20 Best Black Mehndi Designs – Latest Collection

black mehndi designs

Black mehandi is one of the outstanding varieties of henna and regional type of chemicals that can make it darker than normal reddish brown. The advantage of mehandi and nuptials is very approximately related. This function is put up in a place just before the matrimony ceremony. In this function, the bride is adorned with the sculpture of Mehandi. Black mehandi designs are very attractive compared to other colored designs.

20 Best Black Mehndi Designs – Latest Collection

1. Heavy Bridal Black Mehandi


Heavy bridal black mehandi is elegant cross vines that hold wonderful flowers on the elbows, which are linked to an elaborate plan on the hands that extends up to the elbows. The essence of romanticism is incorporated with traditionalism in this technique.

2. Line Design Black Mehndi


Line design mehndi design is simple and easy mehandi so you can simply go with this mehndi pattern that is suitable for any circumstance and usual day also. To increase a beautiful look during any occasion, line design black mehndi is the perfect and popular way to enhance beauty for women.

3. Beautiful Floral Black Mehndi Design

The large central glamorous floral black pattern is the main temptation of this henna hand design. This design is very simple to create yet so gorgeous it looks. A distinctive floral pattern that covers the palm, the pattern is common but never boring to behold.

4. Intricate Mehndi Design


This trending Intricate mehndi design for full compassion has our hearts for how gracefully the traditional mehndi design is infused with Google and Instagram logos. A pretty amalgamation of line and florals with leafy tips, this intricate mehndi design for hands is so graceful.

5. Dubai Design Black Mehandi

Dubai design black mehandi are known for their single-strand type kind of pattern. In this one, the mehndi is applied on the wrist establishing a representation of a bracelet. This mehndi layout is a complex and interesting design that is surely bound to capture vigilance.

6. Fingers Black Mehandi Design

Easy finger black mehandi designs with not much fanfare and barely a few curves and lines along your fingers, and maybe a flower on the back look good too. These take up limited time and reveal more of your membrane.

7. Ganesh God Mehandi Design

A unique effect is experienced with Lord Ganesh sitting peacefully on the palm as a henna design. The mesmerizing color of mehndi with beautiful drawings looks more enchanting with the Ganpati motif giving an interesting look for the hands.

8. Simple Black Mehndi Design

The simple black mehandi technique is the backhand mehndi structure that has been made for the feminine populace. This mehndi design with floral and leaf patterns looks simple, fascinating, and outstanding on everyone’s skin.

9. Elegant Leg Mehandi Design

These elegant and reasonable lotus motif leg mehandi designs surely caught our attention and you cannot take your eyes off these beauties. Mehandi designs with lotus motifs look absolutely breathtaking and here is an indication of it.

10. Back-hand Black Henna Design

A mehandi design made in prosperous black color with some nice patterns, established in the former Mughal category, glances glorious and spectacular on the membrane. The horizon and the shading of the mehandi design covering the backhand are completely just mesmerizing.

11. Circle Designed Mehandi

Round or circle mehndi designs have mandala-like circles drawn on the needles. These are also called bangle fashion mehndi. Kashmiri mehandi designs have haloes drawn on the palms and fingertips. These spheres are then filled with complicated layouts and look incredible.

12. Unique Black Mehandi Design

Most mehandi designs regulate from your palm till your elbow. Thus your entire forearm is wrapped in small black blossoms and spirals. Crises crossing lines and other geometric shapes furthermore exhibit their pretty occasionally.

13. Paisley Designed Mehandi

In paisley mehndi design, we can discern paisley encircling almost the full palm area in an oblique fashion. The large paisley pattern with minor intricate structures on the inner and borders uses a series of teardrop patterns. This design is very easy and ideal for learners to try at home.

14. Red And Black Mehandi Design

Sometimes a simple design like this can do all that happiness. This is one of those black and blushing Arabic mehndi designs, a floral procedure with a wrench. Usually, these designs are in the center of the palm, but this one is pushed to one side, making it glance spectacular.

15. Leafy Chain Black Mehandi

It is one ultimate jewelry mehndi design that has a whole multitude of leaves looking extraordinarily prosperous and lavish. The coal-black color of henna adds to the across-the-board glance of this mehndi design.

16. Simple Bridal Look Mehandi

Simple bridal mehandi designs contain floral patterns which are timeless classics and actually enhance the look of the design. They are easy to make, and the replicated design all over your backhand looks absolutely stunning.

17. Peacock Mehandi Design

A peacock mehndi design on the posterior of the hand helps you to complete your entire profile. The peacock needn’t be used as the prominent design on the inside of the hand. Use colors and mehndi embellishments as required and finish the peacock composition with elegance.

18. Complicated Black Mehandi Design

If you had this concept in mind that full-hand mehndi designs are chaotic, then have a look at this absolutely gorgeous bridal mehndi design that will surely leave you mesmerized. This neatly drawn mehndi design is an epitome of compassion, beauty creativity.

19. Easy Leg Mehandi Design

The easy leg mehandi design is present in the ankle area which has a band with an architectural dome on top and a flower in the middle. The side foot area has the real classic design while the real highlight of this pattern is the delicate paisley design.

20. Wrist Black Henna Design

This is yet another popular example of the latest mehandi designs. Who knew simply drawn vines adorned with small flowers can look so majestic? This is one among them, apt this particular design for any special events.

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