11 Interesting ways To Use Lipstick

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I am pretty sure, for all the beauty lovers, lipstick does not just mean a cosmetic or a makeup product, but it surely has a different meaning. It can mean to us something less than life or i should say, lipstick is equal to life because one day without it, can actually bring no happiness in life. I’m preety sure, you might have tested out all the widest variety of lipstick colors in the market, and all you think is I wish i would use lipstick for some other purpose too! Yes, you can use lipstick for much other purpose and here are some among them.

11 Interesting ways To Use Lipstick

1. Can be Used a Highlighter

No, we are not saying you to use a good and expensive lipstick, but we insist on using lipstick as a highlighter. You may have stocked some lipstick which no longer treats you good, or you no longer want to put it over lips, you can use them as highlighter than! You know, if you strat using this trend you would be the only one to get colors like black, red and others in highlighters.

2. Use it as a Gloss

When you have already stocked a good amount of lipstick in your shelf, than why do you want to waste money in purchasing gloss? You can convert your lipstick into gloss in just few seconds. Add coconut oil on the tip of the lipstick and then apply on the lips. You can also use beeswax or even Vaseline to make your lipstick work same as gloss.

3. Used to Fix Scratches Over Shoes

Got some scratches over your favorite shoes? Than don’t worry! We got a cool idea to make it look funkier as well as colorful. You can use a lipstick to cover the scratched or the cut over the shoe. Try to use a contrast color to color your shoes so that it looks innovative as well as funky.

4. Use as a Eye Shadow

You can use lipstick as eye shadow which works equally well as eye shadow. You can use any lighter shade of the lipstick and then use it in the form of eye shadow. If your lipstick is having any shimmy particles or a glossy substance, than it adds a bonus to your makeup routines if you don’t believe us, give this a try and let us know about it.

5. Used as a Blush

Lipsticks can also be used as a blush as it helps to add shine and glamour, which is given by any blush. Lipsticks are a fantastic blush like creams and if you want to wear a long lasting blush, than you should use lipstick as a blush. One more bonus of using lipstick as blush is you can get the same shade like that of your lipstick.

6. Helps in Countering

You can save on your money to use lipstick on contouring. You can use various neutral colors to make this work as the best contouring product. There are wide varieties available in lipstick color which makes it beneficial to be used in the process of contouring too.

7. Helps as a Highlighter

What about if you want to highlight just one hair? May be because you want to highlight just for today, and did not want to continue it? Instead of using a highlighter, you can save your money and use lipstick to use over your hair. Lipsticks makes excellent cream like consistency which helps to be there over hair and also it can be removed after few hours.

8. Used to Cover Tattoo

Covering a tattoo becomes a bit difficult if you want to do it perfectly! You can cover the tattoo with the help of a lipstick. Cover the area with red lipstick, and then use a concealer to conceal the area and use some loose powder to give a complete finishing.

9. Use it as a Pen

You can also use a lipstick like a pen which means you can note down the important things with the help of a lipstick. From now, you can have a wide variety of pen to be used like that of a lipstick. Also, there are high chances that anything written with lipstick can help you to remember thing more and better.

10. Use as a Marker

You can also use lipstick as a marker! If you are book reader, you will frequently require to mark your pages because it will help you to resume back to the page you left back. Lipsticks can work as brilliant markers, highlighters as well as work equally good like pen.

11. Help to Color

You can sometime use lipsticks to color the particular area. You know sometime my niece asks for a specific color and then when we are missing it out, we use the lipsticks! Also due to glossy shade in the lipsticks it helps to color gracefully and with ease! The painting now looks incredible enough.

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