20 Beautiful Glitter Mehndi Designs for Every Occasion

Glitter mehndi is one of the new practice today, which is becoming well-liked and demanding very fast. If you add sparkly colors like red, green, blue to the elaborate brown Mehndi designs the design looks more beautiful, attractive and alluring among all women. Actually sparkly colors can catch one’s eye very easily than any plain brown Mehndi design. The Glitter Mehndi designs are elaborate and intricate. It looks extremely gorgeous than other Mehndi design, if you want more attention you can easily use these sparkly colors in normal design.

20 Beautiful Glitter Mehndi Designs:

Most of the glitter mehndi designs are same pattern which is used for any normal mehndi or henna tattoos. The sparkling colors of the glitter make it totally different from others. These sparkles provide adequate adornments on your skin hand or other part of the body. Apart from the sparkling colors, this Glitter Henna also contain gorgeous rhinestones, beads and diamonds. This type of henna can also be applied through glitter Mehndi cone by which you can make all the design perfectly that enhance the beauty of the design.

1. Purple Glitter Mehndi Design:

Purple Glitter Mehndi Design

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2. Green Glitter Mehndi Design:

Green Glitter Mehndi Design

In this design, Sparkly green leaves, creepers and flowers adorning your palm and forearm which looks brilliant and beautiful. If you want to make a less complicated design, just use the few numbers of flowers, by which you can increase the space between all the patterns. It allows large part of your skin to be revealed, so that it can make the design less elaborate. The sparkle color of the glitter act as an supplementary element.

3. Red Glitter Mehndi Design with Stones:

Red Glitter Mehndi Design with Stones

4. Elaborate Bridal Glitter Mehndi Design:

Bridal Glitter Mehndi Design

Most of the brides prefer to wear elaborate and ornamental Mehendi design which travels up from your palm to forearm, by which you can cover your overall upper arm. This type of design looks really great if you excessive amount of red color and Glittery sparkles can add more charms to the design. The design is quite elaborate as well as intricate with various bangle designs. If you add different colors glitters, it looks like stones and diamond embedded in the ornament.

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5. Cute Glitter Mehandi Design:

Cute Glitter Mehandi Design

Some cute and small flowers and ring around your fingers filled with sparkle color within a black Mehendi border looks excellent. Actually Glitter is one of the best elements to grabe one’s attention. The entire design is cute abd gorgeous.

6. Multicolored Glitter Mehndi Design:

Multicolored Glitter Mehndi Design

7. Glitter Mehendi design on Palm:

Glitter Mehendi design on Palm

8. Peacock Glitter Mehndi Design:

Peacock Glitter Mehndi Design

Peacocks are very commonly used birds in mahendi design. If you add Green and blue glitter on this bird body, it looks awesome. The overall design looks like your palm and forarms are cover with several peacock feathers.

9. Glitter Mehndi Design for Leg:

Glitter Mehndi Design for Leg

If you make an elaborate design by using glitter Mehendi that travel up your calf looks elegant. If you use a huge amount of flowers in the design, the design becomes more complicated and intricate. The glitter provides an ornamental look. You can cover the flowers and other patterns with different color. This procedure can enhance the beauty as well as an artistic sence of the design.

10. Yellow Glitter Mehndi Design:

Yellow Glitter Mehndi Design

11. Flowery Glitter Mehndi Design:

Flowery Glitter Mehndi Design

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12. Blue Glitter Mehndi Designs:

Blue Glitter Mehndi Designs

Glitter mehendi design can be made with either single color or various types of color. If you opt a blue color Mehendi design which featuring with glitter color, it can get a angelic look. The design can be any type of floral motif, geometric pattern and abstract images. If you decorate with blue glitter, it becomes alive and vibrant.

13. Glitter Mehndi Design for Hand:

Glitter Mehndi Design for Hand

If you adorn your hand with full glitter Mehendi, it can be more sobar, simple and stylish. And it will be adventurous too. The design is created with black Mehendi. All the patterns are made with thick line so that design looks very prominent, but have to be done perfectly and fine. You can only add the green on the leaves to highlight them.

14. Red Glitter Mehndi design for Hand and Leg:

Red Glitter Mehndi design for Hand and Leg

15. Purple Glitter Mehndi for Leg:

Purple Glitter Mehndi for Leg

16. Blue glitter Mehndi Design for Leg:

Blue glitter Mehndi Design for Leg

17. White Glitter Mehendi Design:

White Glitter Mehendi Design

Typical Mehendi leaves dark reddish brown marks on our body. But if you use White glitter mehendi, you can observe it shines extraordinarily bright and give an awesome look, which you cannot express in word. It looks really gorgeous and awesome. The pattern which is decorated with white glitter Mehendi must be floral and more artistic. If you use more intricate and detail, it looks elaborate and marvelous.

18. Colorful Glitter Mehndi Design for Leg:

Colorful Glitter Mehndi Design for Leg

A very simple abstract patter filled with some gorgeous color of glitter looks really pretty. This sparkling color makes the design more beautiful and feminine. This design contains some little patterns which can be worked better upon your fingers by which the design looks more elegant.

19. Dotted Mehndi Design:

beautiful flower and dott design

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20. Flowery Glitter Mehndi Design for Hand and Leg:

Flowery Glitter Mehndi Design for Hand and Leg

If you are bored with the typical colors mehendi and monotonous design of the usual mehandi on your hands, then you can easily try glitter Mehendi that can provide a different and interesting look. The red, green and blue glitters look really beautiful, vibrant, gorgeous. Actually, the sparkling color of the glitter highlights the simple design which is done with typical floral patterns or geometric shape and can provide you a more gorgeous look.

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