Homemade Juices to Cleanse Your Colon Naturally

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Colon is one of the major parts of our digestive system which is responsible for the extraction of salt, water, vitamins etc. An improper working of colon includes the absorption of toxic elements and not eliminating them. A long-term disorder of any such kind can be very dangerous. This may result in several problems linked to various parts and organs of body especially the stomach. Since it is very important to clean colon for avoiding some of the issues in body, colon cleansing is an important approach. Major benefits of drinking colon cleanse juice are as follows.(1)

Benefits of Drinking Colon Cleanse Juice

Colon cleansing is a good way to remove toxic materials from the body. Drinking juices is considered as the best method one could go for, in order to cleanse colon. This helps body in various ways.

1. Better Digestive System

  • Since colon is one of the main parts of digestion of human body, cleansing it turns the digestive system more effective by properly eliminating waste and toxic elements and absorbing nutritious material.(2)

2. Prevents Problems like Constipation

  • Constipation is often considered an embarrassing problem of body which can be cured by cleansing the colon. During constipation, body has weaker digestive manner and it tends to keep waste materials of body longer in body.(3)

3. Improves Absorption of Necessary Nutrients

  • A proper colon working promotes the absorption of necessary nutrients and water, also eliminating the toxins. This helps body in a complete and better digestion enriching the growth of the body.(4)

4. Decreases the Colon Cancer Risk

  • Colon cancer may not be a common kind of cancer but it too, like other forms of cancer, it can be really painful and dangerous. A clean colon with a good and effective working decreases the risk of colon cancer.(5)

5. Whole Body Well Being

  • This can be pretty miraculous and is directly proportional to great energy levels, good body metabolism, a happy stomach working and all that which counts to well being of whole body.

5 Best Colon Cleanse Juice Recipes

Water is deemed as the best and an easily available liquid for colon and intestine cleansing. In some cases, water may not be as effect as other cleansing juices to cure the problem. Following are the five best juice recipes for colon cleanse:

1. Apple Juice for Colon Cleanse

Apple juice can be one of the best home remedies of colon cleansing. Apple juice is known to cure digestive system as well as health issues. It enhances the bowel movement and thus promotes colon cleansing.

How to use: Drink one glass of Unfiltered apple juice on empty stomach and then drink water after half an hour.

Repetition: Repeat this for few days for best results.

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2. Apple, Sea Salt, Lemon and Ginger Colon Cleanse

This recipe of Apple, sea salt, lemon and ginger is an effective method of colon cleansing. Here is how you can prepare this recipe.(6)

You’ll need:

  • Warm water
  • Apple juice
  • Fresh lemon juice
  • Ginger Juice


  • Take around 6 teaspoons of warm water
  • Add sea salt and stir
  • Now add apple juice, fresh lemon juice and ginger Juice. Stir gently.

How to take: Take this juice as the first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.

Tip: Do not use this in case of pregnancy, or any allergic disease

3. Raw Vegetable Juice

Raw vegetable juice is also an effective juice for the colon cleanse. Green vegetables are known to remove all the toxins from body.

You’ll need:

  • Carrots
  • Spinach
  • Squash
  • Corn
  • Kale

Procedure: Take a juicer or blender and prepare a juice out of all the above ingredients.

Dosage: Take it as the First thing in the morning.

Tip: Do not use ready made vegetables. They may not contain effective enzymes.

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4. Lemon Juice for Colon Cleanse

Lemon is rich in vitamin C which is very good for digestive system as well as immune system. It is a good recipe for colon cleanse.(7)

You’ll need:

  • Lemon juice
  • Sea salt
  • Honey


  • Take fresh lemon juice and add a pinch of sea salt into it.
  • Now add a little honey and pour the whole mixture into lukewarm water
  • Mix well before drinking.

How to take: Take it as the first thing in the morning.

5. Carrot and Garlic Juice

This mixture is also a great way of colon cleansing which is easily prepared. Both the ingredients carrot and garlic are wonderful for not just colon cleanse but for multiple health benefits. Here is how you can combine the two.(8)

You’ll need:

  • 2 carrots
  • 2 celery stalks
  • 4 leaves of romaine lettuce
  • 1 clove of garlic
  • Water


  • Firstly, wash all the ingredients with room temperature water
  • Pour the water in blender and then add all the ingredients with into the blender
  • Blend the same and make sure to produce a smooth liquid

How to take: Should be taken just before breakfast.

Colon cleanse is a very healthy approach to remove toxic elements out of the body. In some cases, it become mandatory to do so. As it is one of the parts of digestive system, it should work properly by eliminating the toxins and absorbing nutrients. Above mentioned juices or recipes are the best ways you can follow for colon cleanse. Using these juices also makes you fit, healthy and more energetic as a human being.

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