20 Inspired Foot Mehndi Designs for Your Beautiful Feet

In most of the Asian country, Mehndi is one of the vital part of the culture. Today, Mehndi design on the foot is as common as on the palm. There are numbers of Mehndi design available for feet. To make the design perfectly and eye catching, cones are utilized to apply the black henna paste which makes a reddish brown mark on your skin. Here is a list of some best foot mehndi designs for you

Foot Mehndi Designs for Beautiful Feet:

1. Elegant Net Type Foot Mehandi Design:

This is one of the simple Mehendi designs for feet.  Floral patterns with a net Mehendi design gives a  simplistic but elegant look, it acts as a relief from excessive detailing. The design is running from  your toes, around your ankle and up to your leg that makes your feet attractive.

2. Glitter Foot Mehndi Design:

Today, most of the Mehendi design is complicated as well as elaborate, so there is a great demand for simple design. This design is simple but elegant. A simple geometric pattern is created at the center of your foot along with a border, which covers the edge of your feet. It can make the feet gorgeous and elegant.

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3. Elaborate Foot Mehndi Design:

Beautiful flowers, detail, intricate curves and also various pattern make this design more graceful which starting from toe and travel up your feet, up to toe. This design looks like a tattoos which is generally opted by brides, because this is as same as an ornament.

4. Simple Foot Mehndi Design:

simple foot mehndi design

5. Bridal Foot Mehndi Design:

bridal foot mehndi design

6. Red Co loured Foot Mehndi Design:

Red Co loured Foot Mehndi Desig

This is very common Mehendi design which consist typical reddish brown color of henna. Though red color Mehendi design is a traditional design, but it always looks elegant as well as unique. Floral motif with red color background gives the design a simplicity and individuality.

7. Black Foot Mehndi Design:

Black Foot Mehndi Design

This henna tattoo is not only worn upon your palm and forearms, but also on your foot. A simple but gorgeous black flower running around your ankle look extremely pretty and gorgeous. This particular mehendi is very popular in most of the Asian countries where mehndi very vital part of the culture.

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8. Black Mehndi Design for Foot:


Nowadays, the Black Mehendi design gets huge popularity in all over the world. Ther foot Mehendi design created by black Mehendi gives a gorgeous look. In this design the vail sheet pattern generally utilized to cover your feet, and mango leaf design is used as a border.

9. Simple Bridal Foot Mehendi Design:

Simple Bridal Foot Mehendi Design

This is basically Feet Mehendi Designs where Floral patterns are running along the side of your feet that you look feminine and fancy. The black mehendi design stands out against the lighter tone of your skin that makes your feet more attractive.

10. Foot Mehndi Design with Kundans:

foot mehndi design with kundans

11. Elaborater Floral Foot Mehandi Design:

Floral Foot Mehandi Design

The floral motif and leaves covering up your feet which looks very pretty. The outline of the flower is extremely prominent and inside is covered with lines. The design is ended up with dots which add an artistic touch. If you want a more attractive design you can easily add more color to it.

12. Beautiful Flowery Foot Mehndi Design:

Flowery Foot Mehndi Design

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13. Small Flowers Mehandi Design:


Sometime it will be very difficult to apply a mehndi design on on feet. So you have to feel free while design your mahndi and you need to choose such type of design which can be easily designed. You can choose Small Flowers Mehndi Design on your feet, this design generally finished right portion.

14. Mirror Reflecting Flowery Art:


In this design, the initial portion of your feet is covered with the vail sheet. And entire foot is covered with flowers and leaves, which extends to the middle of the legs. This is another example of a mirror reflecting art, because the design of the border are exactly same.

15. Abstract Foot Mehndi Design:

Abstract Foot Mehndi Design

This abstract, but elegant design features some geometric shapes which is placed strategically on the design to give a gorgeous look. This design looks like a elaborate anklets with different shaped gems hanging on it.

16. Beautiful Side Mehndi Design for Foot:

Side Mehendi Design for Foot

17. Plain Mehndi Design for Side Foot:

Mehndi Design for Side Foot

This is a Plain Foot Mehndi Design with flower pattern and some simple motifs that looks elegant. In this design the outline and the intricate detailing, both are done with similar thickness, which makes the design more attractive

18. Arabic Mehndi Design for Foot:

Arabic Mehndi Design for Foot

Now Arabic Mehendi design also gets popularity across the globe. In this design only bold flower and leaf designs are used to cover the feet, following the typical Arabic style. This design is very clean and very easy to create and also easy to apply.

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19. Rajasthani Mehandi Design for Foot:

Rajasthani Mehandi Design for Foot

This Mehendi design is one of the great examples of Rajasthani mehandi design. In this design, you can observe typical “mirror reflecting art” where the Mehendi design on both feet are same.

20. Artistic Foot Mehndi Design:

Artistic Foot Mehndi Design

This design features Thick outlines with numerous patterns, intricate and design within the borders that gives an artistic look. This is easy to make. You just randomly keep adding circles, triangles and spirals with the border.

Floral Motif, Abstract art, geometric shapes, all is included in this design. The big numbers of intricacies as well as detailing make the foot Mehendi designs elaborate and attractive. Nowadays feet Mehendi design is extremely popular. This design is opted by both bride and her friends not only that today’s young generations are also fond of feet Mehendi design.

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