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The henna which is used for mehendi typically comes from a small local shrub called Lawsonia inermis. In rural area, the Mehendi is made by grinding the fresh leaves of Lawsonia inermis with the grinding stones along with some particular oil. However, in Urban areas, people mainly opt for dried leaves. After that ground them and make a paste. Both the procedures provide a rusty-red color which ultimately turns into a dark chocolate color that is suitable for creating an attractive design on your palm and feet. Apart from this, Mehendi paste can be used on our hair as a hair dye. This is a great ingredient for conditioning our hair and provide a glossy look. Mehendi has a cooling property which you can feel while applied on our body. Here are the detail of few easy and simple Mehndi designs for fingers.

25 Beautiful Mehndi Designs for Fingers:

1. Simple Flowers Mehndi Designs for Fingers:

Flowers Mehendi Designs for Fingers

Though simple Flowers Mehendi Designs is very easy to create, but it is extremely attractive when it will be used on your hand and finger. Kids love to apply Mehendi on their little and cute palm, this Mehendi design is perfect for them.

2. Black Mehndi Design for Fingers:

black mehndi design for fingers

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3. Arabic Mehndi Design for Fingers:

arabic mehndi design for fingers

Arabic mehndi design is one of the popular mahndi designs today which can be worn by both the bride and other people. This particular design consists only various types of flowers, leaves and creepers. But you have to leave a sufficient amount of space between the two patterns which can give a non-messy look. This Mehndi design is suitable for the palm and the back of hand. The Black mehndi has been utilized for the border area and normal Mehendi has been utilized to cover the entire design.

4. Black Mehndi Design for Finger:

Black Mehndi Design for Finger

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5. Semi Circle Mehndi Design for Finger:

Semi Circle Mehndi Design for Finger

6. Abstract Mehndi Design for Finger:

Abstract Mehndi Design for Finger

7. Bold Stroke Mehndi Design for Finger:

Bold Stroke Mehndi Design for Finger

8. Black Mehendi Design for One Finger:

Black Mehendi Design for One Finger

9. Indian Mehendi Design for Finger:

Indian Mehendi Design for Finger

Human figures or Animals are extremely common in Indian mehendi design. . Peacocks are the most common animal found in this particular art of Mehendi. Those birds can be identified easily in this design and bird’s head separate them from the rest of the design that provides a very clean modern and refined look. All the figures are covered with Miniature patterns which keeps the overall design simple yet stylish.

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10. Circular Mehendi Design for Finger:

Circular Mehendi Design for Finger

If you are a working lady and ought to attain office, so you have to keep your hand clean. In this situation, you can opt these types of simple Mehendi designs., by which you can keep the back portion of your hand completely clean, just applying this simple circular design on your fingers. If you want to get a trendy look, this design will work best.

11. Flowers Mehendi Design for Finger:

Flowers Mehendi Design for Finger

Sometime it will be very difficult to apply a Mehendi design on the front portion of your hand. So you have to feel free while design your Mehendi and you need to choose such type of design which can be easily designed. You can choose Small Flowers Mehendi Design for the front portion of your hand, this design generally finished in the wrist portion

12. Flowery Mehndi Design for Finger:

Flowery Mehndi Design for Finger

13. Black Mehendi Design for Half Finger:

Black Mehendi Design for Half Finger

14. Sun Flower Mehndi Designs for Finger:

Sun Flower Mehndi Designs for Finger

If you want to keep the palm clean just use this unique design. You can create some dots as well as big sunflower motifs to cover your hands. You could shade this big sun flowers or completely cover them as filling up the flower could enhance the entire look of the design.

15. Simple Black Mehndi Design for Finger:

Simple Black Mehndi Design for Finger

16. Big Flowers Mehndi Design:

Big Flowers Mehndi Design

If you use this Big Flower Mehendi design on your palm, you must avoid the center area, it can give a funky look. But the flower has to be clean in design and its petals must be shaded. You can easily create a question mark sign and dots on the design.

17. Very Simple Mehndi Design for Finger:

Very Simple Mehndi Design for Finger

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18. Creeper Mehndi Design for Finger:

Creeper Mehndi Design for Finger

19. Simple Flower Mehndi Design:

Simple Flower Mehendi Design

This is another simple but attractive Mehendi design. This is typical Arabic and middle east mehendi designs generally have a floral design along with some other details. You can observe how the flower pattern is created in the center of your palm, which make the design more gorgeous. In this design, you have to keep your finger clean, by which your hand looks more modern. This type of Mehendi design is perfect for small event and occasions.

20. Balck Mehndi Flowery Design for Finger:

Balck Mehndi Flowery Design for Finger

21. Bold Mehendi Design for Finger:

Bold Mehendi Design for Finger

22. Semi Circular Borders Mehendi Design for Finger:

Semi Circular Borders Mehendi Design for Finger

If you are not fond of flowers, you can easily try criss-cross line designs which can provide a modern look.So you have to keep the palm free and the fingers are used for fulfilling the design.This design is created with plain lines with semi-circular borders which make it look modern and funky. These types of designs mainly used in the wedding ceremony.

23. Singular Strokes Mehendi Design:

Singular Strokes Mehendi Design

In this design quite large motifs are utilized but you should dark them. These big motifs are then covered with single strokes that make it more artistic and attractive. If you leave your finger clean the design looks more gorgeous.

24. Dots Mehndi Design for One Finger:

Dots Mehndi Design for One Finger

Mehendi is one of the important part of the Indian culture. Within Mehendi, the ethnic look must remains incomplete. Today, our young generation generally opt a single mehendi tattoo by utilizing red and black mehendi, because there are lots of people who are anxious about the procedure involved in permanent tattoo. Other difficulties is, most of the time, users ought to hide tattoo, if you opt the mehendi tattoos, you shouldn’t worry about those factors. With design you can easily stay stylish always.

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