Top 8 Weight Loss Drinks – Healthy Drinks to Lose Weight

Weight Loss Drinks

Continuous efforts like proper exercise and a restricted diet induces weight loss. However, certain beverages along with your healthy lifestyle changes promote weight loss. There are drinks that can promote fullness, improve metabolism, and also decrease hunger. All these lead to weight loss.
Here are a few drinks that you can have to lose weight.

Top 8 Weight Loss Drinks

1. Grapefruit Juice

grapefruit juice for weight loss

Drink grapefruit juice in place of water as this can be to your weight loss. Drinking a small amount of it before your meal might be helpful in curbing your appetite. It can also improve insulin resistance. You lose weight when you consume fewer calories than you burn.

Grapefruit helps in sticking to this plan easily. Have it 20 minutes prior to your meal will squelch your appetite and you will eat less.

2. Coffee with Lemon Shot

coffee and lemon drink for weight loss

This caffeine charged drink has several benefits if you want to watch your weight. You just need an espresso with lemon juice in it. Have this before the workout to promote better metabolism.

Coffee serves as a natural stimulant that can boost your workout at the gym. Also, it has compounds like chlorogenic acids, theobromine, and theophylline which boost weight loss. It breaks down the fat cells in the body which are used by your body to form energy. This effectively aids the weight loss process.

Lemon juice, on the other hand, can boost metabolism that is the reason it is good to consume lemon juice at the start of the day. The combination of these two will help in burning your belly fat and enable you to lose weight effectively.

3. Turmeric Milk

turmeric milk for weight loss

Not only is it good for colds but also works directly on the genes which control fat storage and makes the body flexible. It is probably one of the top weight loss strategies. This is primarily because the spice contains a primary antioxidant.

Curcumin can break down the fat. This, in turn, speeds up the process of losing weight. As per studies, it can help in mitigating the inflammation which is related to obesity and boost fat burn.

4. Ginger Lemon Water

ginger lemon water for weight loss

If you are looking to lose tummy fat, ginger can be a great ingredient. It has beta carotene, gingerois, and caffeic acid. Apart from this, it also contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties.

The diuretics are the properties of lemon help in detoxifying the system and help in burning fat. Ginger, on the other hand, boosts fat absorption and keeps fat from accumulating in the body. This makes you feel full and reduces the feeling of hunger. Thus, it can burn stubborn belly fat.

5. Chia Seed Pudding Water

chia seeds water for weight loss

Chia seeds work great if you have to lose weight. It has proteins, antioxidants, dietary fiber, healthy fats, and antioxidants which help in flushing out toxins reduce inflammation, form lean muscle mass, and keep you feeling full for a long period of time. Chia seeds pudded water will help in curbing your appetite.

6. Black Tea

black tea for weight loss

When consumed in moderation, black tea will help in boosting immunity, improve heart health, maintain your cholesterol, and also regulate weight loss. If you think only green tea can prompt weight loss, you are wrong. The flavonoids which are present in a cup of black tea can help in preventing obesity which is induced by inflammation.

Black tea can also reduce visceral fats. Its calorie count is almost negligible. Calories are added when you add other products like milk, sugar, or honey. Thus, it is better to have black tea just with water.

7. Flaxseed Weight Loss Drink

flaxseed weight loss drink

Flaxseed is filled with fiber which keeps you feeling full for a longer period of time. Thus, it will reduce your desire to eat which can be helpful when you are watching calories for weight loss. Moreover, the digestive tract gets stimulated by food items which are rich in fiber.

It contains omega-3 fatty acid which offers several health benefits. It can boost your weight loss process. So, ground flax seeds and make your own weight loss drink with hot water. Drink it once a day to promote weight loss.

8. Apple Cider Vinegar Weight Loss Drink

apple cider vinegar weight loss drink recipe

Apple cider vinegar’s main component is acetic acid. It has been seen that apple cider vinegar can lead to an increase in AMPK enzyme in the body. This accelerates fat burning by decreasing and burning sugar and fat in the liver. It can also reduce fat storage in your body. Apart from burning fat, it also keeps you feeling full for a longer period of time.

Losing weight isn’t easy and it is better to go for long term solutions rather than quick fixes. Make changes in your lifestyle gradually. Also, you need to keep in mind that having these drinks in excess can have a reverse effect. So, make sure you have them in a moderate amount and not all at once.

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