How To Make Your Eyelashes Grow Longer(Thicker)

how to get longer eyelashes

It is a true fact that not every people are blessed with the gift of thick, lengthy and voluptuous eye lashes. In fact, there are very few amount of women are satisfied with the thickness and length of their eyelashes. That’s why they continuously looking for lash lengthening product which can help to grow their eyelashes longer. Women with short or brittle lashes always desire to know how to get thicker eyelashes without using invasive processing or damaging chemical compounds. If you follow natural ways for thicker eyelashes for few days, you can observe that these are far better than destructive chemical product and these all have no side effects.

Long and thick eyelashes are basically a symbol of natural beauty and these are considered a precious asset to any lady. That’s why women are always trying to uncover ways to make their eyelashes look longer and thicker. Apparently, most of the men are consciously or subconsciously attracted to women with thick and longer eyelashes.

1 Use an Eyelash Enhancing Gel

To get a longer eye lashes, you can use an eyelash enhancing gel which has the capacity to achieve fast and efficient results. There are some formula of eyelash enhancing gel are clinically proven to develop your lashes. But you have to condition them properly. These gels are powerful as well as healthy, so that it offering you a much more vibrant and youthful looks. But make sure you have to look for such type of gel which is safe and nonirritant. This gels functions for nourishing the eye lashes from its root by providing important lash enhancing proteins, vitamins and other various types of ingredients that can support them to moisturize and enhance the flexibility or elasticity. Not only that, such gel will improve the look of the eye lash much more healthy shine. These healthy products are for utilize twice a day. Results can be observed within very little time period as two weeks.

2. Moisturize Your Eyelashes

If confused with the question that how makes your eyelashes grown naturally. You must know that moisturizer is a great solution. Moisturize your eyelashes twice a day by utilizing non-irritant moisturizers like, Lanolin, Castor oil, olive oil and vitamin E oil. That natural moisturizer will keep your eyelashes supple all times and that can enhance the blood circulation which helps in hair production.

3. Watch your diet

Try eating healthy and always avoid the junk food. Eat a sufficient amount of vitamins, proteins, mineral, which contain amino acids that have the capacity, stimulate the growth of keratin that is responsible for hair growth. Try to take huge amount of water because water contains all types of minerals which can lead the hair growth.

4. Oils and Vitamins

The most common oils and lubricants which are generally employed for any organic growth are coconut oil, olive oil, vitamin oil, almond oil, and petroleum jelly or Vaseline. While successful way to grow your eye lashes but some women find them to be uncomfortable and sometime it leads to irritation to your eyes. Try to make Gentle massage with this oil on your eyelashes. Then apply a clean comb on your eyelash or eyebrow and after that rinse the eyes thoroughly with cold water in the morning. This is the other perfect solution of to get thicker eyelashes.

5. Care of eyelashes

Try to take perfect care of your eyelashes. Try to utilizing a clean brush regularly that help you to avoid any type of infections which can obstruct the eyelash growth. Always protect your eye lashes from, pollution like dirt, dust and extensive exposure to sunshine. When you go to outside of your home, try to cover your eyes with sunglasses or a hat. Other important factor is clean your eyes regularly at least thrice a day. To clean them try to use of mild shampoo, baby shampoo is recommended for eye lashes cleaning as it stimulates the eyelash growth. This is the other perfect way to make your eyelashes grow.

6. Eyelash growth serum

Utilizing an eyelash growth serum is becoming increasingly more popular, so it might be a good choice. Its popularity is possible due to its proven results. These serums are extremely easy to use and you have to apply them just once in a day, try to use it at night. You should use it following the same way as you utilize an eye liner. Results must be observed within 2 to 4 weeks.

7. Proper nutrition

It is a clear fact that a healthy and nutritious diet is important to maintain our health. If you want to develop hair of any part on your body includes your eyelashes and eyebrows then try to make good eating habits. Because fruit, vegetables and sufficient amount of water will leads your development. Nails and hair can get easily broken when you have not maintained a perfect eating habit. If your nails and hair are not healthy then how could you expect that your eyelashes and eyebrows will grow perfectly? A healthy diet has the capacity to improve all hair and nail growth and also improve your natural well being. If a healthy diet is too tough, then using which is designed to support hair, skin and nails.

8. Gelatin supplement

Other proper way of to get longer eyelashes is gelatin supplements. Try to take regularly take gelatin supplements. Gelatin supplement contains sufficient amount of amino acids that are responsible for the growth of hair of all part of the body.
There are lots of ways to grow eyelashes thicker, so that you don’t need to live with thin and short eyelashes. These all options are suitable of your pockets. There are other various options include eyelash implants, eyelash extensions, semi permanent false eyelashes –but you have to get the right information before purchasing.

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