Does Clarifying Shampoo Remove The Color

Does clarifying shampoo remove the color,

You’ve probably tried your best to remove dye from your hair. Unfortunately, your efforts may not go as planned or your hair may end up being some turn out darker, some frizzy, or some lighter as a result of your efforts. But fret no more! Because Clarifying Shampoo has all the benefits you expect. In this blog, you will learn how Clarifying Shampoo removes color from your hair.

What Is Meant By Clarifying Shampoo?

First of all, you have to know the meaning of clarifying shampoo. A clarifying shampoo is a pH-balanced and powerful shampoo that can be utilized to cleanse hair while removing excess scalp impurities and dye. When you use chlorine or hard water, it reacts with the hair products you use and deposits chemicals and mineral deposits on your hair, reducing its density. It then leaves your hair feeling lifeless over the course of the day. If your normal shampoo isn’t working, a clarifying shampoo trail is the best remedy.

Procedures To Use A Clarifying Shampoo To Take Out Color From Your Hair

A clarifying shampoo is just as easy to use as a regular shampoo to remove or lighten hair dye. The variation only is that you require a powerful mask or moisturizing conditioner to restore moisture to your hair. The procedures are following below:

  1. Damp And Apply The Shampoo To Your Hair: Apply warm water to your hair and soak it. Use a little amount of shampoo and make it into a rich foam. In case the color is too intense, use it liberally. Massage the shampoo into your hair well.
  2. Use A Plastic Cap On Your Head: After applying clarifying shampoo to your hair, put a plastic cap on your head and wait for 10 minutes. Like the baggie method, it produces concentrated steam that lifts the cuticles slowly and takes out the colors from your hair strands.
  3. Rinse Off The Shampoo Thoroughly: Begin rinsing off the shampoo and you’ll note some color leaching out, so rinse until the water runs clear.
  4. Do Instantly With Moisturizing Mask: After the usage of clarifying shampoo, you have to apply a nourishing hair conditioner for reducing the shampoo’s pH levels as well as draw out the buildup, color pigments, and residues. If you are not conditioning your hair, the hair will get frizzy and dry.
  5. Redo The Process: You have to redo the above process two or three times a week. If you follow the above process, your hair color will get completely fade and gradually lighten.

Clarifying Shampoo Removes Hair Color

A clarifying shampoo basically helps to wash away the build-up, hard water minerals, gunk, residue, and anything that clings to the outside of the hair fiber. Its deep cleansing properties and high pH levels have the ability to loosen cuticles. It loosens the semi-permanent pigments that coat your hair strands. Clarifying shampoo may take at least 5 washes to completely remove semi-permanent hair colors depending on your hair condition, type, and strength of dye. When your hair is porous, more colors will bleed after each wash. Because tightly packed cuticles take longer to release dye molecules, hair with low porosity may take longer.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Clarifying Shampoo

There are a few basic things you should look for when buying a clarifying shampoo. Below you can see what they are

Make Sure Essential Ingredients Are Available: It’s a good idea to check the clarifying shampoo for sodium chloride, and sodium Laureth or sodium lauryl. Because these are the essential ingredients for removing hair dyes. Surfactants create friction to remove the outer layer of hair. Try to avoid the usage of sulfate-based shampoos because they dry your scalp and remove hair’s natural oils.

Ph Level Should Be High: Before going to buy a clarifying shampoo, you have to check the pH level. Because its high pH level formula helps to give permanent solutions to remove the color dye from your hair.

Neglect “color Safe” Clarifying Shampoo: Generally, clarifying shampoos are formulated to preserve the natural color of the hair. In this case, when you use clarifying shampoos labeled as color-safe, your hair won’t remove the dye. Therefore, using anti-color-protecting clarifying shampoos will help to remove the hair dye.

Correction Of Blonde Color: You can color correct warm tones by using a clarifying shampoo followed by a purple shampoo. Sometimes you might want to fix a color that doesn’t go wrong, even if it’s lost its intensity due to brass and green hues creeping in over time. So, using a blonde shine clarifying shampoo before a purple shampoo can make a huge difference. So, after using a blonde shine clarifying shampoo, you can expect a good change when you use a purple shampoo.

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