20 Latest Fancy Mehndi Designs For Girls and Beautiful Womens

When we speak about mehndi that is quite known by you guys that mehndi means festival, occasion or any cultural event. Yes, you are right to know that mehndi is applied mainly on these occasions through to flaunt the style. Mehndi is extremely popular in our Indian culture or tradition and on wedding wearing mehndi is compulsory that completely exhibits you are going to marry and another great thing that mehndi is also believed to depict the intense love by husband and wife like when your mehndi turns deep scarlet it says your partner loves you too much.

Mehndi is popular in Hindu tradition and also in wedding that can be worn on palm, arms and feet even, one of the amazing features of mehndi that is applied onto hairs to hid grey hair and get shiny hairstyle. If you are keen towards different styles of mehndi designs that you can wear from your own by applying many unique designs such as:

1. Elegant Mehndi Designs For Youngsters:

Today wearing mehndi is the part of our up-to-the-minute lifestyle and there is no any occasion but it’s trendy look really pulls attentions of the people at the mehndi designs particularly. There is no tough to draw any type of mehndi design on palms while anyone can wear mehndi on the palms or feet. The gorgeous mehndi design is going to popular every day and also it has become the best showcase for youngsters to work as mehndi designers without any special mehndi training.

2. Flower Mehndi Design:

This is common and usual mehndi design and popular among young, adults and kids. With floral prints other designs can be also drawn on the palms easily and provide very breathtaking look to your entire personalities when you draw mehndi with floral design as well. Even, the flower mehndi pattern is also well-known among the kids as this flower print design is easy to create on palms that beautifies to your palms.

3. Simple Floral Mehndi Design:

Mehndi design is not difficult but sometimes it is not also easy to create on your palm and if you feel difficulty to draw mehndi to entire palm areas including finger so, no need while simply you can start your mehndi design from very bottom of the palm only with no applying on fingers. Drawing simple and easy floral mehndi design with all small flowers motifs are splendid.

4. Full Arm Length Mehndi Design:

If you want to take good experience of mehndi design so. You can apply mehndi on your full arm creates eye-catching appearance. On such long arm the floral mehndi patterns will suit more and use numerous flowers to fill arm’s mehndi. Thus, creating all flowers on full arm offers gorgeous look to your hands.

5. Back Hand Mehndi Design:

If you want to get unique style with mehndi design back hand mehndi design is very special and extraordinary to you. The elegant designs mehndi design can be drawn on back hands that completely give very perfect and matchless look to you. However back hand mehndi designs with many one are available and mostly women prefer the leaves and flowers mehndi design. It is not necessary that you have to fill mehndi in full back hands while just drawing with few mehndi design with outlines and borders taking two fingers will look modern mehndi design. Mostly back hand mehndi design are drawn as chain system as it seems that you have worn chain bracelet that kind of mehndi design is such gives very vivid look.


6. Stylish Mehndi Design For Girls:

Every time same type of mehndi design makes you bored and this time don’t use floral mehndi design and draw some unique design like leaves mehndi design this is also very popular in Hindu religion whereas, putting this mehndi design on palms provide very elegant design. This traditional mehndi design is imply best and striking completely.

7. Partially Circular Borders Mehndi Design:

This mehndi design is not drawn with any flower, leaf and any creature pattern while it is simply created with plan mehndi motif that makes semi circular borders around the palm and this design looks complex but it is gorgeous and praises as wedding jewelries in hands.


8. Traditional Flower Mehndi Design:

This mehndi design is extremely easy to draw and it glances with traditional effects on your hands. Just in few minutes this mehndi design will be ready where it covers all fingers and palm to create beautiful flowers and leaves designs on mehndi design.

9. Simplest Indian Mehndi Design:

If you don’t like too much designs on your palms and just want to wear simple mehndi design so, you can accept this enchanting mehndi style that is very simple to create any time in only 5 minutes.


10. Zigzag Mehndi Design:

One of unique mehndi styles that can be designed as zigzag style where your fingers are also filled up with zigzag mehndi patterns and other flower and leaves designs are made on the side of your palm.


Apply these cool mehndi designs on your hands and style with trendiest patterns.

11. Bridal Mehndi Design:

12. Light Red and Black Floral Mehndi Design:

13. Easy and Appealing Eid Mehndi Design:

14. Back Mehndi Bollywood Mehndi Design:

15. Beautiful Foot Mehndi Design:

 16. Top Black Full Mehnid Designs:

17. Arabic Bridal Mehndi Design: 

18. Unique Appealing Mehndi Design:

19. Hand Feet Striking Mehnid Design:

20. Modern and Fancy New Mehndi Design:

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