41 Traditional & Fancy Saree Blouse Back Neck Designs

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The elegance of your personality increases when any woman wears saree with perfect match of blouses. Saree is that dress style that provides very great and traditional look to women. It creates exquisiteness to you when exactly you wear saree with best designs of back designs of blouses. In sarees every woman has different and unique look and when it comes about wearing blouses so, the best one to get fantastic and most fabulous designs of back designs blouses.

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40 Latest Blouse Back Neck Designs For Women

Fashion is that great style where you want to style perfectly in such way where you get two looks together one is traditional look and another modern appearances. To enhance your beauty of your wearing the back designs of blouses are too marvelous so, where you should start now buying back designs blouses.

No matter what type of sarees you are wearing whether net sarees or any cotton or gorgeous sarees but the back blouse design is perfect so, obviously it will be very adorable.

But one of the most important things that you must keep in your mind while wearing blouses that should come with right fitting only then it will be more stylish and look very sexy on your body if you wear fitting blouses.

1. Floral Embroidery Back Neck Blouse Design

This blouse design is available with floral or flower patterns where the back side is completely flowery design. This design is embellishes with big floral motifs that are awesome and truly knotted with pearl tie or it is called Latkan in Hindi. Giving gorgeous look to this lady on this blouse.

2. Golden Shine Cut off Back Neck Blouse Design

This golden colored blouse design features truly exquisiteness where it is elaborated with embroidery style also. As this golden blouse is the ideal combine of embellishment and stylishness. Wearing this shine cut off back neck blouse design is one of the perfect blouse designs that you can walk on ramp.

3. Mirror Embroidered Egg-shaped Back Neck Blouse Design

This stunning design of blouse appears with two magnificently matching colors and an elegant back neck blouse design.


4. Gold Full Sleeve Blouse Back Neck Design

The full sleeve back neck blouse design when you wear it gives such a tremendous look to you. This blouse design with full sleeves is perfect match for engagement function. This blouse design is simply classy and beautiful that provides great look to you.

5. Traditional Embroidered Back Neck Design

This blouse design features absolutely very gorgeous and stunning with embroidered blueprints along with this blouse has amazingly low cut neck, this is the ideal choice for those who are looking for something mega stylish.

6. Silk Blouse Back Neck Design

This blouse is highly sophisticated and provides collar silk or resham artwork highlighted design is giving very great look to a woman. For stylish and comfy look wear the silky back neck blouse design.

7. Zari Blouse Back Neck Design

Zari design blouse in back neck side features very tremendous appearances. This superb stylish blouse design is ultra-modern where you can see pure zari works are done. Zari blouse design is great match for wedding, engagement ceremony, events, and cultural events.

8. Velvet Blouse Back Neck Design

The blouse design is awesomely featuring very charming blouse design with plain pattern and the velvet blouse really makes you feel very comfortable to wear. For winter collection this velvet blouse is exact choice for you.

9. Georgette Blouse Back Neck Design

The georgette blouse back neck design with full sleeves is the perfect style and fit to your body that you can look at below image. Georgette blouse looks very trendy and excellent look.

10. Chanderi Silk Blouse Back Neck Design

One of the most chic and gorgeous Chanderi silk blouses that is very attractive and feels soothing. This blouse is elaborated with gold creation and a modern-day elliptical back neck design.

11. V-Cut Mirror Back Neck Design

The finest blouse design of V-cut that is also called as the sweet-heart shape it and here this shape of blouse is designed with golden lace, silver and white touches. A striking, urbane blouse back neck design looks more charming.

12. Triangle Shaped Back Neck Design

This blouse design is awesomely designed with embroidered borders in blouse and the triangle slash with an intense silver-gold overstated border on a bottomless red blouse that art is truly nice. You can wear the blouse with an off-white shade or gold saree.

13. Blouse Back Neck Design With Trimming

This blouse design is quite sophisticated and classy one. This graceful plain blouse can be matching with various types of sarees with unstable amounts of beautification.

14. Contemporary Blouse Back Neck Design

This amazing blend of fashionable and typical, this multicolored blouse features profound art on the front straps back. This blouse design is great choice with the sarees of gracious colors.

15. Crystal clear Gemstone Blouse Back Neck Design

This eye-catching blouse design makes for an entirely elegant and its elegant unite of design, crystals and yellow border creates impressive look but mainly with gold; probably the unsurpassed one in our blouse back neck designs huge assortment.

16. Handcrafted Red Silk Blouse Back Neck Design

This blouse is exactly featuring with silky embroidery design on back and it is great choice those who are looking for a marvelous stylish blouse design.

17. Fancy Embroidered Red And Golden Blouse Back Neck Design

Embroidered blouse design features with trendiest and traditional beauty. Designed with heavy embroidery art making you special look.

18. Blue And Green Silk Blouse Back Neck Design

This blue and green amalgamation of silky blouse back neck design that features with awesome embroidery artwork and its closure design and a modish open back neck design will add extra beauty on you.

19. Embroidered Sky Blue Blouse Back neck Design

If you want to get flawless appearance with very trendy gazes wear this embroidered sky blue blouse back neck design.

20. Full Sleeve Golden Blouse Back Neck Design

This stunning and modern unfussy blouse back neck design that completely suits on brides as this bridal blouse back neck design is simply and very sophisticated.

21. Chocolate Polish Ethnic Blouse Back Neck Design

Up to date blouse design that awesomely fit to your sexy body and gives complete fashion to you.

22. Coral Cherry Blouse Back Neck Design

This coral pink blouse features with modern design and really gives a extremely charming gold.

23. Embroidered Cream Blouse Back Neck Design

It features with gorgeous ornamental look with superb squat cut back neck design is a perfect traditional gazes.

24. Embellished Maroon And Red Blouse Back Neck Design

This blouse is highly sophisticated with utmost stylish design making you perfect always and anywhere.

25. Black Full Sleeved Blouse Back Neck Design

One of the tremendous designs with standard color in black blouse back neck design giving superlative looks.

26. Embroidered Carroty Blouse Back Neck Design

This blouse is created with very simple and classy design that includes appealing orange or carroty colors that give you complete elegant back neck design.

27. Blue Velvet Blouse Back Neck Design

This good-looking blouse features graceful embroidery on the front neck and sleeves, along with it is chic square back neck design.

28. Ornamented Back Neck Design

This blouse is magnificently designed with complete royal and queen style blouse back neck design with jewels designs that is quite elegant embroidery designs on back neck designs.

29. High-Neck Blouse Back Neck Design

This blouse design features with smarty and aristocrat look provides you very decent and modish appearance.

30.Cute Pink Blouse Back Neck Design

This wonderful blouse design with perfect match of casual party look in the prettiest pink blouse back neck design that creates very exclusiveness on you.

31. Yellow Sheer Lace Blouse Back Neck Design

This blouse design in back neck pattern is really fabulous and it makes simply attractive in such yellow sheer lace blouse neck design.

32. Gold Unbolt Back Blouse Back Neck Design

This elegant black and gold unbolt blouse back neck design that comes with single trimming. Presenting one of gorgeous looks to you completely and amazingly only.

33. Elaborate Red And Gold Blouse Back Neck Design

This eye-catching blouse is the ideal model of receiving the correct poise of good color and beautiful textures. The breathtaking interaction of red and gold blouse design.

34. Designer Gemstone Blouse Back Neck Design

Featuring gemstone with crystal net blouse back neck design. This combination of blouse designs is perfect match to provide awesome designer conception.

35. Delicate Steep Black Blouse Back Neck Design

This wonderful steep black blouse features a wide collection of stunning adornment and it is an outstanding alternative for you.

36. Sleeveless Red With Golden Pattern Blouse Back Neck Design

This sleeveless pattern of blouse gives you sexy look. It is simple, exquisite and very sensuous designs to provide you appealing appear.

37. Multifaceted Layers Blouse Back Neck Design

Come with multi-layered blouse design on back side that is featuring with wonderful flower-patterned themes.

38. Sabyasachi Sapphire Blouse Back Neck Design

This is the most famous designer’s blouse collection that is Sabyasachi blouse back neck design collections.  It features with the great choicest of archetypal stylish blouse back neck designs with heavy creation of embroidery and trappings.

39. Orange Ethnic Blouse Back Neck Design

One of the most traditional with trendy looks of this blouse design that you can see is designed with ethnic artwork and it is the best suitable for all cultural events.

40. Up-to-the-minute High Neck Blouse Back Neck

This simplest and latest high neck blouse design is simply royal look and making you more smart and beautiful. As this blouse is good for all casual look. Embellish your style with these gorgeous blouse back neck designs that completely give you trendy, royal, modern, traditional and stylish look.

41. Stylish And Modern Blouse Back Neck Design

This great amalgamation of stylish and modish blouse design on back neck side designs feature with trendy look and add that classic presence that is completely suits to your all designer sarees.

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