How to Repair Damaged Nails

How to Repair Damaged Nails

Do you know? Healthy nails can indicate good health. By seeing our nails we can tell about our health condition. Damaged and brittle nails are a bothersome condition which are caused by over drying of the cuticle and nail bed this causes many difficulties in growth and health of nails.

How to Repair Damaged Nails

Not only will our beauty habits damage nails, there are heavy activities like gardening sports, hard chemicals and cleaning can affect healthy Nails and give a huge impact. We have listed some home remedies that will help to protect your nails and keep them safe and healthy.

1. Drink More Water

Drinking more water helps in reducing tons of health problems in which nail problems are also one of them. Water is an essential nutrient in daily protein life but, to maintain good health you need to drink more water.

If you don’t drink adequate water, your nails’ health mainly gets damaged like they become Peel, brittle and break easily.

Make sure to drink enough water daily. dehydration may also help in nail damage so keep your nails hydrated by drinking plenty of water.

2. Eat Biotin

Biotin is also known as vitamin B7 and Vitamin H. Biotin is one of the best nutrients for skin, hair and nails. Biotin is an important multivitamin in our daily life.

Biotin can help to strengthen hair and nails and also help the body’s nervous system to function properly.

It can be found mostly in foods like boiled eggs, citrus fruits, meat, grains, vitamin B supplements and legumes. Make sure to consult a doctor before taking any vitamin B supplements for safe side.

3. Massage Your Fingertips

Everyone loves to have hand massages. Having a hand massage with fingertips can help to repair damaged nails.

Do this massage for every three days with cuticle oil to see the benefits like stimulate blood flow which can increase the delivery of vital nutrients and important circulation this technique is also used to grow your hair and it also improves and manages the dead ends and stimulate growth.

4. Moisturize Regularly

Moisturizing your hands after washing your hands is a fantastic way to repair damaged nails. Use any cuticle oil or any cream or lotion to deep condition your nails which will make smooth and crack free nails.

If you use any hand sanitizer or nail polish remover immediately apply any cream or lotion to moisturize your nails, if not these May make your nails dry and make them damaged which leads to brittle nails.

Moisturizing also helps in hydrating your nails and making them look glossy and beautiful.

5. Use a Keratin Treatment

Many of us know that keratin is used for hair treatment but in fact it is also used to strengthen your nails too. Keratin has natural proteins that help in building blocks of your skin, hair and nails.

Keratin treatment helps to strengthen nails and protect them from peeling, splitting and breakage. Avoid using acrylic nails or gel as frequent use can peel your nails and weaken them.

6. Soak Nails in Olive oil

Olive oil contains the extra nourishing agents which help in the treatment for nail damage, as it contains vitamin E will also help in absorption of calcium, bone mineralization and process of calcification.

The process of soaking nails will help to grow nails faster and also strengthen the brittle Nails and make them soften and increase flexibility to avoid breakage of nails.

Soak your nails in olive oil for 15 to 30 minutes so that the cuticles and nails absorb olive oil and moisturize the nails.

7. Protecting Nails

Protecting your nails from all the other activities like gardening, washing in water for a long time, using hard chemicals, and drying products. Whenever you do some work wear gloves to protect your nails from getting dried and brittle.

8. Have a Good Diet

Having a good diet will help to improve your entire body including your nails. Including multivitamins and Minerals in your diet will improve your nail health. and also take cuticle vitamin food to improve your nails cuticle deficiency and maintain a good healthy nails eat healthy and varied diet.

Nails can tell us and others a lot more things. Weak and brittle nails will lower our confidence but there are many things to strengthen our nails and improve their health. We have listed some of the above remedies that will help you to maintain nail health. If you have tried all the remedies and nothing helped you, then it is time to see a doctor to take treatment for the root cause of nail damage.

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