10 Best Ways to Use Mustard Oil for Hair

All of us like beautiful hair don’t we. Those locks can mesmerize anyone if they are beautiful and shiny. But sadly, many of us don’t know how to take good care of our hair and end up damaging them with the wrong approach to hair care and a couldn’t care less attitude until it’s too late. When the damage has been done, we end up crying and looking for a wonder treatment for our hair and scalp and keep looking in all directions and spend through our noses to get back our sheen. We often overlook the marvelous gifts of nature that are lying around in our houses and used by our elders for ages. These remedies are mostly free from any kind of side effects and are relatively lot cheaper and not very difficult to use.

The fast-paced modern lifestyles are a bane to our health and hair health is no exception. Added to that, the fashion and styling products and practices are like the Satan’s gift which do give us the hair we want it short term but end up taking away healthy hair from us. Hair styling practices such as curling, straightening, etc. damage the hair irreparably and leave us trying to regain our hair in some time. Chemical based shampoos, hair masks, serums and the such make our hair dry, damaged and dull because they contain harmful chemicals like alcohol, SLS and silicone.

Mustard oil which is known in Hindi by the common name of ‘Sarso ka Tel’ is made from mustard seeds and is abasically a vegetable oil made from mustard seeds which has a kind of weird smell and a dark yellowish color. It is manufactured by pressing the mustard seeds to extract the oil, or by grinding them and then distilling it.

It is used almost everywhere in the subcontinent for cooking and is thought to be unfit to be used in consumed in the western world. It is rich in unsaturated and non-saturated fats and healthy for general use not just for hair but for overall consumption. It was a vogue in the ancient roman and Greek civilizations for maintaining hair health.

It has also been part of our cultures and is especially the tradition fuel for our diyas or earthen lamps. Owing to its richness in omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, vitamin A, D, E, and k, and antioxidants. Since the ancient times people have reaped its benefits in various ways. It also helps in healing the split ends, alopecia and hair discoloration and greying. It is also rich in selenium and zinc by composition whose deficiency leads to hair loss. Its massage also helps us strengthen the scalp muscles which help us retain our beloved hair for long.

10 Uses of Mustard Oil for Hair Health:

  1. It is very helpful in avoiding greying of our hair and keeping them black naturally. If we use it on a regular basis, there would be no need to use chemical based hair colors or dyes for keeping our hair naturally black.
  2. A good old-fashioned hair and scalp massage increases the circulation of blood in the head and nourishes the hair with beta-carotene, vitamins and lots of minerals. The beta-carotene transforms and provides the hair with richness of vitamin-A. it also provides good fatty acids which stimulate hair growth. Using mustard oil revitalizes the hair and gives them a youthful vigor. It also slows and stops hair loss or alopecia by making them healthier.
  3. Massaging with mustard oil helps repair damaged hair by providing the essential nutrients.
  4. By keeping hair healthily hydrated, mustard oil helps in preventing fungal growth. We can apply it by taking some mustard oil and mixing it with almond and coconut oils after they have been warmed. Then this should be massaged gently for a while and after a few hours a gentle and preferably a natural shampoo can be used to wash the oil away.
  5. It also acts as a wonderful hair conditioner because it contains fatty acids and hydrates the hair and increases their thickness and fosters their growth. When the hair lack certain nutrients, the follicles get under-nourished. Mustard oil also helps prevent a deficiency of any kind of nutrients essential for the health.
  6. Taking some mustard oil and mixing it with a bit of lemon juice is the ideal remedy for dandruff in the hair. Doing it thrice or four times weekly is highly useful for hair nutrition.
  7. Fenugreek or methi is another great item available in our homes which helps keep our hair healthy. When used along with mustard oil, it will nourish our hair and prove beneficial in preventing hair fall or hair greying. Take a cup of mustard oils and soak some methi seeds in it and leave it overnight. Warm the oil till the methi becomes greyish. Cool it down and apply it gently to the hair. Wash it after keeping it on for a few hours with a mild/natural shampoo and conditioner.
  8. Since kadi patta (curry leaves) is a great source of various vitamins, antioxidants and amino acids. When used along with mustard oil, it can be a wonderful hair supplement. It is advisable to use fresh kadi patta for this purpose. Take a cup of mustard oil and add some fresh kadi patta to it. Warm it up and soak the leaves in the oil. Then cool it down next. Remove the leaves next and apply this oil gently to the hair avoiding doing it by nails since they damage the hair roots. Wash it off after a while properly.
  9. Take a bowl of mustard oil and put a few henna leaves in it. Boil this mixture for around 15 min. Cool, strain and apply it on the scalp and hair and massage it properly. A massage with this concoction helps treat baldness and stimulate hair growth.
  10. Take some mustard oil and mix it with a little curd and create a hair pack. This hair pack should be applied to the hair, kept for a while and then washed for healthy, revitalized and shiny hair.

Tips While Using Mustard Oil for Hair:

  • ensure that you always wash the hair before moving out in the open as oil gathers dust on it and dust can not only spoil the look of our hair but also harm them in more than one way.
  • Applying it twice or thrice weekly is enough and a daily use is not essential.
  • For those with long hair, it is advisable to do a put a turban on after the massage.
  • If they are warmed up before applying it, it can give better results.
  • It is essential to make sure that the quantity of oil we are using is right as using too less oil can give us a false sense of satisfaction of making our hair healthy with mustard oil without any real results.

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10 Best Ways to Use Mustard Oil for Hair
Mustard oil which is known in Hindi by the common name of ‘Sarso ka Tel’ is made from mustard seeds and is abasically a vegetable oil made from mustard seed

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