3 Day Colon Cleanse for Better Health

3 day colon cleanse

The colons cleanse ritual helps in clearing unwanted toxic waste from the body. It makes the person feel better in belly, mind, body and soul. The cleansing diet helps in cleaning up the gut, change the eating habits, and improve energy and health. This diet discourages the usage of caffeine, alcohol, sugar, sodium and refined flour and mainly includes fruits & vegetables, whole grains, low fat diary, ample amounts of water. The extra fiber in the digestive system helps in scrubbing the digestive system inside out and hence minimizing the use of laxatives & supplements unnecessary. Here explain in detail how to do a 3 day colon cleanse and diet plan

3 Day Colon Cleanse Diet Plan

This Diet Has 3 Steps- Pre Cleanse Phase, Cleansing Fast, Breaking the Fast.

1. The Pre Cleanse Phase

  • Day-1: Reduce the meal portion by 50% & drink lots of water.
  • Day -2- Reduce the meal portion by 75% and drink lots of water
  • This diet includes eating more of fruits, vegetables, raw/slightly cooked foods and avoiding packaged or processed foods.

2. The Cleansing Fast Phase

  • This allows for the maximal removal of mucoid plaques and retained fecal wastes form the body.
  • There will be hunger prangs and thirst. The body gets accustomed soon to this diet program.

3. Breaking the Fast Phase

  • On the first day fast is broken by taking in fluids and porridge only. The consumption of fresh juices and avoiding processed or canned juices. No coffee, soda or tea.
  • Second day, the light meal can be consumed, with vegetables and fruits with the fluids avoiding potato & corn.
    Third day, resume the normal diet.
  • During all the three days, the body has to be hydrated with at least 8-12 glasses of water.

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Cleansing Fast Days: (Day 1 – 3)

Consume The Following

  • 7.30 am Wake up- bio wheat grass (1 sachet in 300 ml of water)
  • 8.00am Breakfast- Bio balance-bio diet- (2 sachets in 300 ml of water)
  • 10.00 am Snack-Bio cell (1 sachet in 300ml of water)
  • 12.00pm Lunch-Bio balance bio diet (2 sachets in 300 ml of water)
  • 3.00pm snack-Bio cell (1 sachet in 300 ml of water)
  • 6.00 pm dinner-Bio balance bio diet (2 sachets in 300ml of water)
  • 9.00pm Before sleeping-Bio wheat grass (1 sachet in 300 ml of water)

The Products

1. Bio Wheatgrass:

  • This contains the dehydrated wheat grass and plant based enzymes.
  • This gives the body the necessary fiber required and adds bulk to the fecal matter.
  • This is rich in chlorophyll and delivers it to the body cells.
  • In the night it replenishes the GI enzymes that were used during the day.

2. BIO-Diet and Bio-Balance:

  • The primary ingredients of these products are palm oil fiber, fruit and vegetable extracts, soya bean, guar gum, red rice, natural fruit flavor.
  • The Guar Gum is from the bark of Guar tree rich in polysaccharides helps in hunger satiety.
  • The palm oil fiber helps in lubricating the lining of the colon and helps in dislodging the mucous plaques.
  • The red rice rich in complex carbohydrates helps in nourishing the body during the cleansing fast.

3. Bio Cell:

  • These include carrots, soya beans, and passion fruits. The carrots are storehouse of vitamins, minerals and poly nutrients.
  • Soya beans contain nucleic acids helps in repairing the tissue damage. The passion fruit contains maltol helping in the calming effect of the body.
  • The omega-3 fatty acids helps in preventing the excess cholesterol build up in the body arteries and reduces the cholesterol production.

This diet can be followed by anyone and is gluten free diet. The results are seen in the first week itself. The pregnant women should not follow this diet. The hunger prangs to be controlled by willpower and try to avoid the processed foods for the duration of the diet. These 3 day colon cleanse diet helps in replenishing the lost nutrients to the body and in restoring the energy with cleaning the colon thoroughly.

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