How to Apply Red Lipstick Perfectly – A Step-By-Step Tutorial

how to apply red lipstick

Red lipstick is sexy, isn’t it? To get that bombarding look which everyone would love to admire, red lipstick is your next getaway. Ever wondered how the lipstick sits on so beautifully on your favorite stars’ lips? Ladies, it takes a lot of efforts applying reds if you don’t want to get stain everywhere.
The glamorous and classic look a red lipstick gives is indefinable. Go to a party wearing red lipstick if you want to be the attention seeker, yes you read it right. Red lips are sultry and attention grabbers for any occasion unless you are not visiting someone for condolences.

Wearing red lipstick the right way is very very important as it gives you a red pout in the most quintessential way. A quick swipe of red on the lips is enough for flattering appearance which is why it has been the staple product in every woman’s bag. Let us learn here how to wear it perfectly and glam up instantly:

Who Is Suitable For Red Lipstick

Everyone can apply red lipstick whether you have fair, medium, tanned, dark, brown, coffee, olive or black skin. Since there are different shades of red, you have to make sure to pick the right shade or else you might look like a Halloween party goer.

Shades Of Red Lipstick

Here are the available shades in red lipstick:

  • Cherry red
  • Blue red
  • Orange red
  • Deep red
  • Brick red
  • Cherry red
  • Burnt red
  • Wine red
  • Cool red
  • Tomato red
  • Fireball red
  • Blood red
  • Strawberry red
  • Bright red
  • True red
  • Raspberry red

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How To Apply Red Lipstick

Follow the steps right here:

Prep Your Lips

Prep Your Lips

To start with the application, first of all you need to prepare your lips. Well nourished, moisturized and exfoliated lips are capable of holding the lipstick pretty well. Apply a lip balm and spread it evenly on the lips. Let the balm sit for a few minutes and remove the excess with cotton swab. If you want to add more moisture, a lip primer will do the needful or in other cases, primer is not required unless you have really dry lips. For matte lipstick, a lip primer is best as it gives immense protection from dryness.

Draw The Outline

Draw The Outline

Grab a lip pencil and draw the outline carefully so the shape of your lips is defined properly. Outline the entire lip line and make it easy to apply the lipstick in the next step.

Fill The Lips with Lip Liner

Fill the lips with lip liner

After outlining the lips, fill your lips with the same lip liner. Blot the excess with a tissue and reapply the liner on discolored areas and then blot again.

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Apply Red Lipstick

Apply Red Lipstick

WOO, the step y’all have been waiting for so long! For your lips to look really gorgeous and sexy, grab your lipstick and start applying from the center of your lips towards the corners. Make sure to apply the lipstick over the lip liner outline so they look fuller, plumper, and of course, super red.

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Clean it Up

Clean it Up

Now clean the edges of your lips with an angular brush using a concealer. The brush works like an eraser giving you crispy and clean look as it erases off any lipstick stains. Dip the brush in the face powder after applying the concealer and brush off the edges of the lips. Not only the powder will absorb excess oil but also prevents your red lipstick from melting.

Check Your Teeth

Once when you are done with the application, check your teeth and make sure there are no stains.

There you go! Ahhh, marvellous.

How Do I Choose A Red Lipstick?

You have to be careful while choosing a red lipstick as there comes many shades of red. Depending on your skin tone and type, pick the most suitable shade. For fair skin, cooler blue based shades go well whereas for warmer undertones, yellow based shades are perfect. Furthermore, hold the lipstick close to your lips and you will get an idea how better it will suit you.

True Red

True red

So you have got marble like skin? Go for a true candy apple red to add a lovely color. It’s a gorgeous color that will give a nice contrast to your skin and it would be better to go for blue undertones to bring out your skin warmth.

Coral Red

Coral red

The skin with golden undertone flaunts well with a coral red. Your beige skin will look the best in subtle pumpkin undertones rather than orangish red. If you want to get sophisticated looking lips, coral red is an ultimate pick.

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Brick Red

Brick Red

For medium tanned skin, a bold brick red looks classy. Make sure to choose a slightly darker and richer than cherry red but not too deep color.

Red with Pink Undertone

Red with Pink Undertone

Copper skin is extremely gorgeous and looks rich with a brighter berry red shade. To complement the natural warmth of your skin, fuchsia and raspberry red goes pretty well. Stay away from neon bright berry red as it will make you look too old.

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Purple Red

Purple Red

A purple based red is a nice combination with deep chocolate skin. To get chic look, choose a shade like an ultra ripe pomegranate or an under ripe plum color. You can go for a bit of gold or glitter.

Cherry Red

Cherry Red

Coffee skinned beauties are everywhere and to enhance the tone, a glossy red with blue undertones creates a beautiful contrast.

Other than that, there are a few another factors to keep in consideration like:

Go for a Tint: If you have just started and not ready to apply the full on lipstick, use a red tinted moisturizer first. The tint contains enough color to add a traditional hue to your lips.

Keep Rest of The Makeup Subtle: Red is quite bold making it essential to keep rest of the makeup subtle. Red lipstick looks sexy and to highlight your lips, you have to go easy with other things. Keep your accessories, dress, and makeup a little toned down or else you will look like a fancy dress participant.

Seasonal: According to the seasons, you can choose a red lipstick. Like for an example, choose an orange red for spring and bright blue toned red for summers. Similarly, for winters, go for a bright berry or pink red and choose a deep vampy red or purple for fall season. Since winters are dry, a liquid lipstick is not a good idea and matte will go a long way in warmer months when the lips are less dry.

So confused yet? Girlies, if you are new to reds, it’s high time you should try one. Don’t be afraid with your looks because red is bold but be confident as you are going to pull off a completely new avatar that everyone would fall in love with.

Red lipstick goes well with all attires whether it is a special occasion, a casual outing with friends, or a wedding. To carry it, scroll the above mentioned method and make it last all day. If you have any other technique that your friend or mother might have shared, comment here in the section below.

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