Top 20 Rajasthani Mehndi Designs For Hands And Feets

rajasthani mehndi designs

When the bride flaunts the beautiful Rajasthani mehndi design, people go gaga over it. Rajasthani mehndi designs are unique in their ways, depicting the cultural richness, colorful art, and everything royal about the state. The finest details in the design clearly showcase the artistic core of Rajasthan and how rich it is in terms of creativity and culture.

Rajasthani mehndi designs are elaborative, covering every inch of the palms, back hand, and legs. Here we have come up with 15 unique Rajasthani mehndi designs that you can adorn on any special occasion and become the center of attention easily.

Top 20 Rajasthani Mehndi Designs For Hands And Feets

1. Royalty Comes with Mehndi Designs Like These

The extraordinary beauty of this design comes with flower motifs and typical leaf patterns that cover the palm. The intricate details and kite-like shapes bring uniqueness to this design. Spreading towards the wrist, the design mesmerizes with the beauty of minute details that make the hands look highly attractive.

2. Giving a Traditional Rajasthani Look to the Hands

A beautiful back hand Rajasthani mehndi design in which the artistic part lies on the bold flowery patterns scattered all through the hand. The free-flowing vines coming from the fingers towards the hand make it more compelling. Cover the nails and the tips of fingers with mehndi to complete the look of this beautiful design.

3. A Classy Bridal Rajasthani Mehndi Design

It is one of the best Rajasthani mehndi designs that can be adorned by the bride. It is a typical bridal mehndi design where you have the bride and groom with different hands staring into each eye of each other. What makes this design special is one hand is incomplete without the other, just like the couple who are going to tie the knots.

4. Spark the Hands with the Beauty of Typical Rajasthani Mehndi Design

It is a charismatic mehndi design perfect for the wedding day as it covers the entire length of the hands till the elbows. Although the design looks pretty simple, the small details and intricacies within the motifs make it look extraordinarily beautiful. It is a true ethnic design for both hands wherein each complements one other.

5. Let the Hands Brighten with Flowers and Vines

Bold designs with large flowers decorated in a vine and free-flowing form bring an extraordinary look to the hands. This design is not for brides, but her sisters, friends, and relatives can adorn it. It is simple, easy to make, and gets applied in lesser time. So, it is perfect for ladies who are more into errands on the big day rather than just sitting.

6. Splendid Back Hand Mehndi Design for a Graceful Look

A glorious back hand mehndi design that goes well on all occasions- be it a wedding, engagement, karwachauth, Raksha Bandhan, or any other special event. The design starts right from the fingers, decorates the entire back side of the hand, spreads towards the wrist, and covers some portions of the arms.

7. Cover the Hands with Beautiful Rajasthani Mehndi Design

It is a large flowery design that decorates the hands and makes them look extremely beautiful. Three big flowers with minute details and typical mehndi motifs bring extra life to this design. It looks more like a free-flowing design that goes up to the elbows and makes the entire hand look fuller.

8. Be Royal and Bring Traditional Look to the Hands on the D-Day

For all the girls looking for a unique bride-groom mehndi design, this is a perfect choice. The design depicts a beautiful Rajasthani bride holding her ‘pallu’ and a handsome Rajasthani groom wearing a ‘pagadi,’ showcasing the culture and tradition of the state. It covers the entire hand up to the elbows to give a typical bridal look to the hands.

9. Fuller, Bolder and Beautiful Rajasthani Mehndi Design

Fuller, Bolder and Beautiful Rajasthani Mehndi Design


With much bolder designs and big flowers, this mehndi is perfect for all the ladies of the house. It is a mix of Arabic and Rajasthani mehndi designs that look extremely beautiful on the hands. The recurring patterns of leaves uniformly in neat and clean ways make it one of the best for the festive season.

10. Stunning Bridal Mehndi Design Depicting the Love Between the Couple

This is another bride-groom mehndi design suitable for the wedding day. It is one of the best bridal mehndi designs that brides love to adorn on their big day. The motifs of flowers, leaves, and dots, along with the bride and groom facing each other, make it unique.

11. Bring Royalty to the Hands with this Special Design

A beautiful peacock mehndi design on the hands brings charm and grace to any occasion. This is a wonderful design that covers the hands and arms up to the elbows. The recurring patterns in a uniform way make the design looks adorable on any hand. The netted pattern on the arms also brings uniqueness to the design.

12. An Intense Mehndi Design for Striking Look of Hands

Bold flowers with the intense application of mehndi give this design an amazing look. There are patterns of leaves, repeated uniform flowers, and netted outlines that bring a beautiful look to the hands. It is the best for the bridesmaid, sisters, and friends.

13. Grace the Hands with a Elegant and Classy Mehndi Design

It is a neat back hand mehndi design that covers the wrists and arms entirely. A large circle in the middle and typical mehndi motifs covering the fingers bring freshness to the hands. Apply red or orange nail pain to make the hands look more beautiful.

14. Because Intricacies Bring Uniqueness to the Hands

This is one of the most intricate mehndi designs that look extremely beautiful. It makes the hands full with recurring patterns and motifs. Although the design looks a little difficult, the end result will astonish everyone. It may take some time to complete the design but once done; it makes the hands look extraordinarily attractive.

15. Dazzling Full Hand Mehndi Design for an Extraordinary Look

Grace any occasion- be it a wedding or festival with this amazing mehndi design. It covers the palm and arms, bringing uniqueness to the hands. When complemented with bangles, the beauty of the hands enhances manifolds.

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