Why Do You Feel Pooping In The Stomach

Why do I feel popping in my stomach

You may feel a popping in your stomach sometimes and it can happen for many reasons. This symptom is said to be borborygmi and it is caused due to gas moving via the intestines. You may experience this feeling after you have eaten or while you are hungry. Because your body has began preparing the stomach as well as intestines to digest food. So that digestive juices will be released and the muscles contractions will begin. The abdominal sounds you hear often are related to the movements of liquids, digestive juices, foods, and air through the intestines. At the time of intestines process food, the abdomen may growl or grumble. But it is considered a normal part of the digestive process.

Feel Pooping In The Stomach

Certain Reason To Feel Popping In Stomach

Stomach popping feelings can be caused by several reasons like overuse of laxatives, smoking cigarettes, more consumption of caffeine, in case of having a gall bladder infection, and taking large amounts of alcohol. Some other different reasons are there that make the stomach to feel popping and also raise the likelihood of producing farts. Few significant causes are given below

When Taking Spicy Foods More: If you feel your stomach popping, eating spicy foods may be one of the reasons for your problems. Adding spicy foods to your diet enhances gastric juice production which further increases the amount of acid in the system. This helps the gap to come up in the stomach.

While Consuming A Larger Amount Of Alcohol: Alcohol has improves the release of acetylcholine and it relaxes the GI tract in muscles as well as leads to stomach popping and gurgling. Relaxed muscle tissue helps the gas to travel faster in the esophagus and the stomach.

When Eating Fatty Foods: Taking fatty foods tends to stuck in the gut for a longer time and make them harder for digestion. Eating foods like milk products, fried foods, greasy meats cheese can worsen the symptoms even more. These things slow down the peristalsis which assists keep gas moving along.

Being Overweight: Overweight can give some pressure on the abdomen which causes gases and helps to present inside the intestine which leads to feeling like popping in the stomach. This same situation will happen when you gain more fluid.

While Having Antacids: Antacid drugs neutralize the acids which produce at the time of digestion. Sometimes, the neutralizing chemicals can simply add to the system and it will make excess gas instead of pushing them out.

When Taking A Low Fiber Diet: Fibre food slows down the movement of the nutrient through the digestive tract. This keeps everything there for a longer time and helps to get digest properly. Without adequate fiber, stomach stay will happen for a long time. Then gas tends to build up in the stomach and you began having a popping feeling.

How To Protect Popping Feeling In The Stomach

Decreasing the symptoms of stomach popping is quite easy than you think. Preventing is very easier if you come forward to take some steps. Give one glance at the upcoming tips

Take More Water: Water acts as the main thing for the human body and it is highly helpful for keeping everything moving smoothly through the system. It also removes harmful toxins in the colon which slows down the gas buildup.

Eat Enough Quantity: Eating smaller meals often throughout the day helps the food to move effectively without leaving the undigested material.

Maintain A Healthy Diet: You should avoid food that contains high fiber. Fiber can decrease the transit time in the gut which makes gas form easily. You may try soluble dietary fibers like prunes, figs, applesauce, bananas, raisins, peas, beans, oats, lentils, and more.

Do Yoga Daily: Yoga gives flexibility as well as strength while relaxing tense muscles. Certain poses practiced in yoga assists deep breathing which further helps in reducing gas production.

Take The Minimum Level Of Caffeine: Lesser the intake of caffeine involved products and beverages. Caffeine enhances intestinal contractions which lead to increase the gas formation. Cola, Coffee, energy drinks, chocolate, and soda pop all contain different levels of caffeine

Use Essential Oil: Having essential oil to treat gas is one of the best methods. Because essential oil extracts are taken from plants. Some of the common oil which works for gas are rosemary, cinnamon leaf, eucalyptus, and mostly oregano oil. Anyone can use them topically, inhale steam distilled vapor or take them internally.


Knowing the reason for the popping feeling in the stomach could surely bring some calmness and slows down the anxiety. This thing can happen by different factors as mentioned above like being overweight, taking spicy foods, and more. However, using several preventions, medications along with herbal remedies significantly fall off this popping feeling

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