How To Get Rid Of Built-Up Dirt On Skin?

how to get rid of built up dirt on skin

Applying makeup daily, going out in areas with excessive air pollution, working in factories, and many other reasons contribute to building up dirt on the skin. Over time, this dirt gets so stubborn that it becomes hard to get rid of it even after washing the face and showering.

Have you also experienced the same? Does your skin look dull and dry even after showering for hours and using high-quality skincare products? Smog and dirt that continue building upon skin take away the natural glow and lead to many skin issues.

However, a few efforts done at the right time and in the right ways can help to combat this problem. The dirt and grime get washed away when you follow a strict skincare regime. At the same time, it helps to reverse the build-up of dirt and prevent it from getting worse with time.

Let’s find out the reasons behind skin getting dirty with each passing day and how to prevent it.

Get Rid Of Built-Up Dirt On Skin

Why The Dirt Stays On The Skin After Showering?

The major reason behind the dirt staying on the skin even after showering is not removing the makeup every night.
Many women and men have the habit of directly hitting the bed after coming from the office or party. If you have applied a lot of makeup for the party or light makeup for the office, it is essential to remove it from the face completely before sleeping.

Whether you use makeup-removing wipes, some cleanser, or face wash, every inch of makeup must come out, and the skin breathes. When this step is neglected, the makeup, along with dirt and grime, sticks to the pores and makes the skin dull and dry.

How To Remove Dirt On The Skin?

Around 30,000 dead skin flakes are shed every minute by the skin. Even though it may sound gross, it is essential to remove these dead skin cells so that your skin can breathe. When the skin is not cleaned properly, these flakes add, making the skin look faded and dull. Also, it welcomes different skin issues.

Therefore, it is essential to clean the skin, which can be done in the following ways-

1. Exfoliating The Skin– Use a gentle scrub to remove the dead skin flakes built up over the skin. Make sure the scrub is not harsh and exfoliate gently. Do it twice a week.

2. Face Cleansing– Once you have exfoliated the skin, it’s time to cleanse it with a quality cleanser.

Note: Make sure the skin care products you are using for exfoliation and cleansing are high quality and suit your skin type. If the skin gets irritated, change your product.

How To Take A Shower Properly To Remove The Built-up Dirt?

It’s a misconception that everyone knows how to take a shower the correct way. Many people just enter the bathroom, turn on the water, apply soap, rinse off and step out. If you are also showering in the same manner, you are probably doing it all wrong, which is one reason why dirt keeps on adding to the skin.

So what is the right way to take a shower? Keep reading!

Hot Showers

Many people enjoy a hot shower for long hours lesser knowing the fact that hot water can make the skin dry. Also, it opens up the pores, making them welcoming for the dirt to stick. If your water is contaminated, opening the pores would be the last thing on your list. Therefore, you should shower with warm water and not hot water. Also, the showering time should not be more.

Soapy Residue

Do you make sure that every drop of soap or shampoo comes out from the body before you step out? Many people just wipe off the leftover soapy residue with a towel which is not a good practice. It may cause skin irritation and welcome the dirt to stick.

Harsh Towel Drying

Another ill practice that people usually follow is using a harsh towel to rub and dry off the body after showering. This harsh friction is not good for the skin, making it dry and irritated. Air drying is considered the best way to dry off, but you can gently pat dry the skin with a soft towel if the time does not allow.

Additionally, it is advised to apply moisturizer on the skin post-shower to lock in moisture. It will keep the skin well-hydrated, soft, and supple.

So, the next time when your skin looks dry and dirty, follow the right showering practices to combat the situation.

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