Is Toner Supposed To Burn?

is toner supposed to burn

No matter which skincare product you are using, it should make your skin feel fresh and lively, not burning and irritating. Skincare should not feel painful, period. And a toner is not supposed to burn the skin. It’s a common misconception that if some skincare product is giving a burning feeling, it is working. Many skincare brands also popularize this myth. However, you should not fall into the trap as the best skincare brand always deny it. When we talk about toner, it is supposed to relax your skin and tone it. When a toner consists of an active or exfoliating ingredient, you may feel a slight sensation, but it won’t irritate the skin. Therefore, if you are experiencing a stinging sensation on applying your toner or any other skincare products, rinse the skin immediately and remove it before it gets worse.

Toner Supposed To Burn

Why Does My Toner Burns?

A toner may burn due to the following reasons

  • You apply the toner on broken or highly sensitive skin.
  • Toner consists of an irritating ingredient or a sensitizing ingredient in high concentration.
  • Your skin is allergic to the toner’s formulation.
  • The toner consists of acids like BHA or AHA.

If your skin is sensitive or you have an active breakout, applying any alcohol-based skincare product can cause high irritation and painful sensation. Whenever a skincare product with alcohol or acid comes n direct contact with broken skin, there will be a pain.

People with sensitive skin should always avoid using an exfoliating toner with glycolic acid as an active ingredient or any other ingredient in high concentration. People with sensitive skin should always check the chemical composition before purchasing their toner (in fact, any skincare product). Often people think that any ingredient in high concentration will give a better result which is not true. Another reason for the burning sensation could be using exfoliating toner or active ingredient in multiple steps of the skincare regime. Skin does not need to be exfoliated every step or every day. So, use your skincare products wisely. Using them excessively with the dream of getting better skin may harm the skin more than help.

What Should I Do If My Skin Burns After Applying Toner?

If your skin burns after applying toner, rinse your face, remove the last bit of residue, and stop using it completely. When a toner burns, it indicates that any one of its ingredients is not suiting your skin type. If it is happening because the skin is broken, there are chances that your toner will show a good result once the skin heals. However, if it is burning on normal skin, it’s time to change it. If you want to continue using it, make sure to avoid its application on damp skin, and wet skin absorbs the skincare product deeply. Also, do not use such toner excessively. Twice or thrice in a week will suffice.

What Is The Function Of Toner?

Toners are used to balance the skin’s pH. When you use a face wash or some harsh soap on the skin, the normal pH of the skin disturbs; it is when a toner comes to the rescue. The function of a toner is to make your skin feel refreshed by locking its moisture. A toner is not supposed to strip off the skin’s natural moisture or cause irritation and dryness to any skin type. Another work of toner is to make your skin ready to absorb post-cleansing moisturizer or any other skin treatment that you intend to apply. If it is causing irritation, that toner is not for you.

Do Toners Make The Face Red?

The skin on your face is very thin. All the nerves and blood vessels on the face are closer to the face’s surface than on any other area of the body. If you use any harsh skin care product on your face, it can easily create an inflammatory reaction. Inflammation will lead to red skin, especially in sensitive areas. If a toner is causing irritation, it is due to a high concentration of alcohol, acids, or any other active ingredient. Never fall into the trap of believing that red skin signifies that your toner is doing its job. In fact, red skin is a red flag that indicates you must immediately stop using your product. Now that you know a toner is not supposed to burn the skin, make sure you buy the right one for you. It is recommended to have a patch test before using the product. People with sensitive skin should always check the chemical composition of their skincare products to prevent skin irritation.

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