Skin Tags on Eyelids: Causes and Removal Treatment

skin tags on eyelids

Skin tags are also referred to as acrochordons. These are small harmless growths having a thin stalk and hanging off from the skin surface. When they get rubbed against clothing, soreness occurs. You can find them on various areas of the body but they generally occur on parts with folded skin, such as eyelids, neck, armpits, and groin. These tags are made up of collagen and blood vessels having a skin covering. Appearance-wise, they resemble the surrounding skin or may have a darker shade in some cases.

Why Do Skin Tags Occur?

When there is excess growth of cells in the upper skin layer, it causes skin tags. Genetic reasons also cause this. Other reasons which lead to skin tags are:

i. Obesity:

  • Overweight people often have skin tags as they have extra folds of skin that rub against each other.

ii. Age:

  • Aged people often have this as these might appear as the natural aging process.

iii. Pregnant Women:

  • Hormonal changes in this period lead to the formation of skin tags but they disappear after childbirth.

iv. Insulin Resistance and other Health Issues:

  • Some studies indicate that this is linked with the formation of skin tags. Birt-Hogg-Dubé syndrome and human papillomavirus are other causes.

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Removing Skin Tag on The Eyelid:

Here are the ways used for removing skin tags:

i. Electrosurgery:

The doctor uses a device for transmitting electric current so that the skin tag burns off and gets removed. An anesthetic may be used when the skin tag is larger in size. The best part of this method is no bleeding post removal.

ii. Cryotherapy:

This method involves freezing off the skin tag. For this, first, a forceps is soaked in liquid nitrogen with which the skin tag is pinched off. It is time taking as this is done for all the skin tags.

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iii. Excision with Scissor:

As the name indicates, here sterile scissors are used for cutting off the skin tags at the thin stack to which it remains attached to the eyelids. Later an electrical probe is used to stop bleeding.

Final Words:

It is very important to avoid removing skin tags at home as this can lead to a lot of bleeding. In a surgical process, the bleeding is less and the doctor stops it quickly. Proper care is provided to ensure that the area doesn’t get infected. In certain cases, stitches might also be needed.

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