5 Best Homemade Face Toner Recipes for Every Skin Type

homemade face toner recipe

In this ever changing world, keeping skin safe from pollution is always an important aspect in these busy schedules. There are many skin toners available in the market calling themselves as effective and safe but when compared with the natural ways. It’s an extended warranty to your skin, as chemicals are always unsafe for soft and delicate skin tissues. We bring you the finest natural ways of making skin toner at your home which are helpful, easy and effective and also make your skin glow much better when compared with the chemical added toners.

Homemade Face Toner Recipes

1. Apple Cider Vinegar Face Toner

Apple cider vinegar has been an ancient element for healthy skin. They actually clear all the impurities and protect the skin from drying. It is well known for its moisturizing properties and brightness booster. The high tannin content in apple cider vinegar gives the best cleansing effect on skin. It is actually good for acne treatment because of antimicrobial action. 


  • 2 tbsp of apple cider vinegar
  • 1 glass of water
  • 1 tbsp of rose water
  • 2-3 drops of essential oil


  • Mix all the above in a glass container
  • Wash your face before using
  • Dip a cotton swab, apply it
  • Leave it for 20 mins and clean it.

Note: Never apply this toner directly on the face without dilution, it causes irritation, discomfort. This is one of the well known toners in the current affairs of the cosmetic world.

2. Cucumber and Aloe Vera Face Toner

Toners are beneficial for people who have oily skin. Cucumbers are the cooling agents of skin adding an aloe vera gel keeps skin hydrating and balances the pH level .This combination is a good skin toner that will help the skin regain its pH balance ensuring spotless glow of the face. Lot of artificial toners do more damage than our expectations. So it’s always best to use natural skin toners.


  • One cup of cucumber juice
  • 4 tbsp of fresh aloe vera gel


  • Mix it well and place it in the fridge
  • Apply like a mask on the face
  • Wash it off after 20 minutes
  • Repeat this once a day for a month or two to get best results.

3. Essential oil Face Toner

Essential oils are one of the powerful tools to improve healthy skin, nourishment. Fresh and active skin complexion is obtained by many essential oils, if you make a skin- care routine. Basically oils prevent aging with natural and gentle care. They also reduce black heads, dark spots on the face. To glow your face this essential oil mix is the very best choice.



  • Add all these oils in the spray bottle
  • Mix them properly for 5 mins
  • Wash your face and let it dry
  • Spray the toner on face by closing your eyes
  • Wash after it dries out.

4. Rice Water Facial Toner

As we all know, skin is the most sensitive part of the body. That’s the logic why we need to pamper and take extra care of our skin. Rice water toner gives desired flawless skin glow by reducing acne and stops premature signs of aging. Antioxidants help in inhibition of enzyme activity that harm elasticity of skin. It improves and repairs skin damage. Above all it heals sunburns, especially the redness and tight skin.


  • Take ½ cup of rice
  • ¼ cup of water


  • In a bowl wash the rice to remove leftover debris
  • Add water and soak it overnight
  • Next morning, strain the rice water into a spray bottle for hassle free use
  • Apply on clean face , let it dry for sometime
  • Rinse your face and follow the steps once a day for a month.

5. Green Tea Facial Toner

Green tea toner is known for the best results for those who have oil skin. It cleans the pores and shrinks the skin to avoid breakouts on the skin. Antibacterial property which provides optimum balance of pH. This toner is just amazing in giving a refreshing vibes and improves radiance of the skin. Mother nature miraculously works in contributing to healthy skin care. Follow the tips down there and enhance your face beauty.


  • 1 cup of water
  • 1 tbsp green tea leaves


  • Place a container in stove
  • Add water and boil for sometime
  • Add green tea leaves and turn into low flame
  • Let the green tea leaves brew for 5 mins
  • Turn off the stove, let it cool
  • Strain the liquid into a spray bottle
  • Apply on clean face and let it be for 20 mins
  • Later wash it off with normal water.

All the above homemade remedies are best picked suggestions for facial tone. It’s time for you to change your chemicals into naturals in the form of facial toners. For better results do consult a dermatologist for any allergies and infection of your skin.

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