What To Wear In A Tanning Bed

What Do You Wear In a Tanning Bed

Wearing the right clothes creates a difference!

If you plan to tan in the tanning bed, selecting proper clothing will help immensely. Since your body is exposed to harmful UV rays, improper clothes will develop uneven and streaky tan lines that don’t look appealing.

Many people prefer going nude in the tanning bed, which is the best way to get perfect and even tan all through the body. However, if you are not comfortable enough to enter the tanning bed nude, wearing clothes that keep tanning lines at a minimum will help.

If you wonder what to wear in a tanning bed, you will find answers to all your queries. Keep reading!

What Is The Appropriate Clothing For A Tanning Bed?

There are three choices for going to a tanning bed- with your clothes, only underwear, or nude.

While some salons restrict clients from being completely naked in the tanning bed, some allow it as per the client’s choice. However, broadly speaking, what clothes you want to wear in a tanning bed depends on your preferences, like the shade you want to achieve.

Tan Lines

If the tan line shows with your clothes, simply avoid wearing too much in the tanning bed. For instance, if you wear a bikini later, you may need to go to the tanning bed nude or wear a thong.

Keep the clothes minimal to ensure the least tan lines. However, it is still up to you how comfortable you are with minimal clothes.

Skin Type

Some people have certain areas in the body that burns more easily than others. Such areas should be protected against UV rays to prevent sunburn. Even though it will cause tan lines, it won’t be worth burning the skin.

Likewise, fair skin tends to burn and damage faster than dark skin due to less melanin. Therefore, such skin needs more coverage.

Clothing Options For Tanning Beds

Considering the look and tone you want, we have discussed some reasonable clothing options for tanning beds.


It is one of the most popular choices to wear on a tanning bed. You can wear a full swimsuit, a two-piece or swimming shorts- whatever feels good. A swimsuit is not only a feasible but also a comfortable option.

Besides, it exposes most of your skin to UV rays, developing an even tan that you can flaunt if you plan to show off your tan in a swimsuit. At the same time, it will cover the intimate areas that need to be protected from UV rays.

If you worry about tan lines around the shoulders, wear a strapless bikini top or untie the top after entering the tanning bed. Make sure your breasts are covered, as they might be sensitive to UV rays.

Go Nude

The simplest way to avoid tan lines is to wear nothing on the tanning bed. If you worry about hygiene and find it intimidating to lie in the same bed naked where other people have been, fret not as reputable tanning salons practice very rigorous health protocols and stick to a high standard of hygiene.

When you go nude, don’t forget that some areas of the body are more sensitive, and not covering them could make them burn or irritate. So, get nipple covers and covers for other intimate areas.

Don’t think that going naked is the only way to develop the best tan. There are other ways too, so go as per your comfort.


If you don’t like going naked in the tanning bed, you can opt for only underwear. Likewise, if you come from your office and do not carry a swimsuit, underwear is probably the easiest solution in such scenarios.

You can wear anything- briefs, bras, strapless bras, panties, thongs, whatever feels most comfortable, preventing the development of unwanted tan lines.


As said, protecting the body’s sensitive areas is essential in the tanning bed; eyes come in the same category. UV lights can cause serious damage to your eyes; therefore, wear goggles provided by the salon. You can also take your own goggles to the salon.

You are probably wrong if you think simply closing the eyes will prevent UV rays from damaging them. Eyelids are thin and sensitive. They tend to burn easily when left unprotected. You can also opt for disposable eye protection stickers that help to reduce tan lines around the eyes but still offer optimal protection.

Final Words

Even though tanning in a tanning bed seems fun and less time-consuming, wearing the right clothes will give the best result. At the same time, protecting the skin is equally important. So, choose wisely and wear whatever feels the most comfortable.

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