What Happens When You Start Oiling Your Belly Button?

What Happens When You Start Oiling Your Belly Button

We all have witnessed our parents or grandparents massage their bodies with essential oils and talk about their therapeutic benefits. We are often told to follow this practice to achieve hydrated, smooth skin.

One such method of body oiling is navel oiling. According to Ayurveda (1), our life originates from the navel. It’s the main bridge that connects a mother with her child in the womb. Also, the navel serves as a chamber, linking several veins throughout the body.

Hence, we must keep the navel clean. By doing so, we can prevent several health problems. It’s also believed in Ayurveda that the navel acts as a center of balance in adulthood and stores a lot of powerful energy.

This article explains what happens when you start oiling your belly button and provides you with the benefits of navel therapy.

Navel oiling, or the Pechoti Method, is a technique of oiling that many generations have followed. It is an age-old method of the navel to absorb nutrients from substances such as essential oils through the Pechoti gland inside the navel.

Benefits of Navel Oiling

Navel Oiling

We don’t pay much attention to our belly button, do we? But did you know that the navel consists of around 67 different types of bacteria?

Therefore, following proper navel hygiene methods to avoid getting infections from these bacteria is essential. Hence, we need to keep the navel clean by oiling it frequently. Apart from this, here are some benefits of oiling belly button-

Relieves Stomach Ache

If you have ever experienced food poisoning, indigestion, or diarrhea, you may have also experienced the abdominal pain that comes with it. Putting oil in the navel could ease the pain.

The navel is central, allowing blood flow to the abdominal area when it’s massaged with oils. This further promotes healing and relieves pain (2).

Boosts Immunity

The belly button is the home to several veins and arteries. Massaging the navel allows proper circulation and can instantly boost our immunity. Neem oil and tea tree oil are oils that help in promoting immunity.

Reduces Menstrual Cramps

menstrual cramps

Women can agree that period pain can be pretty terrible at times. It’s even worse for those diagnosed with endometriosis. In such cases, what could be done?

Oiling the navel with warm castor oil not only reduces menstrual pain but also alleviates symptoms of endometriosis. The navel is closely linked to the uterus via the umbilical cord. Using nettle, warm raspberry leaves, and licorice tea bags would also help.

Enhances Fertility

Massaging oils on the belly button could improve fertility as the navel is associated with a mother and child, so it can be perceived that it’s also connected to fertility. Coconut oil is one of the natural ways to boost your fertility. Other oils to improve the quality of the eggs include organic olive oil, juniper, damiana, etc.

Improves Skin Health

Did you know you could eliminate skin blemishes by oiling your navel? Yes, making a mixture out of neem oil and coconut oil gives the skin a radiant look. Apply a few drops into your navel and massage it for 10 minutes.

Another way to cure skin pigmentation is by applying lemon and almond oil every week and leaving it for 15 minutes. The results would surprise you.

Improves Your Vision

The navel is connected to the veins of the eyes. If you have poor vision, use a diluted mustard oil solution to improve your eye health. Apply the mixture to your navel for some minutes and leave it there. It also helps in reducing dark circles and puffy eyes.

Things to Keep in Mind

Although there is no harm in applying and massaging oil around your belly button, it’s crucial to ensure you don’t overdo it. Also, while massaging around your belly button, make sure that you don’t apply much pressure.

If you are allergic to certain oils, conduct a patch test before applying it directly to your navel. Oils such as peppermint may cause numbness, so it’s vital for you to take proper precautions.


Navel oiling is a technique of detoxification that has helped many achieve wondrous effects. Although there has been no scientific backup for the Pechoti Method, it’s undoubtedly a beneficial way of keeping your navel clean and body healthy.

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