10 Things No One Ever Tells You About: Hormonal Acne


The word acne is usually associated with the teenage life, but for some it can be a problem which continues into their adult life. Standing in front of the mirror and applying all kinds of beauty creams and anti-acne emollients everyday and yet finding no cure or solution for those tiny pop up or bump on your jawline or near the mouth can be a disappointing thing to see. Hormones in the body plays a major role in adult women for developing acne. Here are 10 things which you need to know about the hormonal acne.

10 Things About Hormonal Acne

1. Male Hormones

The male hormone that is the androgen is one of the reasons for causing acne in adult. When the number in these hormones increases, it increases the oil factor in the skin and causes acne.

2. Seen Only Around Chin and Mouth

Teenage is an age where one can have acne anywhere on the face, forehead, chin, cheeks, even nose, but a hormonal acne usually occurs only on the chin, mouth and jawline. This can also be an indication that the acne is caused because of your hormones acting up.

3. Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)

The PCOS is a hormonal imbalance condition which causes small cysts in the ovaries. This condition causes symptoms such as hair growth both on face and body, irregular periods, and facial acne. So having an acne could be related the PCOS also. Hence see a doctor and get medical tests done if you have the above mentioned symptoms.

4. Oral Contraceptives helps

Well known as ‘the pill’, oral contraceptives help in regulating the hormones. Testosterone is the hormone that causes acne by producing the oil glands and the contraceptives reduces the level of these hormones. Hence taking the pills will also help to control the acne formation. But over do of anything is bad.

5. Testing and treating hormones

Depending on the symptoms, doctor can prescribe for a hormonal level test which will help in diagnosing if there are any hormonal problems. It can also detect the androgen level and accordingly will be helpful to treat acne and other problems caused because of it.

6. It’s not a pimple, do not pick or pinch

These hormonal acne can be cystic extrusions and not just like any other pimples which occur in teenage. A simple pimple might be just on the outer layer of the skin and might not leave any long lasting damage when you try to pick at it, but hormonal acne is caused because of within the body hormonal changes and if you try to pick, it can cause bleeding and might leave out a scar permanently.

7. Obesity increases testosterone

One of the causes for the increase in the testosterone hormone is being overweight which can be caused due to unhealthy eating habits. Practicing a proper diet with healthy nutrients can help in weight loss and reduce the testosterone hormone level as well.

8. Blood Pressure medications helps too

The medication which is usually prescribed for high – blood pressure called spironolactone also helps in reducing the hormonal acne. This medication actually blocks the production of androgen hormone. It is usually prescribed along with the pills. For some women contraceptive pills and other medications cause side effects. Hence it is advisable to consult a doctor before u start any kind of medication.

9. Drink Green Tea

Well! What can be easier than to sip a drink to cure your acne problems. It’s not only with acne, but with any health issues a proper diet plays a major key in restoring your good health. Green tea is known to have its positive effects in preventing many diseases; it also helps in keeping the hormonal and insulin level normal. Hence it can help reduce the acne to pop out.

10. Food rich with probiotics

There are always good and bad things and with bacteria, there are good bacteria’s too which is most essential for our body. Some women have low stomach acid which causes less count in the good bacteria which are helpful in the digestive process and hormonal changes. Probiotics helps regulating these good bacteria and likewise helps in preventing the hormonal acne.

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