Can You Wear Makeup After Spray Tan? How Much Time To Wait

Can You Wear Makeup After Spray Tan

Once you have the stunning sun-kissed glow with a spray tan, it’s time to flaunt it. You may want to pamper your skin with makeup to get the best look.  Wondering, can you wear makeup after spray tan?  When applying makeup after a spray tan, you must follow certain rules to ensure the tan doesn’t mess up. And we are here to provide you with all the necessary information you need related to spray tan and makeup. 

Can You Put Makeup After Spray Tan?

Yes, you can put makeup after spray tan but with certain precautions. The thumb rule is to wait for at least 5 to 8 hours to apply makeup. This period allows spray tan to settle and develop on the skin properly.

We are not saying to give up on your makeup when you get a spray tan but adjust the timings to make the most out of your fresh sun-kissed glow.

What Should Be The Ideal Waiting Time?

Generally, depending on the makeup you will use, this time ranges from 5 to 8 hours from spray tan application. It is advised to keep the skin dry for the first few hours after a spray tan to allow the solution to work on your skin.  Using water or applying any skin product may hamper this process, resulting in an uneven, patchy, and streaky tan. It is why makeup is also prohibited for the first few hours. Also, it is advised to keep liquid makeup, specifically foundations, away from the skin as it interferes to the point that sprays tan does not develop at all or even if it does. However, in the case of powered makeup, you can apply hem sooner, but still not before 5 hours for the same reasons.  Since you have already exposed your skin cells to chemicals and put them under stress, enhancing the stress will not do any good. In fact, it will make the result of tan go bad too.  Therefore, ideally, you should not apply makeup until the next day, but if necessary, it is best to wait for at least 5hours. 

Applying Makeup Too Soon After Spray Tan

If you do not wait 5-6 hours and apply makeup too soon, you are messing with the spray tan results.  Spray tan solution needs time to settle and develop the desired tone. If this time is not provided to the spray tan and makeup is applied over it, the different chemicals of spray tan and makeup will interact, causing uneven, patchy, and streaky tan.  Makeup will remove some of the tan spray solutions from certain areas more, resulting in a bad tan. Even if the urge to apply makeup on fresh tan is high, waiting is the only key to keeping tan intact. 

Washing Face Before Wearing Makeup After A Spray Tan

Generally, cleansing or face washing is the first step to starting makeup. Once you have waited for the recommended hours, you are allowed to wash your face and even shower. It will allow removing the excess residue product from the skin.  So, washing your face after 5 hours is a good idea, and then applying makeup. Washing will help eliminate tan spray residue, leaving it fresh and clean for makeup. Also, it will ensure that your skin is not too thick with a product and that your pores do not become clogged.

What Should Be The Makeup Routine With A Spray Tan?

There is no need to change your makeup routine once you get a spray tan. All you need is to allow time to develop the tan to achieve the best skin tone Some tips that will help in makeup after a spray tan include

Foundation– Foundations come in different shades, and using the best-suited shade gives the best look. But now that your skin tone has changed, your old foundation will not work. It will not match your newly tanned skin tone, so get a darker shade. 

Lipstick and Gloss– With your new skin tone, you may need to buy a few more shades to match your golden bronze glow. Generally, rose or peach lipstick blends and pops against tanned skin the most. 

Mascara and eyeliner– These eye makeups are used to pop up the eyes; therefore, it is wise to go for darker shades. Since you have applied spray tan, do not use waterproof mascara or eyeliner as it takes a lot of rubbing to remove them, and it could also hamper the tan. 

Blush– Using colors that can enhance your new tone is the best. You can go for peach or rose to add to the glow the spray tan has given your skin.

Eyeshadow– Emphasize your tan by using neutral shades and some natural sparkles. It will add to the sun-kissed look that you are going for. You can choose bright colors as well. 

Final Words

Makeup is essential to pamper yourself and look glamorous. You can wear makeup after a spray tan, but you have to wait until the spray tan has settled and developed. Since tanning makes the skin dry, always apply moisturizer.  Makeup also consists of ingredients that can make the skin dry. So keeping a moisturizer handy will always help. Get tanned, apply makeup and look prettier than ever!

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