7 Best Urea Creams For Feet

Best Urea Creams For Feet

Urea is also called carbamide. It is a peeling or keratolytic agent infused in many skincare products. The major benefit of keratolytic agents is they help soften and slough off the outer layer of dead skin cells, revealing the fresh skin underneath.

People with certain skin conditions like psoriasis are often recommended to use urea creams to curb the issue. Apart from addressing psoriasis, urea cream also effectively manages the feet’s skin. It reduces skin irritation and skin inflammation and removes dead skin cells. Since it is a sloughing agent, it enables the skin to absorb topical medications easily.

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Best for Rough Skin:PurOrganica Urea 40 Percent Foot CreamBuy on Amazon

Urea Creams

Moreover, urea is a moisturizing humectant and can manage different skin conditions. If your feet’ skin seems dry, rough, and uneven, the best urea cream for feet will help. We have curated the best creams infused with urea to make feet’s skin soft and supple.

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7 Best Urea Creams For Feet

1. Fragrance-Free: CeraVe Psoriasis Moisturizing Cream


  • It is suitable for psoriasis with scaly, red, dry, flaky skin
  • The key ingredients are urea, salicylic acid, lactic acid, ceramides, niacinamide
  • It stays gentle on the skin and helps calm the psoriasis symptoms
  • It provides moisture to the skin’s outer layer
  • Recognized by the National Psoriasis Foundation

What We Don’t Like: According to some users, the cream spilled during shipment. So, there’re shipment issues.

2. Best for Dry Skin: Eucerin Urea Repair PLUS 30% Urea Cream


  • It is a fragrance-free cream with 30% urea and ceramides
  • Works well for all skin types, including extremely rough, dry, and scaly skin
  • It contains a high dose of urea, thus helping with the thick skin on hands and feet
  • Safe for skin conditions such as keratosis pilaris and psoriasis
  • The presence of ceramides helps moisturize the skin

What We Don’t Like: It is not suitable for the face and other delicate body areas.

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3. Lightweight and Effective: Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion


  • The key ingredients are mineral oil, glycerin, urea
  • The presence of mineral oil and glycerin helps retain moisture
  • It is suitable for dry skin, normal skin, combination skin
  • It helps moisturize the thick skin of feet and makes them soft and supple
  • Free of ingredients like synthetic fragrance, parabens, sulfates, denatured alcohol, SLS, SLES
  • It is a fast-absorbing cream that is light in weight and smooth in texture
  • It is non-greasy and stays comfortable on the skin

What We Don’t Like: It has dyes that may not suit all skin types.

4. Noncomedogenic and Effective: Cetaphil Daily Smoothing Moisturizer for Rough & Bumpy Skin


  • It is a fragrance-free and mineral oil-free cream
  • Works well for all skin types and is best for rough, bumpy, red, dry, and sensitive skin
  • It consists of 20% urea and glycerine
  • It helps moisturize the skin and keep it soft and supple
  • Due to its noncomedogenic feature, it doesn’t clog pores
  • It is a good choice for extremely dry skin on the body and feet
  • Effectively reduces dryness and significantly stops the itch
  • It strengthens the skin’s natural moisture barrier and deeply hydrates the skin

What We Don’t Like: It is not suitable for facial use.

5. Effective and Affordable: Gold Bond Ultimate Healing Foot Cream


  • It is suitable for dry, rough, cracked heels
  • The key ingredients in the cream are urea, aloe vera, vitamins A, C, and E
  • It is free of gluten and dye and available at a budget-friendly price
  • Due to its soothing and hydrating properties, it is ideal for feet and elbows
  • Even though the consistency is thick, it absorbs quickly
  • It is lightly scented

What We Don’t Like: Since it has a light scent, people with sensitive skin need to perform a patch test to overrule to chances of allergies.

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6. Vegan and Cruelty-free: The Ordinary Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA

Vegan and Cruelty-free


  • The key ingredients are urea, hyaluronic acid, and ceramides
  • It works well on all skin types and more on dry, sensitive, and normal skin
  • It is free of alcohol, silicones, oils, nuts, and gluten, making it suitable for sensitive skin
  • The non-greasy texture feels smooth on the skin
  • The presence of hyaluronic acid, ceramides, and plant-derived moisturizing sugars makes it highly effective

What We Don’t Like: It has a too thick texture.

7. Best for Rough Skin: PurOrganica Urea 40 Percent Foot Cream


  • It contains 40% urea.
  • It helps smooths rough skin and kills the fungus responsible for athlete’s foot
  • Also, it contains nourishing botanical oils, tea tree oil, and soothing aloe vera.
  • Tea tree oil imparts anti-bacterial benefits to the cream.

What We Don’t Like: It may feel slightly heavy.


So, these are some of the best urea creams for feet. If you are dealing with roughness and dryness in your feet, it’s time to start using any of these urea creams to say goodbye forever.

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