How to Get Fuller Lips with Makeup (Make Your Lips BIGGER)

how to get fuller lips with makeup

Luscious pouty lips are every woman’s dream and…catch every man’s attention. Yes, some Instagram influencers like Kelly Jenner and Kandee Johnson decided it’s time plump lips come in vogue and this fashion move spread like fire.

Lip fillers are an option, but considering the costs, risks and the effort that goes into working needles on your lips, you can refrain from the procedure. While you might not possess full lips like Naomi Campbell, but we can always work our magic with makeup to create voluptuous looking lips. Today, we share with you some hacks and tricks to get a nice plump pout using makeup.

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Stage 1: The Preparation Stage

Prepare Your Lips

prepare your lips

Before you actually start working some makeup on your lips, first create a suitable base. Start with applying a hydrating balm so that the lips stay soft and hydrated. You could look for components like peppermint oil in the balm which will also increase blood circulation around the lips. Apply the balm and wait for 5 minutes to allow the balm to soak well into the skin.

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Smoothen The Lips

Smoothen the Lips

I’m going to share a secret with you. The smoother your lips the more amount of light they will reflect and, in turn, appear fuller and luscious. Take a toothbrush, dip it in water and rub it gently over the lips in circular motions. This will rip off all the dead skin from the lips and also give it a rosy hue.

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Stage 2: Concealer in Action

Concealer in Action

Before starting your makeup, celebrity artists suggest dabbing the lips with a foundation or a concealer. This will give your lipstick a more defined look and retain the fuller-look all throughout the day. You could even smear some foundation along the lip line after applying lipstick to give the lip liner a neat appearance and all give the illusion of fuller lips.

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Stage 3: Contouring


Contouring can add volume and change the dimensions of the face with the help of some contoured powder, highlighters, and concealers. So if you expertise at this fun makeup hack, there is no stopping you from looking like an absolute diva. Dust in some ash or crème colored contour powder below the bottom of the lips and over the upper outline. This will create a shadow making the lips more prominent and fuller. Blend the contour lines well as shown in the Instagram video.

Another interesting hack would be to highlight the Cupid’s bow. The middle portion on the top of the lips is your cupid’s bow. You could dab in some highlighter (just a little bit) to this part. Your lips will instantly appear fuller, thanks to the light reflection.

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Stage 4: Shape Your Lips

Shape your Lips

Select a lip liner that matches your skin tone or a shade darker. Christine d’Ornano, the global vice president of Sisley Paris suggests that the lip liner application is important because lip products tend to feather away as the day progresses. Unless you keep reapplying the lipstick, select a lip liner that matches your skin tone as it will not appear awkward once the lip color fades away.

Do not go by the name of the color shades. So a nude-colored lip liner might appear mauve or pink on application. First, apply the shade to check whether it suits your skin tone. Once you have identified the right shade, start outlining the lips with the pencil just outside the lip line. Fill the entire lip with this lip liner.

If you are finding it difficult to identify the exact shape of your lips, just smile a little. Yeah, smiling will make your lips tauter and help you line the lips easily.

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Stage 5: Lipstick Time

 Lipstick Time

Go for a lush and creamy lipstick that illuminates your lips and makes them look fleshy and luscious. You can also go for matte finish lipsticks, just soften the edges after application for attaining bigger lips. Darker shades are known to flatten out the lips shape while nude and pink lips add volume. You can add some gloss for added effect.

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Go for a plumping balm that will immediately boost the size of your lips. However, celebrity makeup artists say that these plumpers contain mild irritants that could give you a swelling. Also, before starting the application, make sure that your lips are not chapped or dry. This will make the lips appear flat, defeating your entire effort of applying the lipstick. And if you are in a jiffy, just dab in some light-colored lip gloss at the center of the lips for a highlighting effect.

Perfectly done lips are sometimes all you need to complete your party look.  The above tricks are easy and do not require any complex makeup products. So what are you thinking? With the right makeup products and a little practice, I’m sure you will achieve those fuller and more defined lips. Just go for it!

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