20 Most Beautiful Small Mehndi Designs You’ll Love

Small Mehndi Designs

Minimalism taking the trend and becoming the fashion statement is widespread in all the areas of fashion, including mehndi designs. With the idea of ‘less is more,’ the contemporary brides are setting inspirational goals by ditching the traditional and royal bridal designs with small mehndi designs. The best thing about minimalistic designs is that they look super cute and elegant and fulfill the purpose of applying mehndi too.

20 Beautiful Small Mehndi Designs

If you are also the bride of the season and looking for some small mehndi design that gives you a unique look, check out our hand-picked designs. You will definitely fall in love with them. Slay with one of these small mehndi designs and give some unique bride goals.

1. Mehndi Motifs and Flowers on The Backhand

Simple, sober, and elegant, this small mehndi design is perfect for all types of occasions. The design runs across the fingers and backhand and covers the wrist with a stunning bracelet design. It makes the hand look aesthetically pleasing.

2. Floral Patterns to Steal Everyone’s Heart

Some designs look unique due to the extraordinary ways it has been carved on the hands, and this is one of them. The beautiful lotus flowers on the backhand and wrist make the hands look gorgeous. The fingers are decorated even more beautifully to complete the bridal look. It is more like a bracelet and backhand mehndi design, suitable for all types of occasions.

3. Small Mehndi Motifs to Grace The Hands

A large circle covering the palm encircling lotus and fine details bring glory and charm to the hands. The circle is surrounded by recurring leafy patterns that make the palm eye-catching and alluring. To bring more attractiveness to the hands, the fingers are decorated with uniform and recurring patterns of leaves and fine lines.

4. Jewelry Minimal Design for The Backhand

This design gives a look of hand jewelry that brides usually wear on their D-day. Jewelry designs are extremely popular among brides, and this is perfect for the occasion. A typical bracelet mehndi design and flowery patterns across the backhand and fingers give a beautiful look to the hands and enhance the beauty.

5. Minimal Flower Vines on The Backhand

Flowery vines never fail to grab the attention of people, and this backhand design is enough for that. The flowery vines running across the backhand, right from the finger until the wrist, bring an illusionary look. It is a stunning design that goes well on all types of occasions- be it a wedding or a festival.

6. Small Mehndi Design for All Types of Events

If you are running short of time and want an extraordinary mehndi to grace your hands, this is just the perfect one. The flowers across the palm and the fine lines decorated artistically on the wrist make the entire hand look amazingly alluring. It is perfect for ladies of all ages.

7. Beautiful Mehndi Motifs on The Hand

This design is a heartthrob. It is easy to apply and brings all the charm to the hands all at once. There is no need to make intricate designs or bring too much detail- just a few mehndi motifs running across the fingers and palm, and you are done. It is perfect when you want a charming mehndi design in less time.

8. Design That Brings Glory to Legs

When it comes to bridal designs, flower patterns on the legs look extremely beautiful. This design comprises a large flower made in the center of the feet and is decorated with fine detailed lines, dots, and motifs that look stunning. The toes are also designed beautifully to bring an exotic look.

9. Minimal Yet Bridal, Elegant Yet Exciting

It is one of those designs that goes well for all types of functions and all types of women- be it a bride, bridesmaid, or the relatives of the bride. The circled designs on the palm that are decorated beautifully with intricate patterns and the beautiful bracelet design on the wrist make it look stunning. The tips of fingers are decorated with mehndi motifs that look superb.

10. Bold Strokes on The Backhand for The Beautiful Ladies

This backhand mehndi design with bold strokes across the backhand and fingers gives a unique look. It is easy to apply and takes not more than 10 minutes to complete. To complete the look, you can apply red nail paint that will enhance the overall look of the hands.

11. Simple, Sober, and Easy to Apply Mehndi Design

If you are looking for some simple and small mehndi design that can bring a traditional look to your hand, go for this. It is extremely simple that even a novice can apply. It doesn’t require any artistic skill and is perfect for all beginners. It covers the fingers and palms with mehndi motifs, dots, and fine lines.

12. Shaded Flowers on The Backhand

This free-flowing floral pattern on the backhand gives an astounding look on all types of occasions. The flowers are shaded, which brings a more artistic and aesthetic view to the mehndi. The leafy patterns supporting the flowery vines complete the look. Brides and their friends can get this look and flaunt it on any occasion.

13. Vines That Brigs Glory to Hands

If you are looking for some small mehndi designs that, even after being small, still make the hands look fuller, this is the right one. The flowery vines across the palm with shades and intricacies make the hands look extremely beautiful and extraordinary.

14. Some Hearts and Dots Stay in The Mind Forever

It is a typical minimalistic mehndi design that comprises a heart on the palm, some floral patterns above it, along with dotted nets and leafy patterns that complete the entire look. This design gives love and festive vibes all at once.

15. Shaded Flowers for All The Occasions

It is a one-of-a-kind type of small mehndi design that runs across the palm and makes them more charming. The flower patterns are shaded to bring an alluring look, and the fingers are kept empty to give a minimalistic look. Go for it if the time is running out and you want something trendy.

16. Beautiful Peacock Mehndi Design

17. Simple Butterfly Mehndi Design

Simple Butterfly Mehndi Design

18. Small Arabic Palm Mehndi Design

19. Small Circle Floral Mehndi Design

20. Gorgeous Back Hand Mehndi Design

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