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mila kunis hairstyles

Looking for a new hairstyle that you always wanted to try out for your next big event? Have you seen Mila Kunis’s trendy hairstyles that you would love to copy? Mila Kunis is a famous Hollywood actress and she is from a Jewish family in Ukraine. She begins her acting career at the age of 7, appearing in a cute 1993 children’s commercial for Lisa Frank Products. Mila Kunis in this ad featured all kinds of products targeted for kids in her long and curly black hair with an 80’s tousled look. 

She then became more familiar with different 70’s hairstyle variations on her long and wavy raven hair. She would change her hairstyle if the role asks for it. Mila appeared in many of the events with different hairstyles that influences her fans to try them out and creates a new trend.

18 Trendy Mila Kunis Hairstyles

1. Mila In Straight Boob Hairstyle


Mila Kunis made her gorgeous appearance wearing a black detailed dress and straight bob hairstyle with subtle highlights at the premiere of ‘A Bad Moms Christmas’ held at the Regency VillageTheatre in Westwood last October 30, 2017. This side parted slick straight bob hairstyle becomes so popular among her fans.

2. Shoulder-length Wavy Hair With Bangs Hairstyle


This famous celebrity looked stunning at the 2018 Billboard Music Awards held at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas on 20th May 2018. She puts on a simple black dress which goes well with her shoulder-length wavy hair with bangs. These stunning bangs look beautiful and bold on her.

3. Side Swept Tousles Suits Her So Well


Mila Kunis was spotted having a bright beautiful smile with an amazing hairstyle of side-swept tousled and wavy hair at the World premiere of ‘Wonder Park’. This hairstyle makes Mia look cute and lovely.

4. Mila’s Medium-length Side Parted Waves Hairstyle


The beautiful Mila Kunis popped up at the premiere of ‘Jupiter Ascending’ in Hollywood held on last February 2, 2015, in Los Angeles wearing a lovely strapless black dress to match with her medium-length side parted waves that have subtle highlights. This side parted lovely layered wavy tresses look amazingly stunning and bold.

5. Mila’s Center Parted Straight Layers With Highlights Hairstlye


The center-parted straight layers with highlights look super sexy and splendid on this talented actress. This simple yet beautiful hairstyle made her look more wonderful when she appeared at Spike TV’s 5th Annual 2011 ‘Guys Choice Awards’.

6. Mila Done Tousled And Wavy Layered Hair Hairstyle


This tousled and wavy layered hair with highlights went well with her personality. This stunning wavy tousles looked more spectacular on her when she made her appearance at ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall’ World Premiere held on last April 10, 2008 at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre In Hollywood.

7. Slick Side-swept Away Wavy Hairstyle


Mila Kunis rocked her vintage look of slick side-swept away wavy hairstyle. This smooth one-sided hairstyle absolutely goes stunning with her elegant and sexy red dress. She showed up this look on her at the Los Angeles premiere of ‘The Spy Who Dumped Me’ held on last July 25, 2018.

8. Cute Messy Low Bun


Mila Kunis looks pretty and charming with this trendy messy low bun hairstyle. This messy low bun with highlighted tendrils on the side adds gorgeousness to her shiny and sexy dress which she wore at the premiere of Extract movie in Los Angeles held on last Aug 24, 2009.

9. Wavy And Highlighted Bob Hairstyle


This wavy and highlighted bob hairstyle on Mila Kunis creates a new rage and made her fans go crazy with this fabulous hairstyle. This center-parted highlighted wave in bob length pair is well with her wonderful white outfit with sequins.

10. Side-swept Away Wavy Locks Hairstyle


Mila Kunis was spotted with a side sept away wavy locks with few center parted highlight long waves in the front. This side-swept away lovely hairstyle looks great and attractive on this talented actress and it went well with her astonishing strapless black dress

11. Mila Kunis In Long Tousled Wavy Tresses Hairstyle


Mila Kunis appeared with carefree loose long tousled waves at MOCA’s Annual Gala ‘The Artist’s Museum Happening’ held on last November 13, 2019. She smiles brighter by rocking with the loose wavy tresses which adds more cuteness to her face.

12. Slick Hair With Loose Wavy Ends Hairstyle


This gorgeous loose hair with wavy ends brings an extra glow to Mia Kunis’s sexy purple-dressed look. This hairstyle is adored by many of her fans. This loose wave look amazingly suits her wondrous purple dress.

13. Straight Loose Hair Hairstyle


Mia Kunis looks absolutely charming in this long slick straight loose hair. This simple yet elegant hairstyle on her gives a neat and finished look. She wonderfully looks with this hairstyle paired with black outfit and Smokey eyes.

14. Half-up Half-down Ponytail Hairstyle


The new trendiest alluring medium-length locks half up half down hairstyle looks ravishing on Mia Kunis. She paired these sleek half-up half-down pony locks with the elegant neckline strapless dress. This tremendous hairstyle gives more attention to the face as it completely settles down at the back. This hairstyle is then mostly searched and tried by many of her fans.

15. Slick Straight Hair Hairstyle


Mia flaunted her slick and straight hair that looked neat and attractive. This is the usual and go-to hairstyle for most celebrities. This straight hair never goes out of trend as it is loved by many women.

16. Chic Messy Ponytail Hairstyle


This gorgeous Hollywood star appeared with a chic messy ponytail with some wavy strands that worked great with a black dress and diamond earrings. This messy ponytail brings in the shine and hotness look to Mia Kunis. This shoulder-length messy ponytail waves make her diamond earring appear well.

17. Classy Elegant Updo Hairstyle


This neat updo look adds elegance to this astonishing actress. Mia Kunis popped out with this slick neat and cool updo hairstyle. It enhances her face well and good. This classy and fantastic updo is loved and suitable for every woman

18. Mila In Wonderful Wavy Updo Hairstyle


Mila Kunis styled her hair in a gorgeous wavy updo. This wavy updo made her stand high and ravishing when paired with the stunning white dress. Many people begin to try this wavy updo hairstyle as it majestically looks sumptuous on this beautiful actress.

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