite. In addition, bay oil successfully treats fungal diseases, such as fungal nail infections.

7. Beetroot for Digestion

Beetroot is an excellent source of betaine, cellulose and pectin, a substance important for maintaining the health of the entire digestive system. Low levels of stomach acid can cause indigestion and reduce the absorption of nutrients necessary for the functioning of every cell in the body. Betaine increases the level of gastric acid and stimulates digestion and has a positive effect on bowel movements. This reduces the flatulence, prevents food intolerance and controls the level of fungi and bacteria.

8. Dandelion Tea for Digestion


Dandelion promotes cleansing of the digestive tract and liver regeneration. Recent studies have confirmed that dandelion stimulates the natural process of regeneration of the liver, especially in people who suffer from hepatitis, jaundice and indigestion. For such a fact, dandelion contains tannin, an antioxidant which is present in abundance (especially in the root), which improves digestion and cleanses the liver from toxins and cleanses the kidneys of deposits.

9. Lime for Digestion

Flavonoids in citrus fruits help in steadying gastric problems and improving digestion. To speed up the digestion after a meal, drink a cup of hot water with lime and little honey. Scented oils containing in fruit stimulate digestion, and a cup of hot water with lime juice helps with weight loss. Citric acid from the fruit of lime is an excellent fat burner, and is recommended for diabetics, and a drink with the taste of citrus checked invigorates the body.

10. Turmeric for Digestion

In addition to its miraculous remedy for many diseases, turmeric a spice plant is a strong antioxidant, and speeds up the metabolism, which is why this spice is an ideal ally to fight against excess weight. This spice can slow the growth of fat tissue and has a detoxifying power. Turmeric also reduces appetite, releases excess water from the body, and reduces bloating, which helps the body to release fat deposits and cellulite. Recent studies have proven that turmeric reduces inflammation that can cause damage to the liver cells, the scars on the body and blocked bile ducts.

11. Radishes for Digestion

Adding radish to your diet can help stimulate the liver and gall bladder and clean blood. Fibers from radish stimulate the secretion of digestive juices and regulate bowel movements, and the bodies more easily flushes toxins, and are especially recommended for people who suffer from constipation. Besides this radish also prevent infections of the urinary tract. The juice of these foods makes it easier in treating worst ailments and shortens the duration of infection. However, because of its rapid action in the work of these bodies, this is not recommended for people with kidney disease, as well as those suffering from duodenal ulcer.

Also these foods are high in fiber and vitamins that regulate digestion, water retention and treat constipation; it is a great fighter against hemorrhoids. This tasty red vegetables is excellent for detoxification, and its medicinal ingredients help faster healing of hemorrhoids.

12. Tomato Juice for Digestion

Tomato juice

Tomato juice facilitates digestion, stimulates the bowel movement and treats constipation. Regular consumption of tomato juice will surely encourage hydration with the fiber which the juice has providing a feeling of satiety, that really helps if you are on a diet. It also supplies the body with all the nutrients, and ensures that all metabolic processes in the body take place properly.

13. Carrots for Digestion

This crunchy vegetable contains a large amount of dietary fiber, which has a positive impact on digestion. Regular consumption of carrots helps prevent bloating, constipation and heartburn.

14. Sauerkraut for Digestion

What makes sauerkraut different from the raw lactic acid, which are important for the natural flora in the gut. Sauerkraut is the original fermented foods naturally rich in probiotic cultures that acts on hormones, balances mood and regulates the digestive system. Thanks to them, it stimulates digestion and excretion of harmful substances from the body, and is also an antioxidant.

Probiotics present in sauerkraut are very important in the treatment of diseases caused by an imbalance of intestinal flora, particularly following antibiotic therapy or chemotherapy. Also, these foods clean and regenerate the liver and the body toxins that improve the blood count (lowers high cholesterol). In addition, sauerkraut helps in building bones, increases muscle strength, contributes to the restoration of spent connective tissue, and this slows down the aging process.

15. Mandarin for Digestion

This fruit is rich in vegetable fibers, which are extremely good for the digestion. A mandarin is also rich in pectin, which is greater in quantities than apples, and in use contains essential oils. The mandarins have folate, potassium, iron, magnesium, vitamin B1, B2 and B3 and the fiber necessary for a balanced digestion. Mandarins are the perfect fruit for those who want to lose weight, for 100 grams of fruit contains only 34 calories. Because of its diuretic properties it helps in fighting against stretch marks and cellulite.

Essential oil mandarin keeps the stomach in good condition, maintaining proper flow of digestive juices and balance acidity. It also soothes the stomach, relieves flatulence and gases, and prevents nausea and vomiting. In addition, mandarin oil helps relax muscles in the respiratory, digestive and nervous composition, resulting in the successful elimination of cramps.

It stimulates the secretion of gastric juices, which can help you lose weight, add a few drops of oil in a glass of water to drink or rub 1-2 drops on the stomach. Against constipation or diarrhea, massage 1-2 drops on the stomach in a clockwise direction and at every 60 minutes. This massage is effective against the prison.

16. Herbal Tea for Digestion

A cup of hot tea promotes healing. Oil contained in the leaves of mint, relaxes the smooth muscles that line the digestive tract, which certainly helps in reducing the cramps. The soothing properties of chamomile are probably one of the first written in a popular folk medicine, which is a great help when your stomach is upset. Ginger tea can also calm an upset stomach.

17. Prunes for Digestion


Prunes contain many important nutrients, including potassium, magnesium and boron, and have high antioxidant activity and are therefore believed to have a beneficial effect on health. Appendix five prunes added daily to your diet can help prevent prison. Prunes contain nutrients that have beneficial effects on the digestive system and the food makes this an excellent choice in the prevention and treatment of constipation.

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