How To Use Sweet Oil For Earache Relief

sweet oil for earache

An earache can be caused by multiple reasons which include cold, flu, ear infection, foreign object stuck in the ear, water trapped in the ear, earwax build-up in the ear, etc. which when not treated at right time may cause hearing impairments and damage to the eardrum.Visiting expensive doctors for its treatment is a waste of money and time. It can be treated by applying many home remedies. The most common and effective remedy for an earache is sweet oil which is the other name of olive oil. It has been used for years in different cultures as a treatment for earaches. Now, a question may arise in the minds of most of the people that how to use sweet oil for earache relief.(1)

What Does Sweet Oil Do for an Earache

Sweet oil has antibacterial, anti fungal and anti-inflammation properties that help to reduce inflammation in the ear and relieve pain. Studies have shown that a few drops of sweet oil in the ear daily helps to eliminate the wax and infections that cause hearing loss or an earache.(2)

1. How to Use Sweet Oil for Earache

sweet oil for earache


  • One tablespoon of sweet oil
  • A dropper
  • A cotton ball


  • Gently heat sweet oil in a pan for a few seconds.
  • Lie down with the troublesome ear up.
  • Put two-three drops of warm oil in the ear using the dropper.
  • Insert the cotton ball in the ear to block it and prevent the oil from running out.
  • Keep lying for at least ten minutes.

Preparation time: Two-three minutes

How it works: Warm sweet oil helps to soften and dissolve the earwax which enables earwax to move out of the ear canal. It also helps to eliminate excess water from the ear and relieves pain.

Repetitions: 2-3 times a day.

Best time to apply: The best time to put sweet oil in the ear is the time when you go to bed at night. However, you can also use it whenever you feel pain in the day.

Risks and Warnings:

  • Don’t use it without the consultation of your doctor if you are suffering from fever.
  • Don’t use the warm sweet oil without testing it’s temperature as it may damage your ear.
  • Never use it if your eardrum is ruptured or perforated otherwise it may cause serious ear problems.
  • Consult your doctor if an earache does not get healed after using it for two to three days.

As sweet oil only heals the ear pain and clears the ear canal, it is not the permanent solution for all the ear problems. So, if you have any serious ear issue, you must get an appointment with the doctor. However, if mild ear pain caused by an infection, flu, earwax, cold, water, or foreign object, is bothering you, then, use of sweet oil is the best treatment to treat this earache.

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