Oziva Hair Oil For Voluminous And Shining Hair

OZiva Naturelle Infusion Nourish & Growth Hair Oil

We all know the importance of hair oil and how it contributes to improving hair health. Hair oils improve the condition of hair and scalp equally. A regular massage on the scalp can help one get rid of many conditions like the dry and flaky scalp. At the same time, oil nourishes the hair strands, locks the moisture, and nurtures the pores. Over time, a regular hair oil massage helps to strengthen the hair and prevents breakage and hair fall.

Since there are multiple benefits of hair oil, it is essential to use high-quality hair oil that suits your hair type and contributes to hair health. If you are confused about selecting the right hair oil, the review of Oziva hair oil can help you decide whether it will suit your hair type or not.

Let’s find out everything about Oziva Hair Oil and how effective it could be.

Product Review

Out of so many hair oils that we have used so far, Oziva seems quite promising due to the presence of breakthrough ingredients like Basil Hairy Root Extract, Sunflower Seed Oil, and Coconut Oil that support hair growth. While onion oil treats patches and works to improve non-scarring hair loss conditions, Fenugreek Oil increases hair thickness.

The oil is also enriched with avocado oil, enriches the scalp, and manages the dry condition. The presence of argan oil, amla oil, and bhringraj oil perks up the hair oil’s quality, making it more beneficial for hair and scalp conditions.

Seeing the overall composition, Oziva hair oil seems promising. Even if don’t make your hair healthy and take time, it will never damage the hair due to 100% natural ingredients.

Product Description

Enriched with plant-based ingredients, Oziva Naturelle Infusion Nourish & Growth Hair Oil provides deep nourishment to the hair. It is good for damaged and broken prone hair. Also, accelerates re-growth and reduces hair fall.

Regular use of Oziva hair oil for eight weeks straight gives astounding results. The best thing is it suits all hair types and can be used twice or thrice a week. To use, take a few drops of oil in a bowl and part your hair in two sections.

Now with the help of fingertips, take some oil and massage gently into the scalp and then on hair strands, starting from the roots till the hair tips.

Make a habit of applying hair oil at least 20 minutes before hair wash. Keeping oil on hair overnight will be beneficial too. Wash off the hair with shampoo and warm water.

oziva hair oil

Nutrition Facts

Two major blends in Oziva hair oil include the following-

  • Hair Fall Reduction & Re-growth Blend- The extracts of basil root oil, shikakai oil, and bhringraj oil prevent hair breakage and ensure hair will re-grow healthily.
  • Volume & Density Boosting Blend: This blend consists of oil from avocado, sesame, and onion- each of them is known to nourish the hair and protect them from further wear and tear.

What We Like

  • It is certified vegan and cruelty-free.
  • It is a clinically tested product.
  • Free from sulfate, paraben, artificial fragrance, silicone, and dye.
  • There are no side effects of this product, and it suits all skin types.

oziva hair oil

What We Don’t Like

You have to make a habit of applying Oziva Hair Oil regularly, at least twice a week, and each time before washing hair to see the difference in hair quality.

How Much Does Oziva Naturelle Infusion Nourish & Growth Hair Oil Cost?

The regular price of Oziva Naturelle Infusion Nourish & Growth Hair Oil is Rs 599, but you can buy it from its official website or from Amazon at Rs 581, which is its sale price, and save some extra bucks.

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Oziva hair oil is extremely beneficial for hair health. Since it comprises natural and 100% herbal ingredients, the results are apparent. Massaging the scalp with this oil and applying thoroughly to the hair strands result in healthy hair growth.

So, we suggest you should definitely give it a try and ditch your chemical-infused hair oil for a while to see the difference.

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