Cumin For Weight Loss: Benefits and How to Take?

cumin for weight loss

Losing weight is an activity that requires absolute commitment because if it is ignored, then it will eventually become a harbour for various diseases. Other than setting some time for workouts, there are various foods which when consumed will help in cutting weight. Discussed below are some remedies for cubing excess weight.(1)

Can Cumin Help You Lose Weight?

Cumin is preferably the best when it comes to weight loss. Due to its sour and bitter nature, it speeds up the metabolic reactions occurring in the body thereby quickening the rate at which fats are broken down. They have phytochemicals which serve as antioxidants.

1. Lemon and Cumin for Weight Loss

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It is probably the leading remedy for weight loss. The citric acid that is contained in lemon mixed with cumin speeds the breakdown of calories and sugars.(2)


  • A lemon
  • Crushed cumin powder
  • Warm water

Preparation: Just squeeze the lemon juice out of the lemon to a cumin powder in a glass and add warm water. You need to stir it before drinking.

The Best Time to Take: For quick results, taking it in the morning and evening works out well.

Repetitions: Two glasses of the mixture on a daily basis is advisable and healthy.

2. Yogurt and Cumin for Weight Loss

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Yogurt contains a high amount of calcium which is a catalyst for digestion. Their mixture will automatically result in efficient weight loss.(3)


  • 400 ml of yogurt
  • Cumin powder

Preparation: Simply add cumin powder to the given quantity of yogurt while stirring them properly.

The Best Time to Take: Afternoon hours are the most opportune moments of taking it.

Repetitions: Taking cumin and yogurt two or three times a week is economical and effective.

3. Banana and Cumin for Weight Loss

A mixture of banana and cumin always gives the best results when mixed together.(4)


  • A banana
  • Cumin seeds
  • Pestle and motor

How to Prepare: Crush a handful of cumin seeds using the pestle and motor then mix with a banana until they form a fine mixture.

The Best Time to Take: After taking an evening meal, always remember to add this ingredient as a top up that will help reduce some weight.

Repetitions: It is always advisable to take a mixture of cumin and a banana once in two days.

4. Turmeric and Cumin for Weight Loss

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Turmeric is a very essential spice that most people use. The mixture of the two is known in reducing obesity which means it plays a bigger role towards a planned weight loss.(5)


  • Turmeric powder
  • Cumin powder
  • Hot water

How to Prepare: Add to spoonful’s of both cumin and turmeric powder to a glass of hot water and stir them. Let the mixture to cool and then drink.

The Best Time to Take: Since it is bitter, got hours of the day are the best depending on where you are.

Repetitions: Both turmeric and cumin have inside effects, therefore, you can take them on a daily basis until you see the results.

5. Cinnamon and cumin for Weight Loss

The mixture of the two contains high levels of antioxidants and vitamin c which promotes the breakdown of fats.(6)


  • A spoonful of powdered ginger
  • A half spoonful of cinnamon
  • Crushed cumin seeds
  • Lemon

Preparation: Put each ingredient one after the other into a glass of hot water and leave them to mix for about 10 minutes.

The Best Time to Take: Before eating and sleeping are the most recommended time to take in such a recipe.

Repetitions: Taking cumin and cinnamon once in a week is very okay.

6. Honey and Cumin for Weight Loss

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Honey contains useful nutrients that aid in breaking down fats. They also have some simple digestible sugars. Honey mixed with cumin and lemon facilitates weight loss by breaking down calories.(7)


  • Lemon
  • Honey
  • Cumin
  • Hot water

Preparation: Combine two table spoonful’s of each in a cup fool of hot water and mix.

Best Time to Take: In the morning after breakfast.

Repetition: If you want to lose weight quickly, then take it on a daily basis for a period of one week and you will definitely see the results.

7. Ginger and Cumin for Weight Loss

Ginger particularly contains caffeine which is a well-known product that assists in weight loss.(8)


  • A cup hot of milk
  • Powdered ginger roots
  • Cumin powder

How to Prepare: The two can be mixed with hot milk since they form a perfect solution. You can take it after it has cooled down.

The Best Time to Take: Take a cup of the mixture in the morning and evening. Apparently, if your budget is so fixed then you can take it just in the morning as your breakfast.

Repetition: Drinking it either once or twice in a day is fine.

8. Curd and Cumin for Weight Loss

Curd contains a lot of vitamins like calcium which best acts as a substitute for foods like proteins. They are directly digested and therefore health in weight loss. Cumin facilitates the breakdown of undigested curd.


  • A bowl of curd
  • Cumin

How to Prepare: Add cumin powder to a bowl of curd and eat.

The Best Time to Use: Its always good to have a bowl if the mixture in the morning or evening.

Repetitions: You can take cumin and curd every morning if you are capable.

9. Flaxseed and Cumin for Weight Loss

A solution of the two forms a high percentage of antioxidants, omega 3 fatty acids and abundant fibre. They reduce hunger, therefore, facilitating weight loss. Break down of fats is also made very efficient.(9)


  • Flax seed paste
  • Cumin
  • Hot water

Preparation: Put the two mixtures in a cup of hot water and stir to obtain a uniform solution before drinking.

The Best Time to Use: You can take in some of the mixtures a few minutes before every meal.

Repetition: Cumin and flax seeds can be taken as a staple drink any time you wish.

10. Fennel and Cumin for Weight Loss

Fennel is highly concentrated with detox and metabolic catalysts that speed up the rate of fats break down hence resulting in weight loss.(10)


  • Cumin powder
  • Two spoonfuls of fennel seeds
  • Hot water

How to Prepare: Put each of the two ingredients in separate glasses of hot water for about 5 minutes after which you will filter the solution containing flax seeds into the solution of cumin and then wait for some seconds before drinking.

The Best Time to Take: It is advisable to take it after taking dinner in the evening.

Repetition: Cumin and fennel should be taken once in a week because they cut weight very fast.

In conclusion, everyone’s obligation to ensure that they deal with overweight issues to avoid health-related problems. The above tips will assist you on how to take cumin for weight loss.

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