Does Body Wash Expire?

does body wash expire

Sometimes a few products reach the back edge of the bathroom cabinet and are forgotten completely. But, one day, they suddenly came out, and you want to take a look at their expiration date. What if your expensive body wash has expired? Is it okay to use it? Every product has an expiry date, and so does the body wash. However, the question is can you use an expired body wash? Will it harm the skin? To know the answers, let’s take a sneak peek into body washes, their formulation, and how to know they have expired if no expiry date is mentioned.

Body Wash Expire

Using Body Wash After It Has Expired

Usually, it is safe to use a body wash after it crosses its expiry date. However, you will not get the same lather, aroma, and other benefits that it would normally give. Most body washes and shower gels come with a PAO- Period After Opening that says it will last 12 months from the opening date. If you haven’t opened the bottle, it is likely to expire three years from the date of manufacturing. Depending on their formulation, some body washes may have a different expiry date.

If You Have An Unopened Body Wash

An unopened body wash can last for three years from the date of manufacturing. Sometimes, it loses its aroma and potency when left unopened. A natural body wash free from preservatives and chemicals makes the ingredients more likely to break down early.

If You Have An Opened Body Wash

The body wash starts aging as soon you open the bottle. When an open bottle is left unused, bacteria enter the bottle and begin proliferating. Therefore, keep an eye on the PAO label and finish the product before expiry to make the most out of it.

How Safe Is It To Use An Expired Body Wash?

You can use your body wash for a few months after it has crossed the expiry date; however, the result would not be as effective. But make sure that the product is not expired years before as you know how the expired chemicals would react while contacting the skin. This goes the same for both opened and unopened body wash bottles. If your body wash is chemical-based, the expiration date indicates that it would not be as effective as it should be. You could see a change in color and texture.

How To Know That Your Body Wash Has Expired?

Here are some ways that indicate your body wash has expired and will not be as effective.

1. Loss of Scent

Generally, body washes have a strong smell as people prefer those with a more fresh aroma. If the strong aroma is no more, it could mean that the product has expired. Just like scent, the detergent molecules also break down and become inefficient in removing the dirt and grease. Also, such a product will not help you get rid of germs.

2. Change in Color and Consistency

If the texture and consistency of the body wash look different, it clearly indicates that it has expired. It means some of its ingredients have evaporated. Similarly, the color change implies the same. In such a case, do not use the body wash.

3. Lack of Lather

If the body wash does not form a lather, it has expired. No lather means dirt and sweat will not be washed off when you use it.

4. Signs of Rotting

Rotting usually happens when the product is natural and consists of no preservatives. Such products are prone to rot over time. If there is visible mold and rotting smell, throw away the body wash and do not use it.

What Will Happen If I Use An Expired Body Wash?

Generally, nothing happens if you use an expired body wash for a few months after its expiry date. However, if the product has expired years before, you may end up getting skin irritation with its use. It happens because the chemicals may react differently once they expire. So, it is better to throw an old and expired product away. Body wash expires, and there is no harm in using that has not long past its expiry date. Keep using it until it is not causing any skin irritation. If you have a sensitive skin type, it is better to avoid using an expired body wash.

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