7 Best Brushes For Oily Hair

Best Brushes For Oily Hair

If you brush oily hair with any random brush, you are making your hair prone to damage. Oily hair needs special treatment, and it doesn’t only mean using the right shampoo and conditioner. One basic thing that you need to keep in mind is using the best brush for oily hair.

Brushes made with boar bristles are considered the most suitable hair brushes for oily hair. They aid in taking oil from your scalp and distributing it evenly through the strands. It makes the roots appear less greasy. At the same time, you need to check the brush’s styles, shapes, and sizes, as it will help in styling.

Top PicksCheck Price
Adds Shine and Texture:Belula 100% Boar Bristle Hair Brush SetBuy on Amazon
Professional Hair Brush:Cortex Professional Boar Bristle Brushes For Women and MenBuy on Amazon
Boar & Nylon Bristle Brush:BESTOOL Hair BrushBuy on Amazon
Best for Thin and Short Hair:PERFEHAIR Small Round Hair BrushBuy on Amazon
100% Boar Hair Brush:Spornette DeVille Cushion Paddle Boar Bristle 344Buy on Amazon
Best for Bangs:Conair 100% Boar Bristle HairbrushBuy on Amazon
Best Anti-frizz Brush:Morsafe Vented Curved Boar Bristle Hair BrushBuy on Amazon

Brushes For Oily Hair

Here are our best picks for the top 7 brushes for oily hair based on reviews and users’ preferences for oily hair. Check them out to maintain oily hair and appear grease-free.

7 Best Brushes For Oily Hair

1. Adds Shine and Texture: Belula 100% Boar Bristle Hair Brush Set

Buy On Amazon

  • Soft boar bristle hairbrush to help you get smoother and shinier hair
  • Distribute the naturally produced oil by the scalp on your hair strands
  • Offers the best organic anti-frizz treatment
  • Hair becomes healthier, softer, and conditioned with regular brushing
  • Brush’s 9-inch handle is made from bamboo
  • Boasts an ergonomic shape for comfortable holding

What We Don’t Like: It is not suitable for fine or damaged hair as it may break them even further.

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2. Professional Hair Brush: Cortex Professional Boar Bristle Brushes For Women and Men

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  • 2.75-inch diameter brush, adding volume to the hair or even creating gorgeous curls
  • Made from 100% natural boar hair, so they’re soft to not snag your strands
  • The sleek black handle is shaped for comfort
  • Perfect choice for men, women, and children with straight, curly, or wavy, thick to fine hair

What We Don’t Like: According to a user, the brush lost a few bristles over the first few uses.

3. Boar & Nylon Bristle Brush: BESTOOL Hair Brush

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  • 70% of the bristles are made from soft boar hair, taking the oil from roots and distributing it throughout the strands
  • The rest of the bristles are made with stiff nylon, known for its detangling powers
  • Features 3.9 inches-wide paddle brush head and 9.8 inches-long bamboo handle
  • It comes with a brush cleaner and a travel bag.

What We Don’t Like: According to users, the brush gets dirty quickly. Also, the wooden handle hurts to hold.

4. Best for Thin and Short Hair: PERFEHAIR Small Round Hair Brush

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  • 100% natural boar bristles,
  • Glides right through the hair, dispersing oil from roots throughout
  • It has an 8 inches long, lightweight wooden handle which is smooth and comfortable to hold
  • Great for short hair, barbers, and bangs
  • The polished durable natural wood handle provides the most comfort for the hand while styling

What We Don’t Like: According to some users, the handle is not ergonomic; and often slips from the hand.

5. 100% Boar Hair Brush: Spornette DeVille Cushion Paddle Boar Bristle 344

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  • Extra-wide brush head and spaced-out bristles
  • An excellent option for anyone with thicker hair who wants a 100% boar hair option
  • Features a rubber cushioned base to securely hold the bristles in place
  • It’s vented to allow the brush to dry quickly after use
  • The wooden handle is ergonomically shaped and lightweight

What We Don’t Like: Even though the brush is high-quality, it is heavy.

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6. Best for Bangs: Conair 100% Boar Bristle Hairbrush

Buy On Amazon

  • The paddle brush is small, with a 1-inch brush head.
  • Packed with 100% natural boar bristles
  • The brush is ultra-soft, gliding right through the tresses, taking the oil from your roots and spreading it evenly throughout
  • The total length is about 8.38 inches, and the rubber handle is comfortable.

What We Don’t Like: The varnish of the wood is thin and flakes with time.

7. Best Anti-frizz Brush: Morsafe Vented Curved Boar Bristle Hair Brush

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  • Boar nylon bristle paddle brush that can distribute natural oil from the scalp evenly on the hair
  • Keeps hair strands well pampered and prevents hair from drying out
  • The round-tipped detangling pins massage the scalp, help hair grow better, and add more shine to them
  • The gaps in the back of the vent detangler brush allow air to pass through the hairbrush

What We Don’t Like: They work well for minor knots, but for big knots, it doesn’t work well.

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These brushes intend to bring charisma to your hair by dispersing oil throughout so the strands stay hydrated. When you use the right brush, you can skip using hair conditioners, and other treatments as the hair stay hydrated with the scalp’s natural oil- the best for hair.

Get any brushes mentioned above for oily hair, and enjoy your luscious locks.

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