5 Quick Home Remedies For Dry Skin on Hands

People having dry skin of their hands have to face many kinds of problems! Such as some kind of itchiness, cracks in on the tips of the skin, sometimes rough hand skin too! The texture of your hand may also change and many more such issues. Usually chemical based hand lotions are not sufficient to help you cure the dry hand skin problem you need to something extra to get flawless soft and beautiful hand skin for yourself. In this article you will be known some very effective home remedies for dry skin on hands.

Home Remedies for Dry Skin on Hands:

Our hands are one of the most important organs for our body. Our hands play an important part which makes us look good. And our hands are the one of the organs which makes us do all the daily chores of life! Especially for girls, hands add a touch of beauty to their personality! When we talk about our hand’s skin normally it is that part of our body for which we must care the most.

1. Milk Cream:

Any creamy stuff available in market is good to go to get cure with the problem of dryness. Milk cream is a good conditioner like product containing lots of lubricant content in it.

  • If you want to use a good moisturizer for your hands health then you must always go with a wise and natural choice that is to use “Milk cream” as it is an excellent moisturizer.
  • The reason behind milk being so powerful is that it contains lots of strong lactic acid that is present right there in your daily milk cream.
  • This milk cream in turn helps to exfoliate the dry hands skin also.
  • It will also help to refresh and re-energize your hands cells very quickly!
  • It does not look good by having a dark and light skin tone on your hands due to tanning! The milk cream will also help to preserve the hand’s most delicate pH levels up to their skin tone.

2. Honey:

Honey is not only a good and healthy sweetener for your taste buds! It’s much more than that! Well, to a fact for us who does not love honey.  In other words it is a sweetener with no tension of weight gain well accepts being a good and delicious treat honey is also a very effective agent to treat your dry hands from the root itself.

Honey is a sticky and very much irritating solution to apply on to your body! And if you apply it on your hands it will surely bind you to just sit and wait and not do anything else!

  • Honey is being considered one of the best and very effective and powerful natural moisturizer
  • Honey is being fully and excellently loaded with antioxidant and powerful antimicrobial with humectants properties.
  • Thus, honey will help lock up all the moisture in to your layers so as to make your hands extra soft, supples and smooth.
  • Honey is easily available at any grocery shop!
  • Plus, honey will have many essential and powerful vitamins and minerals that will fully help in improving your hand’s health.
  • There are certain ways by which you may use honey:
  • So before taking a daily bath or shower whatever you take you need to rub honey all over your body from head to toe
  • Then you must leave it on to your body for 7 to 10 minutes.
  • To prevent yourself from mosquitoes it’s better to apply it in your bathroom itself and then take bath there itself

3. Olive Oil:

Olive oil is made for curing such problems of dryness and itchiness only! Likewise any kind of oil will do the same but the best one is none another that olive.

  • It can also help to soothe the condition of dry hands at all the parts over your body.
  • It’s good to take a shower and then apply a light refreshing moisturizer to the body.
  • Olive oil is very well known to contain a type of power full and effective antioxidants and has lots of healthy fatty acids that are really very good enough for your skin to recover from dryness of your hands.

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4. Yogurt:

Do you know that yogurt contains strong oil kind of content in it! If you have ever washed your hair with it you will find that your hair gets oily if you do not shampoo your hair afterwards! Yoghurt is made from milk itself the only different id the “process” of making it! Yogurt has powerful contents to irradiate dryness.

  • Yogurt hydrates and moisturizes the hands in very excellent and power full manner.
  • Plus, yogurt has got all the properties that milk has that is having high amount of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties
  • The properties will help soothe dry and itchy hands correctly.
  • You need to apply some refrigerated and freshly made yogurt on your hands and face and legs also then gently massage the yogurt into your hands.

5. Milk:

Milk is good to drink well to a great surprise it is good to apply too! In ancient times the queens and princess were used to even take bath with milk itself! Using just milk all alone is also enough to treat with dry hands texture!

  • If you have any kind of burn or inflammation you must instantly use milk to soothe down the reaction.
  • Milk has all kinds of anti-inflammatory and soothing properties to even soothe the burning sensation of burning hands.
  • These properties are greatly helpful to get rid of dry and itchy hands.
  • Plus, the lactic acid that is greatly present in milk is a good property that will help to exfoliates dead skin cells hands and this in turn will increase all the hand’s ability to retain moisture content.

Also milk helps to lighten the tanning patches and makes your hand look fairer.


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5 Quick Home Remedies For Dry Skin on Hands
People having dry skin of their hands have to face many kinds of problems!Try these quick remedies to cure your dry skin on hands at home.

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