20 Latest and stylish one line Mehndi Designs for Hands

To beautify your beauty more mehndi is great option for you that adds completely stunning presence in you. Awesome feature of wearing mehndi is they once you apply either on palms or feet that will stay for long time if you put original henna leaves mehndi that genuinely stays for long time. Mehndi artwork is the perfect choice to enhance the exquisiteness within you. There are several designs of mehndi styles that completely give you absolute look and on any occasion you can wear mehndi whatever you love to put on your hands there are multiple choices available for you. One can glorify its hand with extensive collections of one line mehndi designs. One line mehndi design is simple and easy mehndi motif that can be drawn easily without any difficulty so; you can simply go the one line mehndi pattern that is suitable for any occasion and usual day also.

Try these lines mehndi designs look gorgeous on you

1. Paisley Line Mehndi Design:

Paisley is most common henna design but in lines the paisley design you can see rare and it is very unique. This beautiful curved mehndi design truly awesome and provides perfectness on your personality as well. The paisley mehndi design gives you very attractive and eye-catching motif and that creates awe-inspiring presence and you can go to this simple curved created mehndi design.


2. Curved Lines Mehndi Design:

Curved lines come out with various types of shapes whereas, when you choose this curved line mehndi design that provides awesomeness and fits on your palm. This curve line mehndi motif is used to decorate your wonderful hands. The curves are made on any finger if you want single line and for more curve lines you can go to draw for all fingers.

3. Dots Line Mehndi Design:

This is most extraordinary and unique mehndi pattern that is designed to provide dots lines. You can make the dots in numbers of lines mehndi motif like with dots you can stretch it out for long till top of finger. The dot style makes large lines mehndi motif on your hands.

curved-lines-mehndi-design dots-line-mehndi-design

4. Checks Line Mehndi Design:

Here, this mehndi design is quite beautiful comes in checker formats and this trendy mehndi style looks gorgeous on your feet and palm. This mehndi design is extremely aesthetic that is why people draw towards this mehndi design extremely.


5. Flower Lines Mehndi Design:

Floral or flower lines mehndi design is quite common but it gives remarkable trend to your hands. In floral lines mehndi design you can include numbers of small or big flowers with lines that provide exquisite look.


6. Leaves Lines Mehndi Design:

Awesome lines mehndi design that you can draw in lines on your palm and leafy lines on your hands gives outstanding appearances to your hands.


7. Peacock Lines Mehndi Design:

Amazingly the mehndi design can be decorated on your palms with peacock lines that will be superb. The brides mostly want to apply flashy peacock mehndi style that comes in single line also. It can be easily created with one line peacock mehndi motif on your hands.


8. Ring Lines Mehndi Design:

Another loop or ring style of mehndi design is great one that will pull attention of everyone if you particularly wear this mehndi design that is splendid option to create simple mehndi design just in single line only.

9. Colored Lines Mehndi Design:

Add some colors in lines mehndi design that look cool look. Coloring lines mehndi is very alluring and catchy design.


10. Bling Lines Mehndi Design:

Bling lines mehndi design seems to be expensive jewelry or diamond ornament that is absolutely elegant, modern, chic and stunning but this mehndi design looks more sophisticated with many lines and adds complete glimmers and gorgeousness.

11. Bridal Mehndi Fingers Design:

12. Cute one line mehndi design:

13. Floral Single Line Mehndi Design:

14. Modern Single Line Mehndi Design:

15. Pretty single Line Mehndi Design for Feet:

16. Beautiful Leafy One Line Mehndi Design:

17. Curve Line Mehndi Design:

18. Round Tikki Single Line Mehndi Design:

19. Exclusive Lines Mehndi Design:

20. Chain style Lines Mehndi Design:

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