20+ Simple & Beautiful Shaded Mehndi Designs You’ll Love

shaded mehndi designs

The shades of mehndi bring glory to the hands. Out of so many mehndi designs available these days, shaded mehndi is something unique. It glorifies the hands and makes them look highly attractive. The shaded mehndi designs are one of the kinds and something that not everyone can make. You will need a pro in mehndi art to get shaded mehndi done on your hands.

20 Simple Shaded Mehndi Designs

If in this wedding season or upcoming festival you want to decorate your hands with shaded mehndi design, we have come up with some of the best among shaded designs. Check out the designs below and select the one you like the most. Let the shades of mehndi bring magic to your hands.

1. Shaded Flowers for The Best Look

It is one of the most alluring mehndi designs that have shaded flowers running across the palm and hands. The fingers are adorned with leafy vines, and the rest of the hands with intricate details. But what makes it extraordinary are the shades inside the flowers. The design ends at the arms, where you get a big shaded flower.

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2. Free-Flowing Shaded Flowers Vines

This design may look simple but getting it on hand is a little tricky, all thanks to the shades you have to make inside the flowers’ petals. However, once done, it increases the beauty of the hands. Starting right from the fingers and running across the palm toward the arms, this design is a heartthrob.

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3. Backhand Shaded Mehndi Design

A free-flowing flowery vine makes the backhand looks beautiful. This design adorns typical mehndi motifs and intricate patterns inside them to bring more beauty to the backside of the hand. It ends right across the wrist with a peacock design to give this design a royal look. It is perfect for the backhand.

4. Beautiful Flowers with Shades of Mehndi

It is a simple shaded mehndi design that consists of flowers on the palm. The big flowers decorated with shades bring uniqueness to them. Each petal of the flower is beautified with fine lines spreading across the area to give a shaded pattern. It can be applied on small occasions.

5. Amazing Design for The Wedding Season

This beautiful backhand mehndi design looks superbly amazing and is perfect for the wedding season. Bridesmaids and sisters of the bride can apply this stunning shaded back hand mehndi design and bring charm to their overall look. Each finger is decorated differently, and the backside of the palm got shaded flowers to complete the look.

6. Make Hands Prettier Than Ever with Shaded Mehndi Design

If the time is less and the desire to apply mehndi on the special occasion is high, nothing but this shaded mehndi design will fulfill the purpose. A large circle at the center of the backhand decorated with mehndi motifs and a lot of shades brings glory to the hands. To make the hand look prettier, apply red or any bright colored nail paint and see the difference.

7. Intricate and Alluring Mehndi Design

Following a recurring pattern of flowers that are made more attractive with shaded petals and free-flowing design, this one gets all the scores. It is one of the most intricate shaded mehndi designs that can be applied only by professionals. It requires real artistic skills to complete it. However, once done, it will bring all the attention of people towards your hands.

8. Style Your Hands with The Shades of Henna

Some designs make you feel like a queen, and this is one of them. The royal look of this design comes from the shades between the mehndi motifs that bring charm to the hands. It is a heavy backhand mehndi design that makes the hands look fuller and, of course, prettier than ever. It is perfect for weddings and occasions like Karwachauth.

9. A Simple Design for a Complete Look

If you do not want a heavy design or a fuller hand but only a vine running across the fingers and backside of the hand, go for this design. Even though it looks simple but applying it on hands with minute details takes time, effort, and patience. So sit back to get your hands stunning with this amazing shaded mehndi design.

10. Shades That Stay in Hands Temporarily But in Hearts Forever

It is a simple-looking free-flowing vine running across the backhand, right from the fingers towards the arms. The vine has a lot of flowers and typical Indian mehndi motifs that are all shaded with minute details. Leafy patterns and spreading dots change the entire look of the hands.

11. Design That Makes Hands Eye-Catching

For all the ladies who prefer simple free-flowing vines on hands but with special designs, this is just the perfect. This design is not only easy to make and less time taking but also looks gorgeous. Go for it if nothing special is in your mind, as it itself will bring charm to your hands.

12. Time to Bring Attention to Your Hands

One of the highly intricate shaded mehndi design with so many minute details spread across the palm, this design make the hands look extraordinary. Making this design is not everyone’s cup of tea. You need to have artistic skills and professional hands to carve such intricacies with perfection.

13. Shaded Flowers to Make Hands Beautiful

Some designs win hearts with just one look, and this is one of them. Each petal of the flowers is shaded with such perfection that they look similar. This uniformity is what is needed in this design to make it look stunning. Apply it to festivals and weddings for a gorgeous look.

14. Shade Art on The Arms

If you are looking for an arms mehndi design with some shaded pattern, this is the one for you. The typical shades in the flower petals make the hand look very pretty. It is perfect for all occasions and for women of all ages.

15. Shades That Will Stay in The Memories Forever

It is such a beautiful piece that you would love to apply it every time. The dark shade inside the flower petals makes all the difference. The dots and circles perk up the design manifold and make the hands look stunning.

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