28 Significant Benefits Of Pineapples (Ananas) For Skin, Hair, And Health

wonderful Benefits of Pineapple

This yellow juicy fruit is just not delicious but also nutritious. It is little difficult to peel the skin of the pineapple due to the thorn like structure, however the health benefits will compensate all the efforts. Pineapple is rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, potassium, calcium, phosphorus and fibre. It is a storehouse of nutrients. It can be consumed in the form of fruit salad, recipes and juice. A daily dose of pineapple can gift you with multiple health benefits.

Health Benefits of Pineapple

1. Deals with Cold

Cold and cough are very common and they don;t need any special invitation to take place. A small negligence and we end up catching cold. Pineapples are a great source of bromelain and vitamin c. They deal with the microbial infections. Take it on regular basis to prevent cold and cough.

2. Strengthens Bones and Tissues

Bones are the support system of the human body. They must be strong to carry out the functions. Pineapple contains manganese which strengthens the bones and other connecting tissues. Add a juice of pineapple to your daily diet.

3. Prevents Dell Damage

The body has free radicals that damages the cells. Pineapple contains antioxidants that fights with these radicals and prevents the damage.

4. Strong Gums

Eat the required portion of the pineapple to strengthen your teeth and gums.It has calcium to strengthen the teeth.

5. Helps in Restoring Vision

Eye care is an integral part of our life. One cannot imagine a life without vision. Macular degeneration is an eye condition wherein the vision is low, making it difficult to read and write. Pineapple has Beta-carotene which empowers the vision. Thus, eat few slices everyday for better vision.

6. Deals with Arthritis

When bones becomes too weak, there are high chances of contacting arthritis. Pineapple is a great source of anti-inflammatory properties which deals with arthritis and other bone related issues.

7. Cures Sore Throat

If you are a speaker, teacher or a marketing professional, sore throat is a common problem. You don’t have to be completely dependant on the allopathy medicines to cure this. Eat few slices of pineapple for a week or so, you will be relieved from sore throat.

8. Cures Sinusitis

Sinusitis leads to mucus and severe headache. Tackling sinusitis is too difficult. Pineapple contains bromelain which will give you a relief from sinusitis.

9. Cures Gout and Swellings

Consume a glass of pineapple juice everyday to deal with gout and swellings.

10. Prevents Cancer

As pineapples are rich in antioxidants they fight against free radicals, preventing cell damage. This saves the body from cancer.

11. Prevents Atherosclerosis

The free radicals leads to atherosclerosis which can be easily prevented by the antioxidants available in pineapple.

12. Protects Heart

Pineapple is said to lower the cholesterol levels which ultimately benefits the heart. An increase in cholesterol levels will block the arteries and might lead to stroke sometimes.

13. Strengthens Immunity

Are you the one who often falls sick? If you have a weak immune system, the body loses it’s ability to fight with germs and bacteria. Pineapple is rich in vitamin c which tends to strengthen the immunity system.

14. Smoothens Digestion

The food that we consume must be digested to generate energy in the body. The undigested food will be stored in the form of fats which will lead to obesity and various other diseases. Pineapples has dietary fibre along with bromelain and vitamin C to help you in digestion process.

15. Prevents Bronchitis

There are high possibilities of inflammation occurring in bronchial tubes due to bronchitis. The anti-inflammatory properties present in pineapple reduces the inflammation.

16. Deals with Catarrh

It Is caused when there is an inflammation in the mucus membranes. It could be in the airways or cavity of the body. It is a disorder and can be cured by eating pineapples on regular basis.

17. Prevents Hypertension

Pineapple has lower sodium content and high potassium levels which makes it a great fruit to deal with hypertension. They lower the blood pressure, thereby regularizing it.

18. Deals with Intestinal Worms

Tapeworms are the common intestinal worms that clings to the intestine. Bromelain is the digestive enzyme that is present in pineapple. This enzyme deals with the intestinal worms and cures it completely.

19. Relieves Nausea

There are many people who have motion sickness. They can eat pineapple before starting their journey. Pregnant women who are going through nausea problem can also opt for pineapples.

Benefits of Pineapple for Skin

20. Cures Acne

Pineapple is rich in vitamin c which is a food for skin. The enzyme called bromelain makes it an anti-inflammatory product to deal with acne and pimples. It has great healing power and one can see the relief immediately.

21. Younger Skin

Higher the collagen content in the skin, better is the texture of the skin. The skin will be more firm and flexible if there is boost in the collagen level. Thus, pineapples are apt for it. They also contain vitamin C and amino acids which heals the damaged cells.

● Take few slices of pineapple and grind it to juice.
● Take a cotton ball and dip it in the freshly extracted juice.
● Apply it all over your face and neck region.
● Spare the eyes.
● Allow it to dry.
● Wash it after twenty minutes.

22. Acts as an Exfoliating Agent

The skin tends to pile up dead cells which clogs the pores. Tale the wedges of pineapple and just scrub on your face. This will remove the dead cells and cleanse it as well. There will be an instant increase in the blood flow which will bring an immediate glow to the face.

23. Hydrates the Skin

The skin needs more and more water to remain hydrated. Lack of hydration will make the skin dull and dry. Pineapple can be a remedy for it.

● Take 4 teaspoons of freshly crushed pineapple in a container.
● Add an egg yolk to it.
● Add few drops of raw milk to it.
● Mix them well.
● Use a cotton ball to apply it on your face.
● Leave it for few minutes till it dries off.
● Wash it with cold water.

The skin will be nourished and moisturized.

24. Deals with Cracks on the Feet

As pineapple is an exfoliating agent, it can be used to scrub the cracked feet. You can apply the fresh pineapple juice and gently massage it. Leave it overnight for great results. The feet will become soft and supple. The dead cells that has been piled up on your feet can also be removed by scrubbing some pineapple cubes. Gently massage the cube and allow the feet to absorb the juice completely. Allow it to dry and wash it with lukewarm water in the morning. Follow this procedure thrice a week to get relief from cracked feet.

25. Deals with Chapped Lips

The lips tends to dry up due to the air attacking it directly. We also frequently rub our tongue on the lips, thereby stealing the moisture from it. The weather conditions are also responsible for chapped lips. Here is a quick solution to deal with your chapped lips.

● Take 2 teaspoons of freshly extracted pineapple juice.
● Add few drops of coconut oil to it.
● Mix the ingredients
● Apply on your lips and massage it.
● Leave it overnight.

Your lips will be soft and pinkish in color gradually. The lips will also stay nourished and hydrated. Apply this remedy everyday before going to sleep.

Benefits of Pineapple for Hair

26. Thickens the Hair

Pineapple has hair thickening properties. The hair thinning is an initial stage of hair loss. Both male and female have different pattern of hair thinning and baldness. Care must be taken before the damage is done permanently. Bromelain is a part of pineapple and it thickens the hair follicles. It also provides the vital nutrients to the hair roots.

27. Prevents Hair Loss

The vitamin c present in pineapple ensures that hair loss is been controlled. Also, it has water soluble vitamin which is good for the health of the hair. You can either consume the pineapple wedges or drink it in the juice form.

28. Treats Scalp Conditions

If you are suffering from any scalp infection, pineapple can work wonders for you. It has anti-inflammatory power that treats inflammatory conditions. A clean scalp will lead to healthy hair. If the scalp is infected, hair fall is for sure.

Hope this article has been useful to you. Pineapple is an effective remedy for most of the health problems. This fruit deserves special attention in the dietary chart. Eat pineapple for a month and see the changes in your body. You will feel more relaxed and rejuvenated. Do check with your dietician if you are allergic to this fruit and proceed accordingly. Let us know if you are aware of other benefits of pineapple. We would love to hear it from you.

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