How to Hide Dark Circles with Makeup – Step by Step Guide

Dark circles, horrible they look! If under eye area is dark, your whole complexion looks bad. Dark circles are worse in the morning and it is important to cover them to enhance your overall skin tone. It is very frustrating having those dark rings under eyes as they take a toll on your beauty.

The first thing to minimize the appearance of dark circles is following proper diet or using an eye cream. But if you want to cover them instantly, makeup is your one stop resort. For that, you need a concealer or a foundation that blends your dark circles and reduces their appearance. A careful choice of concealer blends the dark circles with skin tone and putting it together with foundation will make your face look even. Let us see how to cover dark circles:

1. Wash Your Face with a Mild Cleanser

Wash Your Face with a Mild Cleanser


Splash your face with cold water and apply a gentle cleanser. Rub over your face properly and wash off. The cold water decreases blood flow in the face that reduces puffiness and minimizes the appearance of dark circles.

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2. Apply Moisturizer

Apply moisturizer


Apply a nice moisturizer on the whole face and dab eye cream under your eyes.

3. Use a Primer

 Use a Primer


To get even skin, use a primer under the concealer or foundation. It will create a smooth layer on the skin which when concealer is applied on gives a long lasting finish. Take a makeup brush and apply the primer or use your fingers. Choose a primer according to your skin type i.e. moisturizing primer for dry skin, illuminating primer for dull skin, and mattifying primer for oily skin.

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4. Apply Foundation

Apply Foundation


Now put on the foundation according to your skin tone and type. Since foundation acts as a base for concealer, there is no need to apply too much of it. With foundation, the concealer usage will be lesser giving more natural look. If your major target area is under eyes, powder foundation go well because it is easier to control.

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5. Put on Concealer

Put on Concealer


Go for a one shade lighter concealer than your skin tone. Start at the corner of your eye near your nose by applying tiny dots of concealer and go towards the outer corner of your eye. Using your finger or a makeup brush, blend the concealer until it’s absorbed in the skin. Always make sure to tap the concealer and not rub it as the coverage becomes uneven under eyes. If you have too dark under eye circles, a color corrector should be used.

Color correctors or concealers come in different skin tones i.e. for fair skin you should go for a peach or apricot shade as it will help work against the blue tones. An orange concealer looks best on medium skin and dark skin tone is corrected well with darker oranges or reds. If you want more coverage, choose a stick concealer as it contains thicker creamier formula to conceal dark areas effectively. But if you have acne prone skin, a liquid concealer is an ideal choice as the stick can cause acne breakout.

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6. Color Corrector

Color Corrector

Now if you want to use a color corrector, make sure you know how to choose one. A color corrector opposite your skin undertone does the job well as they cancel each other out. To get even skin tone, it is important to neutralize the appearance of redness and that you can do with a green hued concealer. On the other hand, a peach toned concealer is best for dark circles under eyes in particular.

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7. Set it with Powder

Set it with Powder


Dip the brush in the loose powder and puff it under your eyes to add a little more coverage. Plus, the powder will help the concealer to last throughout the day and for longer period of time.

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8. Blend



The last step is to blend the concealer so it doesn’t look made up. Blend in the edges until they get invisible but if the concealer is visible, you have to apply makeup to the rest of your face and blend again. Do it properly so no traces of makeup are obvious. Since the concealer is a little different from the foundation tone, make sure to choose the right product for rest of your face.

Get ready to look flawless and gorgeous!

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