Why Brass Jewelry Turn Skin Green? How To Avoid It

Why Brass Jewelry Turn Skin Green

Many metals are used for making fashion jewellery and brass is one of them. There are certain metals which discolour the skin, on wearing them for longer hours. Brass is one of the important metals used for making jewellery because it resembled gold but is affordable and durable. Read on to check if it turns the skin green and how to deal with it.

Does Jewellery Made From Brass Metal Turn The Skin Green?

Brass Jewelry Turn Skin Green

Yes, as it is an alloy of copper, zinc and sometimes nickel too. This copper is the main reason for the green colour appearing on the skin because it combines with the sweat and gets oxidised, resulting in the formation of copper oxide. Besides this, there are chances of a chemical reaction between the jewellery and cosmetics used on the skin such as cream, lotion or perfumes, which oxidise the copper, resulting in the formation of a green layer on the metal, which gets stuck on the skin.

3 Ways Of Preventing Brass From Turning The Skin Green:

Using a clear nail polish: A thin coat of transparent nail polish on the metal will prevent it from direct contact with your skin. Make sure to re-apply for it in a few days as it will wear off.

Gold or rhodium plating: Plating the brass jewellery with gold or rhodium covers the base metal and hence reduces the chances of reaction with the skin. This has better durability compared to the application of trasnparent nail polish.

Using alkaline oils on skin: These are magnesium oils, which maintain skin alkalinity and prevent the oxidisation of brass. The best part is the benefit of these oils for muscle relaxation and aches.


Dry skin is a key to avoiding it from turning green while wearing brass jewellery. But in a hot and humid climate, when there are chances of sweating, try the above techniques to prevent the issue. Always opt for high-end brass jewellery instead of the cheaper ones. Though these might cost more, they will not cause skin issues.

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