Coconut Oil for Cold Sores: Is It Effective and How to Use?

coconut oil for cold sores

Cold sores are actually small blisters which develop close to the lips or even surrounding the mouth. The reason behind the occurrence of cold sores is herpes simplex virus. As per experts just like herpes, coconut oil is also good for treating cold sores. But How to use coconut oil for cold sores?

Does Coconut oil Work for Cold Sores?

Coconut oil even if applied may not surely treat the problem but it can support to restrict the growth of cold sores. Start using the same internally and externally to control growth of cold sores.

How to use Coconut oil for Cold Sores

There are many ways of using the coconut oil. You can use it alone or even with certain natural ingredients for fast recovery.

1. Organic Coconut oil for Cold Sores

Lauric acid and monolaurin are 2 main components of organic coconut oil and because of its antiviral and antibacterial properties it acts towards killing the virus causing cold sores.


  • Organic Coconut oil

Preparation Time: 2 minutes


  • Take a spoon of Organic Coconut oil
  • Take a cotton swab and dip in the oil
  • Now apply the oil on your coal sores area and leave

How it works: Coconut oil antiviral and antibacterial quality not only kills the virus to treat the problem but also moistures the skin keeping it away from dryness.

Repetitions: 2 to 3 times every day for a week or till recovery.

Best time to Apply: You can select the time you want.

Tips: Avoid touching the sores or it may get infected.

2. Lysine and Coconut oil for Cold Sores

Lysine is actually an amino acid it helps is restricting and treating cold sores. It can be used internally and externally both.


  • Coconut oil
  • Lysine Capsule

Preparation Time: 5 minutes.


  • Take 1 spoon of coconut oil
  • Mix 1 capsule of Lysine with the oil
  • Mix it well to make a paste
  • Take a clean cotton swab and apply the paste on the affected areas.

How it work: Use of lysine with coconut oil will kill the virus and will reduce frequency of attacks caused due to oral herpes.

Repetitions: Three times a day till recovery.

Best time to Apply: You can choose your time.

Tips: You can take one gram Lysine capsule orally 3 times a day before taking your meals.

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3. Coconut oil and Tea Tree oil for Cold Sores

Tea tree oil is having antiviral, antiseptic, as well as anti-inflammatory properties which are perfect for killing the virus causing sold sores.


  • Coconut Oil
  • Tea Tree Oil

Preparation Time: 5 minutes.


  • Take a spoon of Coconut Oil
  • Add 2 drops of Tea Tree Oil and mix it well
  • Now take cotton swab and apply the mix on the cold sore area.

How it work: This mix will kill the virus and treat the problem of cold sores.

Repetitions: 2 to 3 times a day weekly.

Best time to Apply: Your free time.

Tips: Avoid the areas which are near to your eyes and mouth.

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4. Coconut oil and Honey for Cold Sores

The amino acid lysine is known for treating cold sores, and same is present in honey. Honey will get the healing done for the infected sore and will also soothe both inflamed and irritated skin.


  • Coconut Oil
  • Honey
  • Garlic paste

Preparation Time: 10 minutes


  • Prepared a paste of garlic of 4 to 5 cloves of garlic
  • Take 1 spoon of honey and coconut oil
  • Mix all well to prepare a sticky paste
  • Now apply the same using cotton swab
  • Keep it overnight and then rinse the face with water
  • Pat dry

How it work: Antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties of the paste will treat the cold sores overnight.

Repetitions: Once daily for a week.

Best time to Apply: At night before bedtime.

Tips: You can also take it orally slowly and will swallow the mixture.

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5. Coconut oil and Baking Soda for Cold Sores

Baking soda is a perfect choice for resolving problems of cold sores. It helps in drying out sore by pulling acids which may be the reason of irritation in the area.


  • Coconut Oil
  • Baking soda

Preparation Time: 5 minutes


  • Take small amount of baking soda in a small glass bowl
  • Take a spoon of coconut oil and mix it well to make a paste
  • Now Take a clean cotton swab and apply the paste on the cold sores area
  • Leave it for 5 to 10 minutes and rinse off with water.

How it work: This mix will pull acid from the area and will soothe the area by making it dry.

Repetitions: 2 times a day till recovery.

Best time to Apply: In your free time.

Tips: Always keep the cold sores affected area clean.

Coconut oil is known for treating many skin related problems and its antiviral features are considered best for treating the issues like cold sores and herpes. Being a nature’s remedy, there will not be any side effects in any case. Cold, in any case usually lasts for a couple of days coconut oil can help you recover from cold sores soon.

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