How To Fix An Orange Spray Tan

How To Fix An Orange Spray Tan

There were times when basking in the sun for hours was the only way to get tanned. Today, there are different ways to get a beautifully bronzed glow. From tanning bed to spray tan, you can find multiple products floating in the market.

While tanning bed and suntan may make the skin prone to damage, spray tans are safe and effective. All you need is to prep your skin properly and pick the right product to avoid any mishap, like getting the dreaded orange color.

If you have accidentally got an orange tan, we are here to help. In this article, you will learn everything about orange tan, its causes, and ways to avoid and fix it.

What Is An Orange Spray Tan?

Spray tans are made to help you get tanned without sitting under the sun for hours. These products contain an ingredient- dihydroxyacetone, or DHA, that aids in darkening the skin.

When too much DHA is applied, the skin reacts to it by starting to turn orange instead of the normal golden bronze glow. Apart from DHA, many other factors lead to orange spray tan that we will discuss further.

What Causes An Orange Spray Tan?

An orange spray tan is the last thing you would want. However, if you have one, knowing what caused it will help avoid further mishaps. A lot of things may lead to orange spray tan, among which there are a few-

1. Using The Wrong Spray Tan Product

Often, the major reason behind an orange spray tan is the use of the wrong spray tan product. It is important to buy a spray tan that suits your skin tone and type. You should always talk to an expert or research online to pick the right product.

Whether you are going to a salon or looking for some DIY tanning work, selecting the right spray tan is essential to get a natural-looking tan.

2. Applying A High Concentration Of Dha

DHA works on the outer layer of the skin. It is one of the active ingredients in every spray tan. When applied, it darkens the skin, helping it to develop a tan. Besides, it also helps tan last longer.

However, when high concentration is applied, the effects get worse and lead to the development of orange spray tan. If your spray tan consists of over 10% DHA, it is better to avoid it. Prefer a gradual tanner.

3. Too Much Spraying For Faster Tanning

Being impatient is the key to getting an orange spray tan. It is essential to follow the instructions written on the label to get the best result.

We often spray tan dark really fast to get quicker results. However, in the case of spray tans, it’s the other way around. You need to follow these steps-

  • Start with a light spray tan and work your way up from there.
  • Go darker at your next spray tan appointment,
  • Make sure to progress slower rather than choosing the darkest tan the first time.

4. Applying Spray Tan On Unprepared Skin

Preparing skin in advance helps to prevent orange patches and tan lines. It is vital to give your spray tan a clean canvas where it can give the best result.

Therefore, shaving and exfoliating the skin, removing the dead skin cells, and moisturizing it is necessary. If you skin these steps, the chances are you will end up developing a darker orange tan.

How To Fix An Orange Spray Tan?

If you have landed up with an orange tan for some reason and can’t wait for it to fade, here are the ways to remove it from the skin.

1. Exfoliate Your Skin

If you see orange spray tan, the earlier you start exfoliating your skin, the faster the orange tan will fade.

Take a body scrub or a sponge and start exfoliating. Since spray tan works on the upper layers of the skin, proper exfoliation will help. You can use an exfoliating mitt for this purpose as you can comfortably reach lots of areas of your body.

Once you have developed an orange tan, it will not go overnight. You need to have multiple exfoliating sessions to fade it and gradually disappear.

2. Shower Immediately

As soon as you notice orange spray tan, which is sometimes quite early, hop into the shower immediately. Instant washing of spray will not let the product dye your skin deeply. The shower will wash away a lot of the spray tan that hasn’t developed, which can prevent the orange tone from developing further.

The shower also helps in fading and lightening the orange spray tan. If possible, jump inside a chlorinated pool as the chemicals in it will strip the spray tan from the skin, helping remove the orange tan.

3. Use Hair Removal Cream.

Hair removal cream helps to remove orange patches of spray tan from the skin. Apply cream on your skin, let it stay for a few minutes, and wipe it off.

Hair removal creams are powerful enough to break down hair follicles, so they can possibly fade or remove the orange spray tan as well.

Final Words

Getting orange spray tan is terrible. But the good news is you can fix it using the above methods. We advise you to avoid developing orange spray tan in the first place by preparing the skin and making it spray tan ready.

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